Sunday, 11 November 2012

Sunday Shopping

Hello lovely ladies.

The Christmas run up has started!I saw (sort of, I was in a shop at the time) the Christmas lights being switched on this week, increasing Christmas adverts on TV (including KIDS KIDS KIDS BEST THING EVER style adverts) but most importantly of all, last night, the Coca Cola advert was on! So this weeks Sunday Shopping is quite a festive one! 

Yes, that's right ladies, this week I have been buying large Christmas sacks! I picked these up in Poundland of all places a couple of days a go whilst browsing for shower gel. They are fab felt draw string sacks in two designs, a snowman and a father Christmas. I bought these to store my current Christmas shopping in, which as I live in a flat with very, very, limited storage, is in bags all over the house, so I thought they might as well look a little festive! They would make fab improv gift wrap for weird sized or shaped gifts too. At £1 I think they are a real bargain!

So how about you lovely lot? Have you bought anything nice this week?


P.S Just a heads up, I am hoping to have my Christmas giveaway up tomorrow, and it's a cracker!


  1. need to get myself to poundland me thinks


    1. There really are some gems to be had in there :) x


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