Thursday, 22 November 2012

L'Occitane Magical Leaves Perfume

Hello lovely ladies. 

Last weekend me & the boy headed to the posher end of Bristol to do some Christmas shopping (Clifton and Park St if you know Bristol) and I couldn't resist a little nosey at the new L'Occitane Christmas range. 

This year, there is two new scents for Christmas. Marvelous Flowers and Magical Leaves. When I went in I already had it in my mind that I would like Marvelous Flowers, which I did, nice enough but not special enough to make me reach for my purse. As a second thought, I decided to give Magical Leaves a sniff as I was leaving. And that was it, I was in love. Cue standing for 15 minutes smelling the whole range, from shower gels to soaps, even though they all smell the same! 

As well as shower gels and hand creams, they also do a handbag perfume, and whilst I know handbag perfumes have a love / hate reputation, but personally I really like having one, as I usually only have one "big" bottle of perfume, which I don't want to lug around in my handbag. 

As you can see, it's a stick perfume. The perfume itself is described by L'Occitane as "Combining sparkling notes of verbena with warm hazelnut and sensual vanilla" but to be honest, I'm not great at describing perfumes, however this one is simple, basically it just smells of lemon grass! It's a really crispy, fresh, zesty scent, which is quite different to most Christmas scents, which tend to be either really sweet or musky. 

My favourite thing about this perfume stick is that unlike the Marvelous Flowers perfume, it's a spray top, rather than a roller ball. It's not that I don't like the roller balls, but it can be a bit of a faff especially in winter as my neck and wrists are covered with scarfs and knitwear! 

The Magical Leaves Eau De Toilette Spray costs £14.50 for 10mls, which is quite pricey, however I managed to snap mine up on eBay for £6.80 plus postage. It seems to be an in store only item, as I can't find it on the website. However they have the rest of the range online here, and if Santa wanted to stick any more Magical Leaves in my stocking, I wouldn't mind at all!

So ladies, have you smelt the L'Occitane Christmas range? Are you a Marvelous Flowers girl or a Magical Leaves fan?



  1. I haven't smelt this but it sounds lovely, you really got yourself a bargain :) x

  2. Ooh I'm quite tempted to pick one of these up for myself. I love handbag perfumes too, btw :) x


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