Thursday, 31 May 2012

Benefit Freebies With June Glamour

Hello ladies.

I think I've already mentioned this, but with June's Glamour there are a choice of three Benefit minis, That Gal primer, Bad Gal mascara or The Porefessional primer. They went on sale today, and I snapped one up quick sharp! When the last Benefit minis with Glamour became available I didn't notice until a week later, at which point they were all gone, or had already been pinched.

I opted to go for The Porefessional as I love this product and use it constantly, also as a bonus I am very nearly out of it, score! As an avid reader of Glamour I would have purchased this magazine anyway, so £2 for my favourite magazine & my favourite primer is a bargain!

The Porefessional is 7.5ml which is a pretty generous mini as the full size is 22ml. There is also a free Pantene sachet inside the magazine which is an extra bonus, I find these really handy for travelling as once your done you can bin it and not have to lug the rest back.

Are you ladies planning to pick up June's Glamour?


Wednesday, 30 May 2012

May Favourites

Hello ladies.

Another month has flown by! It's already the end on May! Here's the products I've been loving this month!

One. Moschino Cheap & Chic Hippy Fizz.
I've been loving this scent recently, really fresh and summery!

Two. Soap & Glory Dr Spot.
It was recommended this so I had high hopes for it, and it's met them all. I find I tend to get the odd big spot in the summer (hot weather is no friend of my skin!) and I dab a tiny bit on in the evening and all the redness is gone by the morning!

Three. Bourjois 1 Second Magic Nail Polish Remover.
I have used this every time I've changed my nail varnish this month, and I just love it. I used to leave my nail varnish on long past its best because as a fan of glitter nail varnish, taking it off means at least 15 minutes of scrubbing, with this, more like 2 minutes. Full review here.

Four. Benefit The Porefessional. 
This has been a true favourite for a while, but I have appreciated it all the more in the hot weather. This one is very nearly empty, but from tomorrow Glamour has fantastic freebies of Porefessional mini, That Gal mini or Bad Gal mini, so I will be picking up another tomorrow!

Five. Real Techniques Blush Brush.
I've used this every day since I bought it and it just gets more and more impressive. It picks up just the right amount of blush, applies evenly and feels like a soft fluffy towel! Full review here.

What have you ladies been loving this month?


Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Swindon Designer Outlet Haul

Hello ladies. 

Swindon Designer Outlet is discount shopping centre sat 10 minutes away from Swindon city centre. It's somewhere I have been aware of for years, after years of being dragged there to shop for discount housewares by my parents. When Ali & her mum invited me a long I was interested to see what I made of it through an adults eyes.

So, I was wrong, it's not a boring place to be dragged to at all, it's an amazing, pretty and clean shopping centre featuring 90 different shops with amazing bargains to be had. We hit up a lot of the shops, so here's the haul!

First up was The Body Shop. They have a strange system where you can't just buy one thing, it has to be two or more, but the reasoning is fantastic. As well as some of the stock being reduced by huge amounts, they also sell the normal range at the normal price, but when you buy 2 products you get 30% discount, 3 items 35%, 4 or more items gets you a whopping 40% discount. I picked up the Cranberry Joy Christmas shower gel for £2, a soft facial brush I'd had my eye on for a while for £3, and a tin of Hemp Balm for £1. Before discount my total was £6, after discount at 35% my total was £3.90. 

Ok, so it's probably a faux pas to show your bra on the internet (a faux bra perhaps?) but this was probably by best bargain of the day. Triumph has it's own store in the outlet, offering huge discounts. This bra was originally £32, but reduced by a huge £22.40 I paid just £9.60 for this bra. I personally hate paying a lot for bras, and will usually wait for a sale before paying out £16 to £35 for a bra! 

Next up is my favourite purchase of the day. I spotted the Cosmetic Company Store as we walked past, and decided to pop in, expecting to find a few tatty bottles of perfume and some tiny reductions on already expensive items. I was so wrong. So, so wrong. A full wall of MAC products, including items from the Wonder Woman, Disney Villains and Hello Kitty Collection. I decided on this blush, Miss Behave. It's a really sheer pink shimmer and super cute. It was reduced from £16.50 to £12.75. I would go back just to hit this shop up again!

 Next up was the Yankee outlet. As a self confessed Yankee Tart addict I was in heaven! I could of spent a lot of money! The lip balm was priced at £2.17 and after watching one on eBay go for around £4 I was pretty happy! Winter Wonderland & Christmas Cookie are old stock from the Christmas range, reduced to 62p each, which I am going to put away for next Christmas. Early Sunrise & Fruit Salad are from last years range and were priced at 88p each. Again another shop that I would happily make the trip just for!

