Friday, 7 December 2012

Barry M For Superdrug Xmas Nail Varnish

Hello lovely ladies. 

I popped in to Superdrug a couple of days a go, but not for my general browse. This time, I was on a mission. My sights were set, I knew what I wanted, I just had to find it. I headed for the Barry M stand. It wasn't there. This didn't put me off my mission. I spotted a young lady restocking, and I went up, eyes focused on the prize. Did she have what I needed? Yes, yes she did. 

Barry M for Superdrug Limited Edition Xmas 2012 nail varnish. I think it's pretty evident that I adore Christmas themed things, adore them. The bottle is a standard Barry M bottle with a sweet ice blue lid. I've been trying to plan Christmas themed nails for a while, but nothing too complicated as I'll end up never doing it. It's also probably pretty clear that I also adore glitter nail varnish. Basically, the perfect nail varnish for me. So, on to the swatches! 

One coat - as you can see it's a two sized glitter made up of hexagons and dots in green, blue and red. One coat works well as a top coat and wouldn't look too much on the nails.

Two coats - with two coats you could possibly get away with it as a stand alone polish, but you'd probably need more like three to actually have glitter cover the whole nail with very little gaps.

But, as someone who prefers to use glitter as a top coat (mostly because I loatheeee taking off heavy glitter!) I decided to trial it over some possible colours, however when I was looking through my little collection I realised I don't actually have many plain colours, mostly glitters and pinks, which I didn't think would look right, so these are the ones I think that could possibly look right.

OPI in Pearls Night Out, Zoya in Crystal and L'Oreal in Innocent Green. So, on to what they look like layered.

L'Oreal - I kind of like this, as it looks icy, but I think the mint blue colour clashes a little bit too much with the green and blue of the glitter. 

Zoya - This was going to go one of two ways, look fab or rubbish, unfortunately it's the latter. The base colour looks a little too dark, and the gold mirco glitter distracts from the glitter top coat. An all round dud. 

OPI - This is the one I'm most leaning towards at the moment. The shimmer of the white gives it a snow like look, and the crispness of the colour helps the glitter stand out, all round my favourite.

However, I'm not set on this combo, so I thought I'd ask you ladies, what colour would you put under this glitter? Any suggestions are most welcome.

This nail varnish is exclusive to Superdrug (I would stick a link here but it's seemingly not available on the website yet) and is priced slightly higher than standard Barry M's at £3.99, which annoys me slightly as it's just a different colour mix of a standard Barry M glitter, but it's still under £4 which is pretty inexpensive for a nail varnish.



  1. I MUST remember to pick this up when I am in town next!

  2. Oh wow this so gorgeous! Question is, do I get it as a Christmas present or for myself?

    Cath x


    1. Oh I would say deffo yes! I know its a time for giving but I see it as giving others the chance to see my lovely nails :p

  3. This is such a cute glitter polish! I've seen the Boot's limited edition ones but they aren't too exiting. Definitely will pick this up if I see it in Superdrug :) xx

    1. Oo I haven't see them, I will have to investigate! I'm a sucker for limited edition anything!

  4. I LOVE glitter and Barry M, this looks perfect <3

    Sophierosehearts x


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