Sunday, 16 December 2012

Sunday Shopping

Hello lovely ladies.

It's Sunday, so it's time for me to show you lovely lot what I've been buying this week.

One. Primark Snowman Jumper. 
I shamefully bought this off eBay for more than the retail price as they were all sold out in store as eBay sellers have been buying them up and selling them on. However, I love it! I actually ended up wearing this to the South West Bloggers Meet Up today, more on that tomorrow! 

Two. Pantene Aqua Light Masque.
 I picked this up in Poundland as I really liked this conditioner and I'm trying to make the Macadamia Masque I bought last as long as possible, will let you lovely ladies know how it is.

Three. Felt Candy Cane Decoration.
I picked this up from the Christmas market as I love the fact it's a bit too big to be a tree decoration, but Tuna loves biting it so I'm not sure it will make it to next Christmas.

Four. Yankee Tarts in Sparkling Snow & Candied Apple.
 I was in a small gift shop earlier in the week that sold Yankee and they had a few older, retired tarts so I couldn't resist picking them up. Sparkling Snow is a fresh scent, a bit like Clean Cotton & Candied Apple is a sugary sweet apple scent. 

So ladies, that's what I've been buying this week! How about you? Have you managed to finish your Christmas shopping yet?



  1. I love that snowman jumper!

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. I love the jumper, I don't have a Christmassy one x

  3. I LOVE that jumper, I was gutted that Primark had sold out everywhere!


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