 No outlet shopping day is complete without a trip to a Cadbury Factory Shop! I picked up a few bargains, 10 Cream Eggs for £2, Snow Balls for £1 & a 750 gram bag of Cadbury Mis-shapes (Cadbury favourites which aren't quite the right shape) for £2.99! Yum! 

If I had bought this all in regular shops by total spend would of been around £80, but I paid just £32.71! Total bargains and totally worth the trip!

Have you ladies found bargains in Outlets before? Is there any other Outlet centres I should visit?


Monday, 28 May 2012

Instagram Round Up

Hello ladies.

I haven't done an Instagram post in around 2 months! I decided to save up all the photos and show you them all at once, so here is what I've been up to recently (be warned, there is a few loads)

1. Yummy chocolate duck

2. Tea & cake with the boy

3. Finally bought magnetic letters for the fridge

4. Me playing mini golf with the boy for our anniversary

5. I love Yo! Sushi

6. Perfect kitsch bambi studs from Oliver Bonas

7. Finally tried macaroons, amazing!

8. Heart ring from Topshop

9. Crispy M&M's from an American food stall in Bristol

10. Amazingly fresh fruit salad

11. Going to pick up Tuna & bring him home

12. Tuna relaxing after coming home

13. I love post!

14. Tuna and his on going love affair with rattly mouse

15. Poundland knows what I need! Hungry Caterpillar plasters

16. Tiny Molton Brown sample from the charity shop for 25p

17. Post-it Facebook likes won from their Facebook page

18. Fair ground hook a duck

19. Me & Ali in the hall of mirrors

20. On the twirly whirly

21. Taking Tuna to the vets for the first time

22. Tokidoki Cactus Pup

23. Small charity shop haul

24. Cuddling a kitten that did not want to go too sleep

25. Kidrobot Dessert keyring 

26. Nibbler from Kidrobot

27. Minor mini figure attack! 

28. Tuna being cute!

29. Tuna has been so hot this weekend we had to point the only fan we had at him and boil to death ourselves.

30. Popped to the Zoo today & saw the lovely Meerkats :) 

So that's been my life! As always, if you fancy my username is jetley :)


Sunday, 27 May 2012

Kitten Capture Of The Week #2

Hello ladies. 

Is everyone enjoying this boiling weekend? Personally I really dislike the sun. I know, it sounds insane as we are lucky if we get 10 hot days a year in the U.K, but being extremely pale I burn through sunscreen and I fear it like people fear the dentist. I know if I see the sun, I will get burnt and spend days being uncomfortable! But any way, on to the kitten capture of the week!

Ok, so it's two captures, but taken in about 2 seconds of each other! Tuna loves to groom himself, I think he enjoys it more than most! With the hot weekend he has been grooming himself more than usual, finding a nice cool corner and having a good old lick! 

Hope you are all having a nice sun burn free weekend!


Thursday, 24 May 2012

Satsuma Body Shop Body Butter

Hello lovely ladies.

The Body Shop is a shop I've rarely given a moments thought in years. When I was little my step dad worked for the Body Shop warehouse in Littlehampton, and used to be able to bring home any product that wasn't packed properly, back then, that was a lot. And you know how if you eat the same thing for several days in a row you can't look at it for a week? That happened, but instead of weeks, it was years before I could look at the green shop front with anything but "Been there, tried that" followed by "I'm not paying X for something I've tried 100 times.

This was until I went in on a whim a while back and bought some soap, and they handed me a £10 off voucher to use over £25. As I didn't want £25 worth, I decided to spilt it with Ali. One of the things I picked up was a Satsuma Body Butter, being that it was always my favourite scent and I'm a self confessed hoarder of anything skin care.

I decided to opt for the small sized 50ml body butter as it was only £5 rather than the full sized which is £12. The packaging for this product is just spot on, it tells you which scent it is without actually reading it (They were hung in a basket and I just grabbed the orange one!).

The first thing that hit me when I twisted the lid off was the smell. Oh. My. GOD. It couldn't smell more like satsumas. It's almost like you've crushed a bunch of oranges in your hand. I couldn't of thought of a better smell!

