Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Wednesday Wishlist - The Christmas Edition

Hello lovelies.

With 12 days until Christmas Eve (12 days until Christmas on the 12/12/12, ooh!) most of us have made a fair crack at some Christmas shopping, however if you did want to slip these under my Christmas tree I'm sure I wouldn't object! 

One. Large Yankee Candle in Crisp Apple Strudel. £18.95
This is a part of "A few of my favourite things" collection, and it was seldom available in the U.K, but the linked seller above has quite a few available. I adore apple scented candles, and the mixture of brown sugar sounds just delicious.

I've been wanting to try my hand at making a few things, but most of these things require a sewing machine! I wouldn't want to get a really pricey one to start with as I have no idea how I'd get one, but this one seems pretty fab and super cute! 

Three. Lush Soap in Angel's Delight. £2.95 / 100 g.
I bought a slab of Mr Punch earlier in the year that has nearly run out, and although I like Lush soap throughout the year I always think they exceed themselves at Christmas. Angel's Delight smells like jelly babies and is super bright and girly, I may actually have to pick myself some up before the after Christmas sales rush!

I adore L'Occitane hand creams, they are just fab and absorb really quickly and leave my hands feeling soft. I've spoken before about how much I love the Magical Leaves scent, and L'Occitane is on my "boxing day quick search of the sales online before returning to the festivities" list! 

So ladies, tell me what you'd like Father Christmas to leave under your Christmas tree? 



  1. I bet that candle smells amazing! x

  2. That candle sounds amazing x

  3. That candle IS amazing. I smelled it. I loved it. And I want some Lush soaps too!

    xo Ashley

  4. I have that sewing machine. I'm a fashion textiles student and it's perfect for basics. If you want to do free hand machine embroidery, zips or button holes I wouldn't recommend it as you can't swap the feet. It's a fab machine though, sometimes they have it £10 off! xx

  5. That Yankee candle must smell amazing, and I love Angel's Delight!


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