Sunday, 4 November 2012

Sunday Shopping

Hello lovely ladies.

First off, I apologize that these are just Instagram shops, but I'm house sitting / baby sitting for my Mum until next Saturday, and although I've bought my camera with me I forgot to take some photos before we came over, so I've left everything at home! So, I've bought a few little treats this week & here they are. 

One. Snow Top Toblerone. 
 I picked this limited edition Toblerone up from WHsmiths as they are exclusive to them, and although I bought a few for gifts I couldn't resist sampling one for myself! 

Two. Organix Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner & small Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray. 
Ok, I didn't technically buy these, I paid for these with Boots points. All three of these products I've seen reviewed time and time again, and every time they get rave reviews. The shampoo & conditioners are 250mls each so I doubt they will last very long but they will be nice to try. The Bumble and Bumble was eye wateringly expensive, and £8.50 for 50mls, but I've wanted to try it for ages as it's held up as a miracle product. I will be reviewing it soon, so lets hope it's as good as they say!

Three. Soulcal Heart Locket Dress. 
Republic isn't a shop I often visit but when I was walking past it there was a massive sign in the window saying "ALL SALE £10" so I decided why not. I found this cute little heart locket dress and it's just lovely, I've already worn it twice. 

Four. Tescos 6FT Highland Fir Christmas Tree. 
 This was actually free! It was half price at £15, and I had some clubcard points which I realised I could use in the clubcard exchange to double them, making the tree nothing! I am so pleased with this as last year we bought a tree from Sainsburys which cost about £4 and was utterly terrible, and as a Christmas-o-holic I've wanted a new one since last year. It looks really plush and something that will last!

So that's it lovely ladies, what have you been buying this week?



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  2. What a nice little read on my lunch break!! :)


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