Monday, 31 December 2012

2012 Favourites

Hello lovely ladies.

So it's the last day of 2012 & I hope you've all got more exciting plans than me tonight (i.e nothing!). But I thought as it was the last day of the year, rather than doing a December favourite I'd round up my favourite products of 2012, so here they are! 

I tried to narrow it down to my absolute favourites from 2012!

One. MAC Eyeshadow in Invincible Light. 
I was given this as a present for my birthday in September and I've barely touched another eyeshadow since. It's the perfect nude colour with lots of shimmer. The only problem with it is it was part of the Heaven & Earth collection & I'm guessing it will be hard as hell to get hold of once it runs out! 

Two. MAC Lipstick in Angel. 
This is the one and only lipstick I've ever been able to wear for longer than 5 minutes before wanting to wipe it off. It's a lovely soft pink & a lovely creamy formula so it's really easy to wear. I now get what the hype behind MAC lipsticks is all about!

Three. NARS blush in Orgasm. 
This is dubbed a "cult classic" and I always feel a bit skeptical when products have this behind them, as often I feel the product doesn't quite live up to the hype. However this really is the perfect blusher, a really lovely pinky peach colour with a soft gold shimmer and although the dupes around are pretty good the formula of the NARS blushers really gives it an extra edge! I can see this being a favourite of 2013!

Four. Marc Jacobs perfume in Dot. 
Dot was a new release for 2012 and it didn't disappoint at all! The bottle has a love / hate relationship with a lot of people but I personally love it. I've already spied Marc Jacobs has another couple of perfumes coming out in 2013 so I'm excited to smell those.

Five. Biodema Miracle Water.
There is 1000 reviews of this around and I've spoken about this before so I'll keep it short and sweet. It's the perfect eye make up remover for me, it smells lovely and the only problem is getting hold of it! 

Six. Real Techinques Blusher Brush.
2012 was the year I finally realised that make up brushes actually make a MASSIVE difference! Before I bought this I was using an ancient blusher brush that I think came off of a magazine years a go and all it did was move the blusher around the box and didn't pick up a thing. Since using this brush I waste no product, and the blush shows up so well on my skin. I've also got the eyeshadow brush & the stippling brush which I also love.

Seven. Macadamia Healing Oil.
In 2011, if you'd said to me "put some oil in your hair, it will make it feel great" I would of scoffed. I assumed that hair oils just made the hair greasy and I just didn't get it at all. However I saw more and more reviews about how it made your hair feel like silk so I gave it a whirl, and never looked back. It's become part of my routine now and I can't see that changing and time soon! 

Eight. Tuna! 
2012 was the year I bought this little bundle of fur home and never looked back! He's a lovely kitten and 2013 will see him turn one! 

So ladies, those are my favourites of 2012, how about you? Have you found something this year you just can't live without?


Sunday, 30 December 2012

Crown & Glory Small Glitter Hair Bow In Fairy Dust Review

Hello lovely ladies.

Crown & Glory are one of those names I've seen all over blogger, as well as many, many other places but it was only after the SWB Xmas Meet Up when I spotted several lovely ladies sporting the bows I finally sat down to look at the website and it sure didn't disappoint! Crown & Glory is run by a lovely lady called Sophie who hand makes the bows in Cornwall. I made a sneaky order which arrived a few days a go even though I only ordered it on boxing day! 

Being a fan of all things pink & glittery I opted for the small bow in Fairy Dust. It's just stunning! So glittery and it's made with non shed glitter so half of it won't end up embedded in your hair!

Rather than a slide or a weak grip the bow has a strong crocodile tooth bull clip to keep the bow anchored to the hair all day.

Even though this is the smallest bow of the range it's maybe twice as big as I had in my mind it would be! I wore this all day yesterday and there was no shedding and it really did stay in place all day. And the even better part? They are an utter bargain! This bow was £3 which if you were to go to somewhere like Accessorize they would be at least £10! 

