Monday, 8 October 2012

Lush Christmas Range - My Picks & Best Gifts

Hello lovely ladies. 

The Lush Christmas range is finally out as of Saturday! I've been waiting for this for around 2 weeks, ever since the Lush Times slide through my door! I was biting at the bit to get to Lush and have a good sniff of everything. I popped in to town with my Mum yesterday, and as you can imagine I ran straight to Lush, and I thought it might make a fun blog post to show you lovely lot my picks of what's new, old or the best gifts, so let's start with a classic! I know a lot of people will think it's way too early to start thinking about Christmas presents, but I personally like having a few bits of Lush to use in the run up to Christmas so if early shopping isn't your thing, there might still be something for you! (Sorry for the quality of these photos, I snapped away on my iphone like a mad woman!)

The Best For... Right Now! 

Snow Fairy - £3.50 to £10.25.

Every year, the minute second Snow Fairy hits the shelves, I am right there, grabbing a bottle with both hands. It's my favourite shower gel on the earth, and I tend to stock up, usually to the point where I am still using it well in to August the following year! The label has gone under a little redesign this year, as if it wasn't already girly enough but I have to say I love the new packaging! Very cute and pink! I can't imagine Christmas without smelling like candyfloss.

The Best ... Returning Product. 

I picked one of these up last year, as I don't have a bath at home but where we spend Christmas (my boyfriends parents) has a lovely bath so I always take a Lush bath bomb or two with me. This one though, I have to say was particularly special. I don't want to ruin it for every one but it's a multi layered bath bomb with a surprise inside. It has a lovely scent, and although it's pricey it's the perfect Christmas Eve treat. 

The Best New... Soap. 

Mr Punch Soap - £3.75 for 100 grams.

I have to say, this soap caught my attention the second I spotted it in the Lush Times. It's an amazing blend of scents, as it contains blackcurrant, lime, juniper berries & gin! It smells exactly like fruity punch, a favourite of mine around Christmas! As with all Lush soaps, they last for ages, so a 100 gram block should be plenty. 

The Best New... Scrub. 

Sandy Santa - £2.95 each.

How fun are these? I'm a sucker for anything Christmas themed so this really appealed to me! It's citrus scented with a very faint floral smell. I'm going to save buying one to later in the year as I'm not sure how long it will last, but still fun! 

The Best New... Cleanser. 

This was a product I went in unsure of but came out loving. A facial cleanser with pop corn in? Sounds a bit odd doesn't it? But one of the girls saw me having a good look at it, and came over and offered to give me a little demo so I could test it on my arm. It felt amazing! Soft to start but there is a very slight scrub element to it, contributed by the popcorn. It also has a gentle cinnamon scent, which happens to be one of my favourite scents. It also doesn't need to be kept in the fridge, as with some of the facial products from Lush. I will be picking this up soon for sure! 

The Best New ... Bubble Bar.

Santas Sack - £4.25.

I have to admit having a slight giggle at the name of this one, but after that wore off I wanted to have a closer look. It's a fun shape, and smells extremely sweet. The red, orange and yellow parts all smell slightly different, and as with all bubble bars they have quite a few baths in them as you can crumble them. 

The Best New... Bubble Wand. 

Bubble Beard - £4.25.

Words cannot express how much I love this bubble wand. The idea is to swill it until there's enough bubbles to make a beard out of the bubbles. This is also one of two bubble wands released for this year (the other being the Rocket Bubble Bar) that would make a perfect gift for a girl or a boy! I love buying Lush for others but it can be hard to find a gift for the men! I'm already planning to get a couple of these for the men in my life. 

The Best New... Shower Gel.

Ponche Shower Gel - £4.25 for 100 grams. 

This was another item I just had to have a sniff of, and although it comes second to Snow Fairy, it's a close second! Inspired by Christmas in Mexico, this shower gel is scented with cinnamon, orange juice as well a hint of tequila. It's a perfect balance between a Christmas scent and a summer scent. I have to say, well done Lush! 

So that's the new individual products. All of them would make a great gift, either for some one else or as a treat for you as lets face it, after a day of Christmas shopping, who doesn't need a treat?! But if your more in to the gift sets, here's my pick of those! 

The Best Gift For ... Couples. 

Mr Frosty & Mrs Frosty - £11.95. 

Mr Frosty was a firm favourite of mine, but he's gone away for a year and come back a married man! The idea being that they both contain gender specific gifts, Mrs Frosty contains a So White, A mini Comforter and a Butterball & Mr Frosty contains a Big Blue, a Blue Skies & Fluffy Clouds and a Cinders bath bomb. I can't think of a cuter gift for a couple that are just married or have been married a long time. 