As its designed for normal skin the consistency is thick but not as thick as other body butters from the Body Shop, more creamy that stiff. It absorbs really quickly in to the skin and leaves it feel really soft and, most importantly to me, smelling amazing.

The £5 50ml Body Butters are something I would repurchase, they are just enough to last long enough before I get bored of it and put it in the draw to be forgotten about it (I can't be the only one that does that)

As I have another £10 off voucher for next month, is there anything you ladies would recommend?


Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Wednesday Wants

Hello ladies.

I haven't done one of these for a while so I thought I'd show you all what's been getting my attention recently! 

I actually want the whole collection! Every thing that Paul & Joe make is so beautiful it's amazing! Although I already have far too many nail varnishes I think I would love to own this. The packaging is so very girly and that always appeals to me!

I had a look at this today, as I was looking for a new charm to get for getting Tuna. I wasn't sure about this one as it's black not black and white but the super surprised expression sold it to me! Tuna has the widest eyes I've ever seen. The problem with Thomas Sabo is that I always like the enamel ones, which usually start at around £35 and go up to £65 which is amazingly eye watering. This one sits at just shy of £50, I wish!

Ok, so, here's a little story. My boyfriend bought me one Lego Mini Figure a few months back, and that was that. Until last week, I was looking at it on my shelf, thinking it looked a little lonely. Fast forward a week, I now have 6... Ooops. This garden gnome is from an old series (there are 7 series of 16 figures) but it's still stocked in my local Entertainer, they sell for a lot more on eBay, and going for an unbelievable £6.99 on Amazon! Let the packet rustling begin! 

I love birds, and I personally think that blue tits are amongst the most attractive birds around. They are super detailed and I think they are just lovely!

So that's it! What have you ladies been lusting over recently?


Monday, 21 May 2012

Real Techniques Blush Brush Review

Hello ladies. 

Last week I was browsing Boots, not for any thing particular, but just for fun. I came across the Real Techniques brush range, as the first time I'd seen them in the flesh I was having a good look. The stippling brush has been all over blogger recently, and reaching the cult status that it was the best of the best. As I don't wear foundation (I know, it's an admission that seems a little faux pas as a beauty blogger!) I didn't have any need for it. But my eye was drawn to the blusher blush. I had needed a new one for ages (seriously, take a look at the pictures below!) but for £9.99 I left it, and thought I'd pick up a cheaper one later on.

Fast forward a couple of days, and you know how when you decide not to buy something, it's all you see? Well that happened! The second I left it, it was all over blogger! Every review was a rave, so I popped back to Boots & decided to take the £10 plunge, praying it was worth the money! So here's my review of it!

The brush comes in a neatly packed plastic box. The brush itself it's a metallic pink with a black tip & a badger brush. The brush was designed by Samantha Chapman, who is a pro make up artist and also a beauty blogger! I didn't know this before, her link can be found here

The first thing I noticed about this brush when I pulled it out of the box was how soft the bristles were. So, so so soft! They feel like soft velvet. The brush is also rounded, rather than a traditional slanted blush brush.

Ok, so here's the embarrassing part, this is my previous blush brush. An unbranded, ancient brush. I'm pretty sure this may have come in a "my first set of brushes". This old one literally feels like razor wire compared to the Real Techniques brush. Its something I always meant to replace but never really wanted to spend the money on, and when I tried I always seemed to come away with another nail varnish!

I decided to test the two brushes with my beloved Sleek Rose Gold blush to see how well they both picked up the blush.

First up, my old brush. I gave it a generous sweep of the box, but very little actually came off, and more was pushed out and around the box than was transferred on to the brush! I'd never realised this before, but I am wasting a huge amount of product every time I use this brush. It's also very unevenly spread around the bristles, which leaves an uneven spread when applied. 

Secondly the Real Techniques brush. I gave the same sweep around the box and this is how much more blush came away. Far less blush was lost whilst I was swirling, which will make my blusher last a lot longer, which is a total bonus I wasn't expecting when I bought this! The powder is so much more evenly spread as well, which makes it look a lot more natural! 

Overall I am already really pleased with the brush. It's a pleasure to use and I am glad I took the plunge! 

Available from larger Boots or online retailing at £9.99.

Have you ladies tried the Real Techniques Brushes? Do you rate them?


Sunday, 20 May 2012

Kitten Capture Of The Week #1

Hello ladies.

I can't believe its been just over a week since we bought Tuna home! Time flies when your running about with rattly mice! He's been finding his feet more and more and settling in well. He has his first vet appointment yesterday and he was very good! 