Crown & Glory hair bows start at £3 and come in a massive range of colours. P&P is a flat fee of £1.99 which again is extremely reasonable. Available from the Crown & Glory website here.

So ladies what do you think? Are you a fan of Crown & Glory?


December Empties

Hello lovely ladies.

Not only are we in the last days of December, but also the last of the year! That's crazy! I'm always a little sad when Christmas is over, we've even taken down our decorations and tree (mainly because Tuna was on the war path to destroy them ALL) but the end of the month does mean one thing, empties!

I haven't finished as many products as normal probably by half this month, but here they are!

Make up remover / wipes

One. Iseree Cotton Pads
I got to Lidl just for these as they are just so fab! They cost 55p for 120, are double sided and thick, where as the same product from Boots will cost you around £1.50! I've already picked up some more but until I find something cheaper and better I will always repurchase!

Two. Elemis Fresh Skin Make Up Wipes.
Hated these. Hated. These were on special offer for £1.50 and I fancied giving Elemis a go, so I bought these expecting them to be fab. They were really dry and rough, so they didn't take off any make up and left my skin sore! I wouldn't repurchase these even if they were the only choice.

Three. Bioderma H20 for normal / oily skin.
I bought this little 100ml bottle a while a go and loved it so much I picked up a big bottle almost straight away, but this has lasted me a good couple of months! It removes every scrap of make up, smells lovely and floral & leaves my skin feeling soft and refreshed. I've already bought the massive 500ml bottle but when that runs out I'd probably repurchase another as it really works for me. 

Shampoo / Conditioner. 

fFour. Kerastase Bain Substantf Shampoo.
I got this mini free with purchase from Look Fantastic a while a go & I had high hopes for it. However it didn't really meet them at all. Don't get me wrong its not bad, but it's just fine, cleaned my hair but left it feeling no softer than any old cheap shampoo. And seeing as a full sized bottle would set you back around £11 it's just not worth it to me, so I wouldn't repurchase.

Five. Alberto Balsalm Juicy Green Apple Shampoo. 
This is a good cheap shampoo. I've never seen Alberto Balsalm shampoo or conditioner for anything more than £1 and it gets the job done and smells lovely. It doesn't leave my hair feeling particularly soft but when the chips are down it's cheap and cheerful so I probably will repurchase at some point, but it isn't something I'd rush out and buy.

Six. VO5 Revive Me Daily Conditioner.
I'm sure I mentioned this last month so I'll keep this sort. I adore this conditioner. It's always in Poundland or on offer, so it's lovely and cheap and it leaves my hair feeling just as soft as Aussie 3MM, I will deffo repurchase this as I just love it. 


Seven. Angel's Delight Soap. 
Original review here, this was part of the Lush Christmas range which has pretty much all been snapped up in the sales, but this is a lovely soap that's returned for several Christmases in a row so I'm sure I'll be able to buy some more next year.

Eight. So White Bath Bomb.
I managed to squeeze in a few baths over Christmas and this really was a lovely one, a really nice apple scent and it was massive so took ages to fizz. This is another Christmas edition but I would love to buy another if I could! 

Nine. Honey Shampoo Sample. 
I was in Lush a few days a go snatching the last bit of Mr Punch soap in the sales and when I was wandering round one of the staff members (who, for the most part, recognized me as I spend a lot of time in Lush!) asked if I'd tried the Fair Trade Honey shampoo, which I hadn't because, well, I tried one of the shampoo bars a while back and hated it! So she gave me a little sample as it's great for coloured hair. I had 0 hopes for it but thought I'd use it up, but turns out I love it! It lathers really nicely and left my hair feeling so so soft and clean. I wish the scent was a little sweeter but apart for that it's fab. It's currently half price in my store so I'm really hoping to pick a bottle before they sell out! If not I may have to buy the full priced one any way! 

Bomb Cosmetics. 

