Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Wednesday Wishlist

Hello lovely ladies.

Does anyone else ever find that you will want for nothing for weeks and weeks, and then like buses several things you just MUST have turn up at once? Well that's whats happened to me this week, so here's what I'm lusting after. 

I've been after a new dressing gown for a while, the one I currently have is a thin jersey and doesn't keep me warm in any sense, but its been a bit tricky finding one I like. However, this penguin one is just perfect, however it sits just the wrong side of £30, which I personally think is a lot. However as my boyfriend is a student I pay take the plunge and get him to buy it!

Best. News. Ever. Lush are bringing back a couple of retro bath bombs every month, for a short while before they go again. I vaguely remember having this years and years ago and it changed colour a lot! Although I don't have a bath at home I am house sitting for a week in November so I'm going to have a little Lush binge! This is going to the top of that list!

I popped in to Clintons yesterday to see what the Yankee offer of the month was (25% off of one scent each month) and as I was in there the shop assistant was just unpacking the Christmas stock, which I've been really looking forward to. I came across Red Apple Wreath and I knew I'd like it before I'd even lifted the lid. It is truly the smell of Christmas in a jar, so I picked up a little jar. However I already want the full sized! In my eyes its never too early for Christmas scents, cinnamon is one of my favourite smells which usually plays a massive part in a Christmas scent. 

Four. Ciate Advent Calendar - £38.00 (image source)
I saw this on the British Beauty Bloggers blog last week and I was so excited it was ridiculous. It's not available just yet, but according to Ciates Twitter they are expecting it to come out around the end of this week or next. Although its fairly pricey at £38, it includes 17 mini paint pots, four mini caviar blends and 3 mini paint pots in shades that you can only get from the advent calendar, and it's also much cheaper than any of the other beauty Advent Calendars around (the Selfridges one being £82). It would be such a fun treat in the run up to my favourite time of the years.

So that's what I'm lusting after this week, how about you ladies? Are any of you ladies getting excited about the beauty advent calendars?



  1. A beauty advent calendar! I've never heard of these, what a great idea! Shame it is expensive...

    Cath x

  2. The Ciate Calendar looks so cool. You get so many polishes & for the money its a great deal. I really want to pick one up

  3. Oh wow that penguin dressing gown is sooooo cute!!! x


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