Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Sales Shopping - How To Get What You Want Without Loosing Your Mind

Hello lovely ladies.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are suitably fed and rested! Today being boxing day I know many of you will either be browsing the pick of the sales online, or for you very very brave souls, in shopping centers across the country. So, I thought I'd write a quick guide on how to get what you really need, and shortly after want, from this years sales without loosing a single hair.

Shopping Centers

Yes, it will be busy if your heading out in the next few days, but fear not, head up, eyes focused, time to go shopping!

Need / Want -

The sales can get a great time of getting things you really need, and I mean the toaster is on the fritz or the hoover is now actually blowing things out rather than sucking in, not I SIMPLY NEED THOSE KURT GEIGER BOOTS. Work out what it is that you really need, and whatever it is, find that first. I know it can be tempting to stop off at every table with a "NOW 50% OFF" sign but by getting what you really need first you'll have a better idea of how much cash you have left to spend on bits and pieces that you might not need as much!

I know how much need and want can get entangled so let me explain what I mean, before Christmas is a pretty expensive time of year, and if like me you've been lusting after something that although you don't need it, you really really want it. If this is the case, and you see it half off or so, it might be time to take the plunge!

Know What Shops To Look In.

When I go sale shopping I tend to restrict myself to just going in to my favourite shops and ones I know have good sales. It's easy to end up going in to shops that you would normally avoid because you know the sizing is funny or it's just plain not your style because they have large sale signs in the window, but really you'll find yourself wandering around getting more flustered, which leads me on to the next point..


If you feel yourself getting stressed, hot and bothered or generally fed up of getting elbowed on one side and getting a pointy bag in the ankle on the other side, or all of them. Stop. Stop, go get a coffee or tea or hot chocolate and find somewhere quiet outside and just relax until your feeling less stressed. Remember shopping should be fun, and if your still not having fun when you go back in, maybe it's time to head back home and call it a day!

Try It On / Make Sure It Fits.

This is something that no person wants to face. A long line for the changing rooms just to get in there and it be about 30 degrees and to add insult to injury it doesn't fit/ it's too short / frumpy. So, if possible, stick it on over your head to make sure that generally it fits, but if its something that you really have to try on, like jeans, take the bare minimum in with you, get it on as quickly as possible and leave before you end up melting!

Doesn't Fit / Not Sure You'll Ever Wear It?

PUT IT DOWN. There's no point buying something if you don't want it or it doesn't fit. The gold sequined slashed neck dress that's two sizes too small but oooh it's 70% off, so maybe ... NO! I am extremely strict with myself when it comes to buying clothes, as I don't have an income to buy something to wear it once, so, no matter how much it cost, I imagine how I would wear it and how many wears I think I'll be able to get out of it, and then if I can't imagine wearing it more than 5 times I put it down. No matter how cheap it is.


Another important point to make is stick to a budget. Those new boots will never loose there shine as fast as when your stuck eating plain rice for the rest of the month. So work out what you can spare and stick as close to it as you possibly can! I find a good tip to keep track of what your spending is that each time you leave the shop punch in what you've spent on your phone's calculator, so there's no "Oh my god how did I spend that extra £50!" when you get home.


If, like me, your festivities carry on in to boxing day then you might take your shopping online, and whilst its the less stressful of the two options it can still be pretty aggravating.

Go through your bookmarked favourite items.
If, like me, you have items bookmarked you'd give your left arm for, but just can't afford, this is a place to start. You never know what might just be in the sale now! But, if your unlucky, this leads nicely on to my next point...

Think about your favourite online shops.
ASOS, Feel Unique so on and so forth, most online shops will be having some sort of sale, so it's worth checking out what's now cheap and cheerful.

Again, Need.
Things that you need could be even cheaper online, so it's worth having a look, especially if you've already eyed up that kettle, as the only problem with online ordering is it may turn up and not be what you expected, so make sure your REALLY sure you like it before clicking confirm.

Again, Want.
If you are SURE you want them it can be a good way to get them, but depending on what your ordering. If it's clothes you want to know it fits, so generally how that shop usually fits is a good indicator, same again with shoes. If it's smellies such as bath goodies, perfume, candles and so on it's good to know you actually LIKE the smell. It's good to make SURE you like the item, because with items in the sales many websites will only offer exchange in store or an online credit, so you won't be able to get your money back (this depends on the shop, and some are better than others but when ordering sales items, make doubly sure you like them).

This is the real downside to online shopping. Shipping costs. With certain shops the savings can actually be out weighed by the shipping costs when ordering just the one thing. I always check what the P&P is before looking at the website, and if it's far too high I'll close the website down without looking around as I'll feel tempted to order more than I want or need to balance the savings against the shipping.

It's well known that on boxing day many popular online shops websites will be painfully slow, due to sheer amount of people logging on to check out the bargains. The only advice I can really give for this is persistence. If it's going really, really slowly, go and get a coffee and hopefully it will be done before you get back, or look around at other websites with slightly less traffic. Either way if it will usually eventually load, and if not then try again tomorrow! 

BUT above all, have fun!

So lovely ladies, what are you looking to snag in the sale?



  1. This post is brilliant; I am awful in sale season, but luckily this year I'm working through most of it so I can't get all caught up and spend £££ I don't have ;) x

  2. Fantastic post :) With the online sales I'd like to add that if you know what time it starts, a few minutes before the frenzy have all the items in your cart really to checkout. Nothing worse than adding stuff to your cart and then after you go through paypal it tells you they're sold out. ;)


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