Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Christmas Gift Spotlight On ... Joules at Boots

Hello lovely ladies.

I know, i know, I keep harping on about it, but Christmas is now fast approaching, and my present planning obsession is in overdrive, so I thought I'd do a little spotlight on some of the gifts easily available that I've looked at & thought they looked brilliant. Today's post is about Joules at Boots. This is a collaboration that is new this year to Boots. I tend not to find much in the way of presents for others in Boots as I tend to go to Lush for giftsets, however this year watch out Lush, this range could seriously steal some of your limelight. So, what are my picks of the range? (P.S sorry I didn't take my own photos, but with a dwindling iPhone battery I didn't think it would make it if I tried to snap a few photos!

Best for... Hard Working Mums. 

Know a hard working mum in need of a little her time? This is a fab set for her! This set contains a egg bath fizzer, a pot of hand cream, a foot scrub, a foot cream and a pumice stone, all wrapped up in a cute pink tin with the joules bunny embossed on the front. The packaging on the products themselves are also very nice, and would personally take pride of place in my bathroom! 

Best Gift For... Grandma.

As both me & my boyfriend are from quite young families buying for the grandmas of the family can be a bit of a mine field. Trying to find something mature, but not to fuddy duddy can be really tricky. Gift sets tend to be aimed at teens, early 20's, 30's and then around the 65+ mark (think talc, talc and more talc) and this gift set is just perfect. Pretty, yet practical! It contains a hand wash, a hand lotion, some little emery boards and well as a ceramic hand wash tidy with the little joules rabbit at the side. I had landed on Lush for the grandmas, but I don't know that this isn't perfect!

Best Gift For... The Men Folk.

I've probably already said that I find buying for the men in my life a nightmare. A nightmare! It's hard to judge what a man thinks is "good" but I think this gift set is lovely. It contains a bar of soap, a "hare" and body wash (lovely pun!) and a face wash. I have someone in mind for this, but I'm not saying who!

Best Gift For... The House Proud.

Yep that's right! Joules haven't just stuck to bath and body gift sets, they also have a range of cute housewares. Fun & contemporary but still practical. This set contains 4 very sweet egg cups & a two toned timer. To be honest I'm thinking about buying this for myself!

Best Gift For... Adventures. 

Do you have a family member or friend who constantly is telling you about their weekend adventures, including ten mile hikes before breakfast & abseiling down cliffs you've never heard about? Whilst your plans include a long sitting session, following up with a long nap? This gift would be perfect for them! The set includes a sturdy yet pretty tin thermos flask and a fold -able and again, very pretty blanket. I'd love to buy this for myself as well!

Best Gift For... Adult Stocking Filler. 

These bath fizzes are so so cute! You get 4 individually wrapped bath bombs, in a joules egg carton. You couldn't smell them individually but they smelt very floral and lovely even inside the box. Would make a lovely addition to any ones bath room.

Best Gift For... Little Girls & Boys.

I came across these by accident when I wandered in to the kids section of the 3 for 2 gift sets by accident. The duos, one for little girls and one for little boys, both contain a shower gel & a cute topped bath foam. These are beyond cute and would make fab presents for the little, grubby, ones in your life. 

Best Gift For... Kids Stock Fillers.

I know these are technically for girls but I'm sure the horse would go down just as well for a little boy. These little soaps would make bath time & hand washing a lot more fun, and I have to say I do fancy the bunny myself!

(ALL photos from Boot.com)

So that's what I've been eyeing up in Boots from Joules, and of course they are all part of the 3 for 2 promotion. How about you ladies? Have you got a favourite Joules item?



  1. aw how cute is all this? love the houseproud! x

    1. :D its so cute isn't it, I adore those egg cups !

  2. Great post! I'm loving the colours and packaging from this range.

    1. The colours are all fab, its such a lovely range :D x

  3. i love reading xmas posts (self confessed crazy xmas lady here!) and I really adore these joules gifts, particularly the house proud- how cute are they!?


    1. :D I love Christmas too! I am far too over excited for it already. The sets are all really lovely, theres also a breakfast set I really hope is around in the sale! x

  4. Oh wow I never even thought about Joules doing these sorts of things! I always just see them as a clothes company. Great suggestions!!!

    Robyn Mayday

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