Sunday, 28 October 2012

Sunday Shopping

Hello lovely ladies. 

Another cold, damp, dreary Sunday here in the South West, but I don't mind. I love when the weather changes & getting snuggly inside. So here's another installment of Sunday Shopping.

I know, another Yankee thing, but bare with me! I picked up this Yankee fish shade & plate on eBay for around £12 plus P&P. It's something I hadn't really thought much about before, as I thought it was just decorative, but I was reading that a shade will help your yankee last for longer as it helps reduce flame flickering meaning it will burn slower, and as I live in a pretty drafty house it seemed like the way forward, as at between £16 to £20 each they aren't cheap and I want them to last for as long as possible. I would of just bought a shade, but as the seller was selling them as a bundle it's nice to have a set, plus it does something super cute when the candle is lit...

When the candle is lit the fish flicker like they are swimming round the shade. It's a super cute accessory with a semi practical use! Woo! 

What have you ladies been buying this week?



  1. ooo this looks so good, I want one! lol

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    1. Its really cute! I do love fishies


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