Sunday, 14 October 2012

Sunday Shopping

Hello lovely ladies. 

A bit of a crafty Sunday Shopping today, which came about after I played, and lost, a dangerous game I've dubbed Etsy roulette, where you go on to Etsy and just type things you like in to the search bar. This is a game I often lose as some one, some where, is selling something I need! 

This time I lost Etsy Roulette to rubber craft stamps! I bought these from a lovely lady who's Etsy shop is called Cupcaketree , and she sells the most amazing rubber stamps I've ever seen at very reasonable prices. The goldfish & bowl (two part stamp) cost £6.39 here & the polar bear with the father christmas hat cost £5.11 here. The shipping is fairly reasonable as well, it's around £3.50 for one item plus £1.50 for additional items, but as she is based in the USA you need to allow extra time for your items to arrive. But, on to the exciting part, what do they look like & what am I going to do with them!

First up, the goldfish & bowl! I have to say I tried to check out with just the polar bear, but I couldn't stop thinking about this one! The stamps are the highest quality possible, so you get really nice, clean lines. I love this stamp! I'm planning to buy a bunch of plain cards & envelopes (which you can get on eBay for around £4.50 for 50) & make birthday cards with it! 

So this is the reason why I made the order the first place! A polar bear with a father christmas hat? I am there! I ordered it as I am planning on making my own Christmas wrapping paper this year (I'm planning another post on that soon) but I hadn't found a stamp I really loved, until this one! It's a really simple shape so its going to work perfectly. 

I am so chuffed with these stamps, she has loads of different styles & even sells unusual coloured ink pads so it's worth checking out her Etsy page here.

What have you ladies been buying this week?



  1. Aw!! I love them!

  2. Ooooh these are so cute, I might have to steal this idea, I always spend so much on wrapping paper and I need to budget this year! That shop has some adoooorable stamps!


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