I've decided to just pick one photo a week to show you guys, rather than my first thought of "lets show them all!" because I would be here all night! 

Although he was initially unsure of the scratching post, he's now decided that it's his best friend. This picture was snapped during his first attack on it! I don't think any of the toys I've bought him will last very long!

Hope you ladies have had a lovely week!


Saturday, 19 May 2012

No7 Limited Edition Summer Collection Silver Glitter Top Coat

Hello lovely ladies. 

I popped in to town yesterday to pick up a couple of bits I needed. One thing that made it home with me even though it wasn't on the list was this No7 Summer Collection Silver Glitter Top Coat. I am supposed to be not buying any more nail varnish until the OPI Minnie Mouse Collection is released on June 1st, as I want about 3 of them, but at £11 a pop that's a hefty nail varnish bill, but after a quick swatch, it was too lovely! I can never resist a good glitter!

The new summer collection from No7 has seen a new design for the bottle and the packaging. The No7 nail varnish bottle is usually round and long, where as this bottle is short and square. It also features a pretty gold pattern on the lid.  

I wanted to swatch this on my nails, but after a month of wearing nail varnish every day my nails are looking a little worse for wear, so here it is, improvised!

The nail varnish has lots of large hexagons of silver glitter as well as a generous amount of small silver dots. As it's a top coat the base colour is clear. It was really lovely to apply, I usually find the No7 formula a little runny for my taste, but this is much thicker. The brush has also change in that it's short and flat rather than long and rounded.

This top coat is also available in gold, exclusively from Boots, retailing at £8, but it's that time of month again where the No7 £5 vouchers are making the rounds, so you can pick this glitter nail varnish up for just £3. 

Do you ladies like glitter nail varnish or prefer colour?


Thursday, 17 May 2012

Charity Shop Haul

Hello ladies. 

Today I popped to the charity shop with my Mum, and you know how you can never find anything in shops until one day when you find everything? Well that happened! 

I've recently been feeling a bit apathetic towards charity shops, rising prices have seen many people turning away after seeing one to many £8 Primark dress that's seen better days, and to be honest I can't blame them. Although this is still the case with many of the charity shops in my area, Barnardos remains the best charity shop by far, in price & in goods! So here's what I picked up.

1. Stripy Boden Jumper - £2.49
2. H! Henry Holland Dress - £2.99
3. Molton Brown Mini - 25p
4.Biotherm Mini - 25p

4 lovely things for £5.98! Charity shops, we are best mates again! 

Have you found any good bargains lately? Or £8 Primark dresses that have a suspicious stain on?


Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Maybelline Shine Sensation Popstick In Pink Lollipop

Evening ladies. 

Popsticks are a new release from Maybelline, as a spin on the ever popular Revlon Lip Butters. After a quick swatch in Boots of the new range. I opted for Pink Lollipop, so here it is!

The packaging, although similar to lip butter in the square box, differs slightly in the lack of quilting effect and the fluro high gloss outer box.

Here's where we loose all comparison to the lip butters. The Popstick is an opaque high glitter lip product. The glitter really appeals to my ultra girly side, in a "ooh look it's glittery!" way! I would describe it almost jelly like in it's consistency.

But your probably thinking that it looks a little bright for me, well, on to the swatches!

So, here's the thing about Popsticks, seeing is deceiving. The colours on the the boxes are no where close to the actual colour. The pigmentation is extremely low and you get almost none of the colour, but all of the shine. When I was swatching these on my hand I immediately went for the nude pink popstick, Pink Sugar, as I thought it would be my colour, but it came out almost exactly see - through. These have been pretty much panned by people who really love their lipsticks, and to be honest I'm not surprised. 

However, I do not love lipstick, I can't stand sticky on my lips. This lipstick is wonderful for me as it is ultra non sticky and feels very velvety, it almost feels exactly the same on my lips as lip balm, which for the self confessed lip balm addict, it's almost a perfect match for me! Oh, and did I mention it tastes like sweets?! Perfecto! 

Available in 5 different colours, Pink Sugar, Pink Lollipop, Cherry Pop, Citrus Slice & Crystal Sugar, from Boots or Superdrug.

Have you tried the Popsticks? Love them or not enough pigmentation for you?


Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Urban Decay Eye Shadow In Snatch

Hello lovely ladies. 

