Sunday, 18 November 2012

Sunday Shopping

Hello lovely ladies.

With Christmas fast approaching I'm not finding a whole lot of disposal income, as most of it is going on trying to finish up gift buying! However, one little treat can't hurt right?

In true cat lady fashion, kitty slippers! I saw these in Topshop a few weeks a go and tried to justify why I didn't need them, even though my Primark slippers are looking a little worse for wear. But they've been playing on my mind A LOT so here they are! They were a slightly eye watering £14 but KITTIES! P.S sorry for the Instagram snap, but I couldn't wait to wear them! 

If you fancy them you can buy them in store or online here, and if you order online & quote " 3MILLIONKISSES " you can get a free Topshop lipstick, it doesn't say which one but hey free is free! (which they are giving away for 3 million Facebook likes)

So ladies, have you bought yourself anything nice this week or are you also feeling the Christmas squeeze?



  1. Oh wow gorgeous, the free lipstick i got was Innocent, i dont know if it is the same for all orders!

    Sophierosehearts x

    1. :D Thanks lovely, I thought it was :D x

  2. They are adorable but far too pricey for me :( xx

    1. I know they are more than I spend on normal shoes but I just couldn't stop thinking about them x

  3. These are really cute, they remind me of the cat shoes that are around at the moment :)


  4. Ahh they're so cute :) I was going to get the Topshop deal but you couldn't choose the lipstick annoyingly and it's the same for everyone I think.
    Daniella x


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