Thursday, 15 November 2012

Christmas On A Budget: Gifts For Girls £10 Or Under

Hello lovelies.

It's probably quite evident that in my house, Christmas is truly coming, and I'm making good head way with my gift shopping. But this year I'm finding it harder and harder to bring it in on budget, as many gifts now seem to start at £15 and go up to any crazy amount of money. But, being a determined lady, here's some lovely bits for £10 an under. 

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This lovely mug features one of the iconic Orla Kiely prints on a pretty mug. I have to say I'm a sucker for pretty mugs but this one would make a lovely gift!

Most ladies I know would be pleased to see a pretty wash bag under the Christmas tree, and this one, with its lovely rose print is sure to look nice on the dressing table or in a handbag.

Three. Models Own Glitter Trio. £8.00.
A lovely mix and match trio, plus lots of lovely sparkle for Christmas day. A good bet for a nail varnish addict!

Four. Tatty Devine Cat Ring. £9.00.
Truly showing my inner cat lady but I think this ring is just adorable. Although its quite small and comes in at just under £10 the old saying "good things come in small packages" probably applies here quite nicely!

Another small but super cute gift. This filled mug candle comes in the pink heart design, and the best bit? When the candle is does there's no need for it to head to the recycling, just empty it out and they've got themselves a pretty espresso cup.

This little Lush set comes with a 100g Ponche Shower Gel (which is meant to smell of tequila but to me smells like a zesty mango) and a Sandy Santa, perfect for softening up winter skin. It's a perfect Lush gift for someone who either doesn't like baths, or like me doesn't own one! 

So, those are my picks for the ladies. I'm planning to do one for men but I find buying men presents super difficult at the best of times, especially for under a tenner!

So lovelies, is it just me that's finding it really difficult to bring Christmas in on budget?



  1. Great post :) I'd love to hear your one for men because I'm so stuck for what to get my boyfriend! xx

  2. I love the Models own glitter trio, great choices :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  3. Great ideas, the Lush gift set seems nice. I'd love to see the guys one as I have no idea what to get my boyfriend! X

  4. i love Christmas gift ideas- especially budget versions as some of these posts I see on my feed are like £40 + and I definitely cannot afford that. I see what you mean with the prices going up and up - I saw a 'lYNX' duo set 'with only shower gel and body spray) for 12 pound the other day :@.
    So grateful to see this and have fell in love with half of it myself, naturally :)



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