Friday, 21 December 2012

Paul & Joe Nail Enamel Remover Review

Hello lovely ladies. 

I adore Paul & Joe. Adore. The girly packaging, the cute designs of the cosmetics, everything is so perfect. I've been eyeing up the Nail Enamel remover for at least a year, and the lovely Ali was kind enough to get me a bottle for Christmas! So, on to the review! 

The packaging is so beautiful elegant, girly and beautiful and pink! The bottle is a sturdy thick glass with a plastic twist off top. I love the fact the bottle is glass not plastic, as when I've finished the nail enamel remover, I can refill it with my own. 

The enamel remover is a bright pink and watery, rather than the thicker versions of removers. The glass bottle has a large flower cut on in the middle of the bottle, as if this couldn't be any more girly! 

The bottle top is quite small, which is brilliant as I hate wasting product! 

I had some old nail varnish to take off so I thought I'd test how it actually removed the nail varnish, as I'd heard it wasn't brilliant, however I use the cheapest Boots own nail varnish remover, so I'm used to something that literally burns it off, however this was very gentle but worked really well! It managed to go through glitter with ease, and not only does it work really well it also smells really nice, very floral, just to add a little bit more to the girly factor! 

Overall I am so chuffed with this, it looks so pretty sitting in my bathroom cabinet, and although it's one of the more extravagant things I own I can't recommend it enough if you fancied a treat!

The Paul & Joe Nail Enamel Remover costs £11.50 and you can buy it here from ASOS. 

So ladies, do you like having the odd extravagant thing? Are you a fan of Paul & Joe?



  1. I have wanted this for a while! It looks so pretty! :D I love Paul & Joe. x

  2. It's very pricy for remover, but a nice treat as you can reuse that lovely bottle easily! Very cute.

  3. Looks so pretty. I agree its a bit pricey. WOuld look so nice on my makeup table tho


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