Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Yankee Tarts - My Pick Of The Christmas Scents

Hello lovely ladies.

It's no secret I am a massive Yankee candle fan. Love them, can't get enough of them. But my favourite scents have to havvveee to be the Christmas scents. There's something about the "smell" of Christmas that evokes some really lovely memories of Christmases gone. 

I've decided to do a collection of tarts as these are the most cost effective way of trying lots of different scents, but to burn the you will need a tart burner or an oil burner with a deep dish as well as some cheap unscented tea lights (I buy mine from Morrisons for £1.75 for 50) but once you have those two you'll be able to try lots of Yankee scents for £1.25 each, and each one lasts up to 8 hours.

So, these are my favourites from this year, and a couple from past years that you can still get hold of now. 

This Year. 

Snow In Love
This scent is probably for those who usually don't like Christmas scents, as it's quite an unusual one! It's powdery fresh scent that reminds me of Clean Cotton with a twist, so if cinnamon isn't your thing this is a bit more subtle!

Sugared Apple.
This is probably my favourite new scent this year, I love apple scents, but Sugared Apple has a subtle vanilla scent, so it's not as crisp as a summer or autumn apple scent. It reminds me of making the filling for an apple pie. 
Red Apple Wreath.
To me, this is the smell of Christmas. With notes of red apple, cinnamon, maple and walnut it reminds me of every Christmas of my childhood. I liked this scent so much I actually bought it as a candle. If your looking for a super festive scent, this one is a good bet! 

Spiced Orange. 
If you prefer a zesty Christmas scent, this one is fab! With orange, ginger and clove notes this is a really spicy scent, so if that's not your thing this might be one to miss! 

Years Gone By:

Sparkling Cinnamon. 
To like this one, like me, you have to love cinnamon. It's almost entirely cinnamon scented, however if you really inhale you have pick up a hint of clove. This one is nice to burn for half an hour bursts, rather than for as long as the tea light holds out, as it can become a bit too much after a while. I believe this was from last year so it should be quite easy to get hold of, if not you can get it here on eBay.

Happy Christmas.
This is one of the sweeter Christmas scents, think a sugary berry punch, with an interesting mix of pine needles. This is one of the more original Christmas scents, and worth giving a sniff if you see it, but if not it's available on eBay here.

Mandarin Cranberry.
This is also from last year, so it should be fairly easy to find. I just adore this scent, it's an amazing mix of berries and zest, which balance out in to a nice sweet scent, without being too zesty or too sickly. Another one I liked so much I have it as a large candle.

So those are my picks! Are there any you ladies would recommend? Are you a fan of Christmas fragrances or do you prefer the lighter S/S scents?


P.S I realise I post about Yankees a lot, on here and on Instagram, and I thought I'd share with you the true extent on my addiction... 

Yep, I have a problem... Oops!

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