Friday, 26 October 2012

Top 5 Autumn Yankee Tart Scents

Hello lovelies.

I am a massive Yankee fan. From the candles to the reed diffusers, room sprays to accessories, I've got them all. However, Yankee tarts were my first exploration in to the Yankee world, and they are still probably my favourite Yankee item. A Yankee tart is a round wax tart, which you place in a tart burner with a tea light to warm the wax underneath, and the scent starts to fill the room as the wax melts. The tarts are highly scented, last up to 8 hours (at which point the wax will remain but the scent will be gone) and cost around £1.75 each. As a bit of fun, I thought I'd pick my 5 favourite scents for autumn and share them with you lovely ladies.

I've picked out 5 of what could be my favourite Yankee smells of all time! So, what do they smell like?

Good Morning. 

Good morning smells exactly like freshly baked muffins! I'm not usually a fan of the overly food scented Yankees, but this is exceptionally good! The only problem with this scent is that it's a fairly rare USA scent, with means going to ebay. For this one you can expect to pay around £1.50 before postage. 


This scent has to be up there with my all time favourite Yankee scents, I liked it so much I even bought it as a room spray! It smells of the first bite in to a fresh apple. I always associate apple scents with autumn, I guess because of all the apple based autumn activities, apple picking, apple bobbing & not forgetting apple pie is a perfect autumn treat! I may even pick this up as a large jar. This is a fairly old scent but I picked this one at a Yankee outlet, but its readily available on eBay.

Mandarin Cranberry.

This maybe leans a little more towards a Christmas scent, but the zesty orange scent helps to keep it a little more autumn-y. The blend of mandarin and cranberry is just divine, and is pretty equal between them both. It's perfect for a cold autumn evening whilst dreaming of Christmas! I picked this one in Hallmark, and I think its fairly readily available in many shops that sell Yankee. 

Lemon Lavender. 

This was the first Yankee tart I ever bought, and this is my 3rd one since then! I've always been a big fan of lavender (my grandmas garden was full of it!) and I like it on its own, but the lemon scent really blends well with it and makes it feel a little bit less "old lady". Perfect for relaxing with on a cold night. 

Cinnamon & Sugar.

Cinnamon scents are a bit Marmite, some people love them and some people hate them. I am firmly in the love section. However, if your a bit unsure of them this might be the one for you. It's a much softer scent, think a cinnamon bun baking in the oven, rather than sticking your nose in a full tube of cinnamon spice. I think winters when I full feel like burning cake scents, much easier than actually making one! 

So, those are my favourite scents for Autumn, what would you ladies recommend? I'm always looking for new ones to add to my ever expanding collection! 



  1. I lovee Macintosh, it's my favourite too, I always get the air freshener for my car! Mandarin Cranberry is really nice too xx

  2. I love the fact it is yankee candle time of year again. They always smell amazing :)

  3. I love Yankee candle tarts! I have a few, I might showcase my favourites too! You have a great selection, I want to try the lavender one too



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