Last Friday I went for a little wander in town, which with me, always ends up with a good browse of the beauty counters in Debenhams. I found myself at the Urban Decay display, eyeing up the new range of eye shadows. After swatching a couple of them on my hand I inspected them, and my was instantly drawn to Snatch. But I convinced myself I didn't really need another eye shadow, particularly at £14 one, and left it. Fast forward to Saturday, I was putting my make up on, and couldn't get it out of my head. Eventually after a weekend of thinking about it, I took the plunge, so here it is!

Urban Decay are a brand that I've always loved the products I've had from them, but never really bought much from them. I think the reason for this the only Urban Decay stand I know is tucked away at side of Debenhams by the eyebrow threading counter. I know when The Naked / The Naked 2 came out everyone and their sister was blogging about it, and I did really want one. But I couldn't decide if I actually really liked it or just wanted it because everyone had it. Although I'd be super pleased if someone gave it to me as a gift, I've now come to the conclusion I don't want it enough to spend out for it, as I've had a previous palette from them and only used two of the colours, and would much prefer one eye shadow I really like, in this case Snatch! 

The eye shadows have also undergone quite the make over recently, with the release of 68 shades. Some of them are new, but mostly it's the older colours with a new formula. I've put it next to an older one to compare.

As you can see, they have made several changes. The new box is glossy plastic, where as the old one is matte, the font has also changed to a more swirly font, rather than the previous bold font. A bonus change is that the weight has gone up by 0.1, now I know that it's not much of a weight increase, but it will do! 

But by far the biggest change is that the new eye shadows can be popped out of the box, and put in a 6 place palette you can buy from them, as you can do with MAC. Although I was initially excited about this idea, especially as the palette was £14 and came with a Perfectly Nude eye shadow, I was incredibly put off as I really didn't like the design. It felt like a cheap biscuit tin and looked really tacky, which was a shame as I enjoyed the idea! You can view the palette here.

But although they have changed several aspects of the eye shadows, it still remains that Urban Decay products are all PETA Approved Cruelty Free, which is always a plus in my book!

On to the all important, why I spent £14 on an eye shadow, swatch!

This shadow was so difficult to photograph! It's a gorgeous nude pink colour, but what I couldn't quite capture was the flecks of gold glitter in the shadow. It's an amazing colour and it's easy to apply. The colour is highly pigmented so a little goes a long way! 

Do you ladies like Urban Decay eye shadows or any other of their products? If so which do you recommend?

Monday, 14 May 2012

Free Mini Chanel Lip Gloss

Hello ladies. 

I came across this freebie yesterday and went to pick it up today, and I think it's too good not to share!

A free mini Chanel lip gloss! It's 3 grams but a good mini, by that I mean they've just made it smaller and kept the packaging rather than putting it in a cheaper vessel like a small plastic pouch. 

Only available in one colour, 166 Amour, it's a pretty sparkly pink colour. As someone who isn't a massive fan of lip gloss I thought I'd give it to my Mum, but after a quick try, I love it! It's really silky and smooth rather than sticky! Sorry Mum, it's mine!

To get the free lip gloss, all you need to do is print this voucher, and take it to your nearest Chanel counter, usually found in Debenhams or House Of Fraser, but also in Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and larger Boots. No end date printed on the voucher but it would be safe to say they will probably go quick!

Who here loves a good freebie? I know I do!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Introducing Tuna, A Very Tiny Kitten

Hello ladies. 

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you may of seen my utter cat spam all of last night. Yesterday I finally got to take home my gorgeous new kitten, Tuna, a tiny 8 week old boy. I'd known for weeks, 6 weeks in fact! A friend of my sisters cat had a litter of kittens and my sister showed me the pictures, and that was it, I was round to see them! I decided to keep it quiet on the blog in case something went wrong, but it all went to plan so here he is!

 I am utterly kitten smitten! I've taken hundreds of photos already but I decided to narrow it down to just a few.

1. Such a poser!

2. He's very interested in my boyfriends work boots!

3. Lovely fishy dinner in his Hing fish bowl.

4. Having a good chew on a knitted doughnut I bought him earlier in the week.

I am so smitten it is unbelievable. I have wanted a cat my whole life, and breifly when I was child we had a very old cat my Mums friend had to leave with us when she moved called Treacle, so I've never had a kitten. I keep being surprised by how small he is! I've only really seen cats when they are fully grown! It is time to unleash my inner cat lady!

Do you ladies have pets? Do you want to hear more about tiny Tuna?


P.S this is how small he was at 2 weeks old when we went to see him!