Monday, 1 October 2012

Silver Jewellery Cleaning - The Easy Way

Hello lovely ladies. 

I popped to Home Bargains a couple of days a go, and the great thing about Home Bargains is that you never know what  you need until you see it. I however I saw this, something I've need for months. 

A Jewellery Cleaning Cloth, for a grand total of 69p. I had some rings in mind, some very tarnished, but once pretty, rings. I'd read you can clean it with bi-carb or toothpaste but I've read mixed reviews and it seemed messy, a nice cloth seemed much more like it!

These rings, to be exact. I bought these silver stacker rings after my 21st birthday with a gift voucher I was given, and these weren't cheap, around £25 each. But they've been sitting around for months, so beyond tarnished they are not wearable any more. So I was hoping this cloth could bring them back to life, and if not, it was only 69p.

The cloth has two layers, a grey outside buffer cloth, and the white inside cloth for cleaning the jewellery. The idea is that you place the item between the two sheets, and rub fairly hard until the clean. Simple as simple can be. But did it work?

Yes, yes it did! It took maybe 5 minutes to do all 3 rings, and they are all looking shiny and ready to wear. I've put the cloth back in the packet for shine up some more jewellery, 69p well spent in my opinion!

Do you ladies have jewellery in need of a quick shine? 



  1. Oh my god, I NEEEEED these in my life so much. Where is the nearest Home Bargains?!

    1. Uhmmmm there is one in bedminster, and I know theres one in weston super mare haha x

  2. Wow! What a great bargain and brilliant results x

    1. I adore Home Bargains, adore bargains! x

  3. Wow, these look fab! Love Home Bargains <3

    Jesss xo


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