Tuesday, 30 October 2012

J.W Anderson Bat Jumper Dupe?

Hello lovely ladies. 

I'm gunna start off today by saying I didn't discover this dupe! I saw it on the lovely Robyn from Robyn Mayday, but I loved it so much I thought I'd share it with you lovely ladies.

When I first heard about the J.W Anderson collection for Topshop collection I did my usual "I'll have a look but I probably won't like anything" routine and had a little flick through the preview pictures, and for the most part I was right, apart from two jumpers. One with a bat, and the the other with a ghost. As a big fan of jumpers, and an even bigger fan of kitsch things on jumpers, they were both perfect. Perfect, until I saw the price. £69.99? I just can't justify that sort of money on something which will become washed out and bobbly. Enter Internacionale.

I was in town yesterday when I remembered the lovely Robyns post. I thought I'd have a little look in, as internacionale isn't a shop I particularly know. I picked up the jumper and decided I wanted it even before I tried it on! 

The jumper, although lovely, does have a little bit of a flaw. There are white lines behind the bat design, and although its only a minor flaw it can be a little bit annoying! However, the jumper is £19.99, not £69.99, so I'll let it off! The jumper itself is a thick fisherman knit, which when I wore out today kept me warm all day!

So, is it a dupe?

This is the original J.W Anderson jumper, and bar the white lines in the background of the bat, it's pretty much exactly the same! The bat is even the same shape. I know some people really dislike dupes, and I can understand why, ripping off another person design is pretty naughty. However, as someone who doesn't have a huge amount of money, if I can have something close, I will! Both jumpers are both sold out, and going for eye watering amount on eBay, so even if I did want it I would have to pay around double!

As I mentioned before, I wore the jumper out today to do a little bit of Christmas shopping and its really warm and snuggly. I'm really pleased with it, and if you fancy one for yourself you can pick one up online for £19.99 here.

So what do you ladies think? Are you a real deal person, or will you accept second best when the pennies are low?



  1. What a bargain, I'm all for a bargain x

  2. does the sizing run bigger like that of the jw anderson version?


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