Wednesday, 31 October 2012

October Empties

Hello lovely ladies.

So its the end of October, the days are shorter, its certainly getting colder and today is the day when tiny children dress up as adults and adults dress up as children, that's right, it's Halloween! But more importantly (lololol) what have I used up this month?

My empties case is bursting at the seams again, so here's what I finished this month.


One. Mr Punch Soap. Well, this is a bit of a fib because I probably have about a 1/3 of a bar left but I doubt it going to last much longer! It's amazing, it smells like a fruit punch with lots of blackberries in. It's a LE Christmas soap so I will be getting another for sure.

Two. Red Fun. I really liked this product which I reviewed here, however I still hate the packaging. However I tend to have an empty pot or two lurking round the house, so I might buy it again. 

Three. Let The Good Times Roll Cleanser. I tried this on my hand in the shop and I really liked it, so the lovely Lush staff gave me a sample. I'm so glad that they did, as when I put it on my face I like it at first as it feels lovely, but it leaves a weird greasy film behind when washing it off which I hate so its a deffo no go.

Shampoo / Conditioner

Four. Gum Shampoo in Florida Orange. I picked this up in Home Bargains at a bargainous £1.69 for 400mls. It smells amazing, like a watered down orange juice. I would definitely repurchase next time I'm in a home bargains.

Five. Pantene Colour Therapy Masque. I picked this up in Poundland for, you guessed it, a quid. It's a nice masque, nothing ground breaking but for £1 I'd repurchase in a heartbeat, but I haven't seen it in there since. Boo! 

Six & Seven. Find.. Heavenly Hydration shampoo & conditioner. These were sent to me by the lovely Annie as part of a Birthday swap. I really liked the conditioner, it smelt of lavender, one of my all time favourite smells. I'm not sure where you could buy this but I might buy it, if I could! 

Hair Care.

Eight.Well Balance Scalp Serum. I blogged about how much I hated this product here, but my hatred only got worse as I got towards the end as the pippet didn't reach to the bottom of the bottle so I hate to pour it on to my head. I wouldn't buy this again! 

Nine. Macadamia Healing Oil. I picked this up from a blog sale a while ago. Its latest really well as I only used it sparingly. I've already bought the full sized as I love this oil, its the only one I can use without it making my hair feel full of build up. I'm going to keep this little travel bottle as it will be really handy for taking away rather than lugging a big glass bottle around with me.


Ten. Dove in Pomegranate. I love this deodorant, it smells amazing and it works fab! Will deffo repurchase. 

Eleven. Sure in Radiant. I liked this one too, but towards the end of the bottle it stopped working for me, so I'm not sure I would repurchase this one.

 Face Wash.

Twelve. Soap and Glory Face Soap & Clarity. This used to be my "go to" face wash, but recently it's been leaving my skin super tight and making it feel really dry. I don't think I'd repurchase this, it had a good run but it's not helping my winter skin! 

Shower Gel.

Thirteen. Life Shower Gel in Jump Start. This was a birthday freebie from Space NK (they sent me a voucher as I have a Space NK points card) and it was quite nice, smelt like crushed grapefruit. However at £5 a bottle it's slightly pricey for 100mls so I don't think I'd repurchase. 

Fourteen. Sephora Shower Gel Pod in Peony. This was sent to me by lovely Sara. I've seen these little shower gel pods floating around on blogs so I was glad I got to try it. It was a really nice, thick shower gel that smelt very floral. The only problem with it was that where you split it at the top to get the shower gel out, the plastic rim is really sharp and quite jagged and I managed to slice my finger open trying to squeeze the shower gel out. However, if I was in a Sephora (Oh please let me be in a Sephora soon!) I'd probably pick up some more, I;d just have to be a little more careful!

Fifteen. Nivea Star Fruit Shower Cream. Another Poundland purchase. It smells divine, and even though it's meant to be a cream, it's more watery like a shower gel. It's really lovely smelling however, very sweet, so for a quid I'd probably repurchase. 

Sixteen. The Body Shop Cranberry Joy Shower Gel. I know, I know! This is a Christmas product which I've only just finished. But, this shower gel is beyond sickly sweet. More than a tiny bit made me feel quite queasy so its taken me forever to finish! I wouldn't repurchase as I really just can't get on board with the scent!


Seventeen. The Body Shop Body Butter In Satsuma. I have to say, I love the fact that The Body Shop sell such varying sizes of there product, as it's nice to have a little bit of product to try and stops you getting sick of it! I really liked this body butter, it's not too sticky. But I think next time I'd go for Mango as I fancy a change of scent! 

Skincare Samples.

Eighteen. Shu Uemura Ultime8 oil. A little sachet sample I found on Facebook, I tried it and to be honest, it was just O.K, Inot bad but I was expecting something amazing. I deffo wouldn't buy a full sized bottle costs as it costs "Shit I can't pay the rent" £68.00! 

Nineteen. Philosophy Purity. I loved this! I have wanted to try some of the Philosophy skincare for a while and this didn't disappoint. However, I might have to wait until after Christmas to buy the full size, as at £17 for the full size its a little bit too close to £20 at the moment!

Twenty. Philosophy Hope In A Jar. I think this sample was off? The cream had separated quite badly and there was a layer of oil on top of the cream? I'm guessing that's not right, but then again the sample is only a few weeks old (when I received it) so I'm not sure if I'd buy the full size!

Twenty One. Etat Pure Fluid Sample. Hated this, hated it instantly. Its a facial moisturizer, but it was so oily I had to wash my hands after each use! Deffo wouldn't buy the full sized. 

Twenty Two. Benefit It's Potent Eye Cream. Love love love this eye cream. It's the only thing that even makes a dent on my big ol' carrier bags. It is pricey, at around £24.50 for the full sized pot, but as I loved it so much I bought the full sized. I'm going to keep this handy little travel sized pot for taking some eye cream away with me for Christmas. 

Twenty Three. Benefit Triple Performing Facial Emulsion. Again, love it! And, again, I've actually already got a full sized bottle but I've been trying to use up this sample size to make more space (tiny flat + clutter = no space to move!). And, again again, it's pricey but it really works for my skin! 

So that's what I've finished up this month! Apart from the two little sample sized pots I'm going to keep, its off to the recycling with that lot! 

What have you ladies used up this month?


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