Saturday, 29 December 2012

Christmas Sales Haul

Hello lovely ladies. 

I popped in to town yesterday to have a little look at the Christmas sales, and I honestly didn't expect to find much. I had looked at a few bits online and I made a little Dot Com Gift Shop order but nothing much had caught my eye. It's funny how when you say things like this, it almost always goes the other way... 

Yep. Oops. Oops indeed. So here's what I picked up. 


My grandma sent me a Monsoon gift card for Christmas, and after 20 minutes looking around Monsoon I couldn't find anything I even vaguely wanted or needed so I decided to pop in to the Accessorize inside Monsoon to see if they would take the gift voucher and they would, so I got:

Fox Christmas Ornament - I love the Accessorize tin ornaments & I love foxes, so I'd had my eye on it since it came in store in November! Reduced from £4 to £2. 

Star Wars Chewbacca Ball Point Pen - I didn't technically need this but I thought it was fun! Reduced from £7 to £3.50. 

Squirrel Ear Buds - I love Ear Buds but they tend to be pricey, so when my last pair broke I made do with a cheapy plain pair, so when I spotted this pair at half price I grabbed them with both hands! Reduced from £12 to £6.

Pastel Frill Knickers - So I'm guessing you shouldn't really show your pants on the internet, but I've been eyeing these up for so long, but at full price they cost £7 which is a bit too much for me to pay! But at half price these came to £3.50.

Hotel Chocolat

I made the stupid move of going in to Hotel Chocolat when I was hungry! So I probably needed these bits the least, but at the time wanted them the most, I got:

Table Cracker with 3 minis in dark, milk & salted caramel in - 70% off making it £1.62. 

Festive Wreath in milk with cookies & caramel - my god does this look divine! Half price at £2.50. 

Boux Avenue. 

Like the knickers, it's probably a bit of a faux pas (a faux bra if you will) to show your bra on the internet, but it's so pretty! I have quite a large chest so bras tend to be so very dull, but this was simply divine! It was originally £26 but it was half price making it £13 (which for a larger sized bra is a bargain!)


I was hoping to pick up quite a lot in Lush, but when I got in there it kind of look liked they had been robbed! There were literally 3 sale gift sets left, 1 sale bath bomb, a few bits of soap, and 0 shower gels, bath melts, bubble bars, lip scrubs, massage bars or anything else! I spoke to a member of staff I speak with regularly and she said by lunch time on boxing day the store was half empty! I'm gutted I couldn't pick up another Snow Fairy, but I decided to get a block of Mr Punch as the one I'd bought earlier in the year has been well and truly finished! It was on a "banana split offer" making it half price, so it was £1.99. 


I have to say I was rather dissapointed with what was left in Boots, as I'd been hoping to pick up a couple of the Joules house & body sets, but it just wasn't to be! The entire half price section had been thoroughly turned upside down, but I did manage to pick up:

Soap & Glory Cream & Soaper - This set contains a liquid soap and a hand cream both in the Hand Food scent which I love. The soap alone usually costs £5 so this was quite a good deal at £5 for both. 

Joules Helpful Hare Soap - I picked this up mainly as I refused to leave without sampling something from the Joules range this year! This was also half price which made it £2. 

The Body Shop. 

I picked up a copy of this months Glamour to read on the train, which has a little Body Shop Joy card inside, which gives you either a free £3, £10 or £100 to spend on anything in The Body Shop, no catches or conditions, other than it needed to be used by early January, so having bought enough soap to last a good year or two I picked up this Cranberry Joy body, room & linen spray, which was reduced to £3.50 so with my Joy Card (worth £3) I only paid 50p! 

Clinton Cards.

I'd heard that Clintons were having a 50% off all Yankee candles from 2012 so I had to have a look for myself, yet again most of it had already been snapped up but I picked up -

Small Sicilian Lemon Tumbler - This is a really sweet lemon scent, more sugary than other lemon candle scents but not overly sweet, and I think it's just lovely! This was half price reduced from £9.99 to £4.97. 

Apple & Pine Need Vovtive - This is the only Christmas 2012 scent I hadn't had so I decided to give it a whirl! This was also half price at 90p. 


Those of you that follow me on Instagram may have seen that my Mum gave me a Pandora bracelet with a bead for Christmas after years of eyeing them up! I was thrilled to spot that Pandora was having a sale as I thought they probably wouldn't. I remember seeing this green swirly one ages a go and thinking it was really pretty! However by this point I'd already (as you can probably see!) spent way too much money so my lovely boy got it for me (a keeper for sure!). It was 40% off making it £19 instead of £30. 

So, that's what I've been buying! I'm not going to be touching my bank card for a good while! How about you lovely ladies? Have you managed to pick up any nice bits in the sales? If you've written a blog post feel free to leave a link ( I love a good nosey!) 



  1. I tried to find some Yankee Candles in Clintons. They had all gone by the time I arrived. Gutted.

    1. To be honest there weren't many left, I was really hoping to pick up a Sugared Apple one x


    That did make me laugh. I treated myself to some tealights for christmas cupcake and the lemon, 6.74 for the 2 was a bargain!

    1. I was impressed it was the whole range not just the Christmas ones :D

  3. You did really well! I hit the sales today and only found one thing - a floral blazer I'd wanted for ages in River Island! I'm planning to have a browse online though :) xx

    1. I really didn't intend to buy very much! I was thinking a candle and maybe some Lush bits! It's funny how I say that and then this happened! x

  4. I love Lush and Soap&Glory. Great shopping :)

  5. Oh wow, you got some great bits! I got the penguin version of those Accessorize headphones for Christmas, they're adorable! x

    1. I've had a couple of pairs of earbuds, they are fab headphones and super cute :D x

  6. Great sales haul! I'm going shopping tomorrow to help my friend find a NYE dress and planning to pop to Lush to check out the sales goodies, thinking I shouldn't hold out too much hope now though :s xx

    1. I think some stores still have a fair bit left but apparently according to the lady in the shop mine ordered less as they ended up with loads of unsold stock last year :) x

  7. Faux bra - oh you! Haha. It's a very lovely looking bra though.

    You always manage to pick up some good bargains. Tres jealous.

    LolaStarHearts xx

    1. Thank you lovely, and it's just luck I think :) x

  8. Oooh, I'll have to check Boux Avenue out, I kinda presumed they' d only do smaller sizes!

    1. Oh noooo, a lot of the bras go to around a D but some go all the way up to an H :) x


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