Thursday, 27 December 2012

Ducky Hand Cream In Lemon Drizzle

Hello lovely ladies. 

This period in between Christmas & New Years can be a pretty blue time of year, but I have a cheerful little product that might just help brighten your day. I love ducks, they are one of my favourite animals!

Ducky Lemon Drizzle Hand Cream! This was a gift from my Dad for Christmas but it was so cute I had to give it a review. It's shaped like a rubber duck with cute little eyelashes. 

The font on the packaging and on the bottom on the duck, though a little young, is really fun and cute. 

The duck twists around the middle to reveal the hand cream in the middle. At first it was quite hard to smell the lemon scent, but once on the hand it's much easier to smell but still quite a gentle scent, but it doesn't have the overpowering toilet cleaner-esque smell that some lemon product can have. The cream itself is quite thick, and I was surprised by how soft it left my hands feeling! With these cutey products it can be a case of style of substance, but this is a really decent hand cream! 

The Ducky hand cream retails for around £7 and can be bought here

So what do you think, prefer cute hand creams or grown up hand creams or a bit of both?


  1. This is seriously cute! You've got to have a bit of cute as well as grown up :-) xx

  2. As long as it works I'll use anything to be fair :P

  3. That sounds amazing, I love the name!

  4. Awr this is adorable, such a lovely quirky gift! Xx

  5. Omg that is insanely cute, love it! :)


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