Ten. Chilly Willy Bath Blaster. 
This was the first Bomb Cosmetics bath bomb I'd tried and I was too impressed. It had a really male, musty scent, not Christmassy at all. It was however a cute snowman face before I threw it in the bath! I wouldn't repurchase due to it's scent!

Eleven. Holly Bath Mallow. 
This one smelt divine, like fresh cookie dough! But it left horribly thick build up on my skin! I don't know if this is what the bath mallows do or if it was just this one but I doubt I'd buy another bath mallow just in case. 

Shower Gel.

Twelve. Piggy Shower Gel Mini. 
I picked a set of 6 of these piggy shower gel mini's from B&M Bargains for £2.49, and I should of known they'd be rubbish! The shower gel is as thick as a jelly and impossible to get out so I ended up wasting a load! They are also scented, this one being orange, and it smelt of a tart marmalade so... last time I choose cute over substance!


Thirteen. Nuse Huile Seche Oil Mini.
I expected to love this, however I thought it was very average. It had a lovely floral scent, but that was the only good thing about it! It was extremely runny, more like water than oil, so it was really hard to use without it running out of the palm of my hand. It's supposed to be suitable for use on the hair, face & body, so I tried it all 3 ways. On the hair it doesn't absorb so it just sits on the hair and makes it looks super greasy, even if you use the smallest drop. On the face it ran straight off and on to my clothes, if I used a tiny dot it felt quite nice however. On the body it was impossible to use it without dropping a load of the product. So overall, I thought it was pretty pants! I wouldn't buy the full sized. 

Make Up. 

Fourteen. Benefit Porefessional Mini.
I love this product, its fab and does the job! I would buy the full sized, but every time I get low another magazine has it as a freebie, so I've still got another mini! However when that one runs out & there's no mini's on magazine about I'd consider purchasing the full sized. 

So that's it lovely ladies, how about you? Have you managed to finish many products this month?


Saturday, 29 December 2012

Christmas Sales Haul

Hello lovely ladies. 

I popped in to town yesterday to have a little look at the Christmas sales, and I honestly didn't expect to find much. I had looked at a few bits online and I made a little Dot Com Gift Shop order but nothing much had caught my eye. It's funny how when you say things like this, it almost always goes the other way... 

Yep. Oops. Oops indeed. So here's what I picked up. 


My grandma sent me a Monsoon gift card for Christmas, and after 20 minutes looking around Monsoon I couldn't find anything I even vaguely wanted or needed so I decided to pop in to the Accessorize inside Monsoon to see if they would take the gift voucher and they would, so I got:

Fox Christmas Ornament - I love the Accessorize tin ornaments & I love foxes, so I'd had my eye on it since it came in store in November! Reduced from £4 to £2. 

Star Wars Chewbacca Ball Point Pen - I didn't technically need this but I thought it was fun! Reduced from £7 to £3.50. 

Squirrel Ear Buds - I love Ear Buds but they tend to be pricey, so when my last pair broke I made do with a cheapy plain pair, so when I spotted this pair at half price I grabbed them with both hands! Reduced from £12 to £6.

Pastel Frill Knickers - So I'm guessing you shouldn't really show your pants on the internet, but I've been eyeing these up for so long, but at full price they cost £7 which is a bit too much for me to pay! But at half price these came to £3.50.

Hotel Chocolat

I made the stupid move of going in to Hotel Chocolat when I was hungry! So I probably needed these bits the least, but at the time wanted them the most, I got:

Table Cracker with 3 minis in dark, milk & salted caramel in - 70% off making it £1.62. 

Festive Wreath in milk with cookies & caramel - my god does this look divine! Half price at £2.50. 

Boux Avenue. 

Like the knickers, it's probably a bit of a faux pas (a faux bra if you will) to show your bra on the internet, but it's so pretty! I have quite a large chest so bras tend to be so very dull, but this was simply divine! It was originally £26 but it was half price making it £13 (which for a larger sized bra is a bargain!)


