Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Bath & Body Works Anti Bacterial Hand Gel In Rudy Red Apple

Hello lovely ladies.

I have a little confession to make. I adore Christmas themed products. Stick a Candy Cane sticker on a product I've already got, and I'll want the one with the Candy Cane sticker on. So when I came across the Bath & Body Works anti bacterial hand gels Christmas range I snapped one up!

I decided to opt to Rudy Red Apple, as I adore apple scents. The gel has a really cute reindeer with a glittery shiny nose. On first sniff you can smell the mixture of apples and spices nicely, and unlike most anti bac hand gels there is very little of that horrid alcohol smell that makes you smell like you've spent all morning down the pub.

Its described as a pocket product, which it definitely is, it is diddy! At 29mls it seems like hardly any product but as with all anti bacterial hand gels you need very little so it should last quite a while! 

Once squeeze in to the hand the gel is red coloured and you'll get a few little blue beads thrown in. Once rubbed in the fragrence becomes super appley with a hint of spices, think stewed apples with cinnamon. The smell is amazing, but one of the best things about this product is that it doesn't leave your hands clammy and sticky once its rubbed in, it literally feels like water! I've found with all other hand gels that the second I rub it in I really want to wash my hands, which is kind of against the point of them! The scent lingers for ages and ages on the skin. I decided to give it a little test and washed my hands and you can still smell it, which is perfect because if I could I'd have this as a perfume!

I'm so pleased and amazed with this product, and once I've finished this one I will certainly be picking up some more! These are so handy for your handbag, and as there so little they won't take up too much space!

I picked mine up for around 99p plus postage on an auction, but if you can't wait to get your hands on one, eBay has lots of listings within the UK for different scents, but if you fancy Rudy Red Apple it's available here from an international seller for £1.22 + £2.36 p&p.

So ladies, have you tried any Bath & Body Works products? If so what would you recommend?



  1. This sounds lovely, I think we need to start some sort of online petition to bring Bath And Body Works to the UK! x

    1. There is the Bath & Body Store that sell it in the UK but they get such limited stock it goes out of stock faster than you get a back in stock email :(

  2. I bet this smells amazing. I never thought to look online for these & have wanted to try them for so long. I am definitely going to treat myself to one

    1. :D yeah they can be pretty inexpensive :) x


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