The Best Gift For... Teenage Girls

If you personally have teenage girls to buy for, then I feel your pain. They are a nightmare to buy for! My little sister in extremely trendy and I personally look like Dobby from Peep Show, which means I find it really hard to pick something out for her. However, this set, containing Space Girl, Whoosh Shower Jelly, a Party Popper bath bomb & a Rocket Bubble Wand could be just perfect. The cardboard house is just all to cute, however in the last two years they've had a tin house and had it been made of tin I would of had to had one for myself! The house shape gives it an extra fun element, making it perfect for teen girls! 

The Best Gift For... Those Without Baths. 

I have to admit, when my eyes met this in the Lush times I let out a little squeak. I love Lush soap, and as I don't have a bath the gift sets, as nice as they are, aren't practical as I have access to a bath around 5 days a year. I've had both Snow Globe & Norther Lights and they are both lovely scent, however North Pole is new, so it's almost the perfect gift set for me. This would also make a great gift for males, as Lush has quite a feminine vibe but all 3 of those soaps are quite a unisex scent. 

The Best Gift For... The Lush Novice. 

Fancy giving someone a Lush gift, but know they've never been there? Don't want to put them off with anything to brightly coloured or overly scented? Winter Wonderland is the one for you! I personally have it in mind for Grandma, as I know she likes body care, but I'm not sure if something a bit more out there would go down right. This little set contains a 45 gram pot of Dream Cream and a 70 gram Snowcake Soap. A brilliant yet tame introduction to Lush.

The Best Gift For... The Person You Barely Know. 

Secret Santa - £6.50.

Pulled a name out of the office secret Santa and had to ask someone who they are? An aunt coming to Christmas this year you met once, at a wedding, in the evening, after the free bar opened? This is the one for them! It's to the point & contains a Cinders bath bomb & a Honey I Washed The Kids soap, a perfect little gift for the person you need to buy a gift for, but know very little about!

The Best Gift For... A Lush Fan.

Festive Cheer - £8.95.

This set contains a Sandy Santa & a 100 gram bottle of Ponche, which is a great gift for a Lush fan, as both of those products are new this year, so unless like me, they've already been in to Lush, they are unlikely to of had these products! 

So, that's it! A longer post than I was expecting but it probably shows how much I love the Lush Christmas range! Lush tend to make a lot of money from me this time of year, and not in just what I had to have myself, and seeing as I was there, and it was all brand new, it seemed a bit rude to not pick up just a few little bits for myself! So here's what I couldn't live without. 

100 Grams of Snow Fairy (Obvz) and 100 Grams of Mr Punch. Quite tame in my opinion, I could of had it all!

So are any of you ladies excited by the Lush Christmas range? Are you planning to pick up any bits for your loved ones?



  1. I love the look of the mr and mrs frosty, i think i may have to hint to my family to get them for me and my other half for chrimbo. I'm also hoping to finally get my hands on snow fairy this year.
    Great post, really enjoyed looking at all the lovely things

    1. Aww thank you, and if I had a bath I'd love a mrs and mrs frosty :D x

  2. I'm so excited for this! Can't wait to get my hands on a Cinders! or several x

    1. Haha I'm glad I'm not the only one that gets super excited for the Lush Christmas range <3 x

  3. I tried the Sandy Santa at a launch at it was really nice! He's very crumbly so I don't think he'd last more than a couple of gos, but I really liked him. Ponche was my favourite thing, I'll have to stock up!

    1. I really liked that as well, I was really on the fence about buying one but I thought it could probably wait whilst I finish Snow Fairy! However I will probably go back on saying that in a few days

  4. "My little sister in extremely trendy and I personally look like Dobby from Peep Show" ......I know exactly how you feel! I have three little sisters who are all glam and taller than me and dress in the latest fashions..... I'm lost lol xx

    1. Haha so glad I'm not a lone, I'm 5'1 and my 16 year old sister is nearly 6ft and so trendy, every time I see her she's wearing something I don't understand! x

  5. SNOW FAIRY!! I always stock up at Christmas so it lasts me all year :D

    1. yaaay snow fairy is back! want to try one of those moustache wands, they look ace x

  6. To me this is the best thing about xmas! I adore snow fairy its amazing! All the other goodies you posted about look fab too!I really wanna try the golden wonder bath bomb :) x

    1. I had the Golden Wonder last year on Christmas day last year & it was amaaaazing <3 x

  7. Had to share this thorough overview on twitter. A true lush fan :)

  8. What a fun post!! Thank you for showing all the fab new items.. I think my boyfriend MUST have that mustache bubble wand and well, I just need everything else. :) I've been dying to smell Snow Fairy!

    1. Its the most amazing shower gel ever, smells like cotton candy :D x


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