Friday, 30 November 2012

November Favourites

Hello lovelies.

I am so excited for November to be over & I'm so glad it's the last day before I can rip open the first door of my little advent calendar! However, it is still, just, November, so on to the favourites! 

A bit of a random mix, but I love each of them.

One. MAC Angel.
Original review here, but this lipstick has finally helped me understand what all the fuss around MAC lipsticks is! I personally can't stand sticky lip stick and this is so smooth and I forget it's there which is a mega bonus to me! It's a lovely soft pink so it's not too out there, would be ideal if you wanted to try one but like me aren't feeling brave enough for some of the more shocking colours.

Two. Paul & Joe A Mid Summers Nights Blusher in Nymph.
Original review here. This looks like such a vivid colour but it actually comes off as a very soft pink with lots of sparkle. I know its supposed to be a summer blusher but I think it's nice for any time of the year! Plus every time I use it I feel fancy!

Three. Dr Jart+ BB Cream.
I got a couple of sachets of this from Dr Jarts Facebook, and I didn't think I'd love it as much as I do. It's absolutely fantastic. Personally I can't stand the feeling of something on my face, and find foundation far far to heavy, and all other BB creams I've used have felt to sticky. This however feels like water, and gives a really lovely, buildable coverage, and I will absolutely buy the full sized, but it doesn't come cheap, at around £23, but it's just that good! 

Four. Tangle Teezer.
I forget how much I love this hair brush as it's the only one of my dressing table, but when I was house sitting at the beginning of the month I forgot it and had to use a normal hair brush after washing my hair, and oh my god, it hurt so bad it nearly made me cry! The Tangle Teezer really does just glide through the hair without pulling. It's slightly pricey at £10.25 but to me its worth every penny.

So that's what I'm loving at the moment, how about you lovely lot?


Thursday, 29 November 2012

November Empties

Hello lovely ladies!

It's very nearly the end of November, which I couldn't be more pleased about as come Saturday I can put up the tree and start fully getting in to the festive swing of things! So, on to the empties.

Not as many as previous months, but still a fairly over flowing bag!

Face Masks.

One. Montagne Jennesse Glacial Clay Spa.
I've been trying to use up a couple of bits that have been sitting in my cupboard for age, so I've used more masks than normal! I really like the Glacial Clay Spa mask as its a fabric mask and I find these less fiddly and messy. Leaves my skin lovely and soft & I've repurchased this one several times. 

Two. Montagne Jennesse Passion Peel.
I have to say I hate masks that peel off, mostly because I have no patience and waiting for it to dry enough to take off drives me batty! Nice enough feeling but I doubt I'd repurchase as I can't be doing with the faff!

Three. Essence My Skin Deeply Moisturizing Paper Mask. 
Again, really liked this one as its nice and faff free, but I think this would be best to use on a warm summers night as it's super cooling so it made me feel a bit frozen! I'd probably repurchase in summer.


Four. Snow Fairy Shower Gel.
So, I've been on a bit of a Lush binge this month! And, of course, I had to have a bottle of Snow Fairy the second it hit the shelves. I love this shower gel, smells of pear drops and candyfloss and has a light glitter to it, nothing gets me feel festive in the morning quite like Snow Fairy. I've already bought another bottle which should last me most of December and I'll probably try and pick up a medium bottle in the sale. I know a lot of people want it all year round but I prefer having it in the last months of the year.

Five. The Olive Branch Shower Gel.
I didn't expect to like this as I tend to automatically dislike olive scented this, but this was actually really pleasant. Only problem with it is it's slightly watery, much more so than other Lush shower gels, so I went through it much faster than I normally would. I don't know I'd repurchase it but it was nice to try. 

Six. Bubblegum Lip Scrub.
I love this product. I was always skeptical about lip scrubs and thought I'd never use it, but I did. In fact, I used it every night and still only managed to make a little dent in it, however it started to dry up and it lost its colour as it got closer to its expiry date, so I thought I'd be clever and use it as an impromptu body scrub. Which it kind of worked as, however the bubble gum smell washed away the second it hit the water and left the scrub smelling of what can only be described as ash trays. It was so bad that when I got out of the shower and dried off I had to get back in and scrub the smell away! So, to some up, brilliant as a lip scrub, awful as a body scrub! I'm going to repurchase a lip scrub, but possibly go for another flavour, I just wish they sold them in smaller pots as I doubt I'll finish my second! 

Seven. Cinder Bath Bomb.
I love the scent of this bath bomb, but I hate the colour, it's yellow, and therefore kind of looks like wee once its dissolved. It's cheap and cheerful but I just wish it was a different colour! I usually have one a year and then remember why I don't want to get in! 

Eight. The Melting Snow Man Bath Melt.
Original review here, I love that little guy! He has the cutest little face, and smells spicy and warm and leaves my skin feeling lovely and soft, as well as being the cheapest of the range. He's an all round winner for me, and I wish I had a bath at home because I'd deffo repurchase several!

Nine. Retro Lush Magic Bath Bomb.
Original review here, this was a nice bath bomb, but not nice enough for the price (£4.20 each plus £4 shipping) so I wouldn't repurchase, but fun to give a go. 

Shower Gel. 

Ten. Original Source Lavender & Tea Tree Shower Gels. 
I picked this up on a whim from Poundland, and it's a lovely scent, very similar to the new Lush Twilight Shower Gel (or any lavender scented shower gel, it's such a strong smell there's nothing much you can do with it) It's lovely but the only problem with it is it makes me feel dead sleepy, which isn't ideal in the morning! Lovely for using at bed time, not so good for morning. I'd repurchase other original source shower gels but maybe not this one.

