Monday, 3 December 2012

Dr.Jart+ Water Fuse Beauty Balm

Hello lovelies. 

I mentioned late last week in my November Favourites that I'd recently tried some of the Dr. Jart range and loved it, but I said it would have to wait, because it was too pricy this close to Christmas. Well... I spotted it on an half price offer you see.. and well the rest is history! 

The Beauty Balms comes in a standard BB cream squeezy tube, in a cute blue colour. It's a 50ml tube so there's a decent amount. The BB cream boasts a whole load of skin caring goodies inside, including SPF 25, Aloe leaf juice which slows the loss of water from the skin, Portulaca extract which helps to sooth and calm skin as well as being great for anti redness, and most importantly to me, its oil free!

As with almost all BB creams, it has a little nozzle to squeeze the cream out of. This isn't my favourite style as I find the hole can get a little grim after time, but I guess I'll just have to keep my eye on it! 

The colour is a little darker than my skin tone (which to be honest unless it was the colour of white emulsion it's never going to be) but not by much and it's extremely blendable. 

But most importantly, how does it feel? 

I'll start off by saying I don't wear foundation, because I honestly cannot stand how it feels on my skin. Every time I've either put it on myself or had a make over and they've used it I've had, and I mean had to wipe it off within 20 minutes. So when BB creams first hit the shelves I was out like a flash, and snapped up the Garnier one. I had high hopes, as it claimed to feel like a tinted moisturiser, which it doesn't, it feels more sticky than any thing I've ever tried. After the Garnier one I was hesitant to try any others, but from time to time I'd try a sample or swatch a little bit on my hand, but there was always something wrong. Too sticky, too dark, too everything.

The Dr. Jart_+ however is probably one of the only BB creams / foundations / that I've put on and loved! Love love love it! It makes my skin tone look even, covers redness, and more importantly I can't feel it sitting on my skin! I can fully understand why this product is getting raved about!

The whole Dr. Jart range is on half price offer at Boots (online only), but if you do fancy some half price Dr Jart you'll need to be quick, as the offer is only valid up until today! Shipping is £2.95 but if you spend over £20 you can have it delivered to your local Boots store for free. The current offer makes the Water Fused BB Cream £9.00 instead of £18.00. 

So ladies have you tried Dr. Jart BB Creams? What did you think?



  1. I love the Dr. Jart BB creams! I agree with you about foundation, I absolutely hate cakey skin ugh, I won't wear foundation like that even if it means I cant cover up my blemishes.
    You should try the No7 essentially natural foundation, It's so similar to dr jart, even a little thinner and lighter feeling. I have their lightest shade which is super neutral and pale! :)

  2. I was so tempted to get this when it was half price but I have four BB creams I never use as it is! Really intrigued by it xo


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