I was hoping to pick up quite a lot in Lush, but when I got in there it kind of look liked they had been robbed! There were literally 3 sale gift sets left, 1 sale bath bomb, a few bits of soap, and 0 shower gels, bath melts, bubble bars, lip scrubs, massage bars or anything else! I spoke to a member of staff I speak with regularly and she said by lunch time on boxing day the store was half empty! I'm gutted I couldn't pick up another Snow Fairy, but I decided to get a block of Mr Punch as the one I'd bought earlier in the year has been well and truly finished! It was on a "banana split offer" making it half price, so it was £1.99. 


I have to say I was rather dissapointed with what was left in Boots, as I'd been hoping to pick up a couple of the Joules house & body sets, but it just wasn't to be! The entire half price section had been thoroughly turned upside down, but I did manage to pick up:

Soap & Glory Cream & Soaper - This set contains a liquid soap and a hand cream both in the Hand Food scent which I love. The soap alone usually costs £5 so this was quite a good deal at £5 for both. 

Joules Helpful Hare Soap - I picked this up mainly as I refused to leave without sampling something from the Joules range this year! This was also half price which made it £2. 

The Body Shop. 

I picked up a copy of this months Glamour to read on the train, which has a little Body Shop Joy card inside, which gives you either a free £3, £10 or £100 to spend on anything in The Body Shop, no catches or conditions, other than it needed to be used by early January, so having bought enough soap to last a good year or two I picked up this Cranberry Joy body, room & linen spray, which was reduced to £3.50 so with my Joy Card (worth £3) I only paid 50p! 

Clinton Cards.

I'd heard that Clintons were having a 50% off all Yankee candles from 2012 so I had to have a look for myself, yet again most of it had already been snapped up but I picked up -

Small Sicilian Lemon Tumbler - This is a really sweet lemon scent, more sugary than other lemon candle scents but not overly sweet, and I think it's just lovely! This was half price reduced from £9.99 to £4.97. 

Apple & Pine Need Vovtive - This is the only Christmas 2012 scent I hadn't had so I decided to give it a whirl! This was also half price at 90p. 


Those of you that follow me on Instagram may have seen that my Mum gave me a Pandora bracelet with a bead for Christmas after years of eyeing them up! I was thrilled to spot that Pandora was having a sale as I thought they probably wouldn't. I remember seeing this green swirly one ages a go and thinking it was really pretty! However by this point I'd already (as you can probably see!) spent way too much money so my lovely boy got it for me (a keeper for sure!). It was 40% off making it £19 instead of £30. 

So, that's what I've been buying! I'm not going to be touching my bank card for a good while! How about you lovely ladies? Have you managed to pick up any nice bits in the sales? If you've written a blog post feel free to leave a link ( I love a good nosey!) 


Friday, 28 December 2012

Christmas 2012

Hello lovely ladies.

I'm back home from Christmas up north & I thought I'd share a few snaps from the big day!

I had a lovely day, ate way too much and was spoilt rotten! I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! 


Thursday, 27 December 2012

Ducky Hand Cream In Lemon Drizzle

Hello lovely ladies. 

This period in between Christmas & New Years can be a pretty blue time of year, but I have a cheerful little product that might just help brighten your day. I love ducks, they are one of my favourite animals!

Ducky Lemon Drizzle Hand Cream! This was a gift from my Dad for Christmas but it was so cute I had to give it a review. It's shaped like a rubber duck with cute little eyelashes. 

The font on the packaging and on the bottom on the duck, though a little young, is really fun and cute. 

The duck twists around the middle to reveal the hand cream in the middle. At first it was quite hard to smell the lemon scent, but once on the hand it's much easier to smell but still quite a gentle scent, but it doesn't have the overpowering toilet cleaner-esque smell that some lemon product can have. The cream itself is quite thick, and I was surprised by how soft it left my hands feeling! With these cutey products it can be a case of style of substance, but this is a really decent hand cream! 

The Ducky hand cream retails for around £7 and can be bought here

So what do you think, prefer cute hand creams or grown up hand creams or a bit of both?