Shampoo & Conditioner.

Eleven. Boots Provitamin Classic Care Shampoo.
This is Boots version of Pantene Pro-V and to be honestly it's fairly close, doesn't feel quite as nice or smell quite as good but it's about £1.30 for 400mls as apposed to Pantene at anywhere between £2 and £4, so it's a more purse friendly choice. I'd probably repurchase but as I haven't found my perfect shampoo yet I'm still trying out new ones.

Twelve. Vo5 Revive Me Daily Conditioner.
Another Poundland whim purchase, but I couldn't be happier I stuck it in. It's about the most perfect conditioner I've ever used! It leaves my hair feeling soft and healthy without weighing it down, and it's a regular feature in Poundland (for a 250ml bottle) so it's really purse friendly. I've already repurchased and I'm planning to go down and pick up several bottles to stick in the cupboard in case it ends up going out of stock in Poundland! 

Thirteen. Aussie Mega Instant Conditioner.
I love Aussie, but this claims to volumise hair, and it doesn't. Its nice enough but it did nothing for my hair, and at nearly £5 a bottle I doubt I'd repurchase. 


Fourteen. The Body Shop Dreams Unlimited Perfume. 
I've had this for a while so I thought I'd try and finish it up. It's a nice enough smell, but nothing special, and doesn't last very well on the skin. Nice but not nice enough I guess. I wouldn't repurchase. 

Make Up Removers / Cotton Pads.

Fifteen. Iseree Soft Cotton Pads.
Iseree is the Lidl in store make up & body care range, and to be honest most of it is pretty fab. I couldn't recommend these cotton pads enough, they are double sided, one soft one textured which is great, and most importantly they are cheap. Really cheap. 120 will set you back just 45p, rather than similar pads from Boots or Superdrug that can be anywhere as much as £2. I've already picked up a couple more of these and stuck them away. 

Sixteen. No7 Cleanse & Care Eye Make Up Remover. 
This used to be my go to make up remover, and would buy a bottle every time the No7 vouchers came around. But since I've switched to Bioderma this just feels like rubbing oil in to eyes! I actually found it really hard to finish up and I'm glad its gone! I deffo wouldn't repurchase. 


Seventeen. Decleor Aroma Cleanse. 
I'm not really sure what to say about this as it's such a tiny little tube I didn't really get to test it properly, but I'll give it a go. It's a nice enough creamy cleanser with a very soft scent, however a full sized one would set you back around £13 which I think is a lot for what it is. I wouldn't purchase the full sized mostly down to the price. 

Eighteen. Burts Bees Radiance Facial Cleanser.
I usually can't speak highly enough of Burts Bees. However, this, this product is one of the worst I've used this year! It's awful. Watery, and the smells is this awful mix of plastic and Cif lemon cleaner. Absolutely wouldn't repurchase!


Twenty. Nivea Express Hydration Primer. 
I know this is getting raved about, but I just don't get it. There was enough in the sachets for 2 uses, and both times I found as I rubbed it in it flaked off, so I really wouldn't purchase the full sized! 

Twenty One. Philosophy Mircodelivery Exfoliating Facial Wash.
I loved this, it's scrubby without being painful and smelt lovely and fresh. I would love to purchase the full sized product but as Philosophy is very pricey it will have to wait! 

Twenty Two. Clarins Hydra Matte Lotion. 
This is one of those samples that looks much bigger than it actually is! I only managed one go from it but it felt nice enough, absorbed quickly and left me shine free, I'd like to try a larger sample of this so I could give it a proper go.

So that's what I've finished this month, how about you ladies?


Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Yankee Tarts - My Pick Of The Christmas Scents

Hello lovely ladies.

It's no secret I am a massive Yankee candle fan. Love them, can't get enough of them. But my favourite scents have to havvveee to be the Christmas scents. There's something about the "smell" of Christmas that evokes some really lovely memories of Christmases gone. 

I've decided to do a collection of tarts as these are the most cost effective way of trying lots of different scents, but to burn the you will need a tart burner or an oil burner with a deep dish as well as some cheap unscented tea lights (I buy mine from Morrisons for £1.75 for 50) but once you have those two you'll be able to try lots of Yankee scents for £1.25 each, and each one lasts up to 8 hours.

So, these are my favourites from this year, and a couple from past years that you can still get hold of now. 

This Year. 

Snow In Love
This scent is probably for those who usually don't like Christmas scents, as it's quite an unusual one! It's powdery fresh scent that reminds me of Clean Cotton with a twist, so if cinnamon isn't your thing this is a bit more subtle!

Sugared Apple.
This is probably my favourite new scent this year, I love apple scents, but Sugared Apple has a subtle vanilla scent, so it's not as crisp as a summer or autumn apple scent. It reminds me of making the filling for an apple pie. 
Red Apple Wreath.
To me, this is the smell of Christmas. With notes of red apple, cinnamon, maple and walnut it reminds me of every Christmas of my childhood. I liked this scent so much I actually bought it as a candle. If your looking for a super festive scent, this one is a good bet! 

Spiced Orange. 
If you prefer a zesty Christmas scent, this one is fab! With orange, ginger and clove notes this is a really spicy scent, so if that's not your thing this might be one to miss! 

Years Gone By:

Sparkling Cinnamon. 
To like this one, like me, you have to love cinnamon. It's almost entirely cinnamon scented, however if you really inhale you have pick up a hint of clove. This one is nice to burn for half an hour bursts, rather than for as long as the tea light holds out, as it can become a bit too much after a while. I believe this was from last year so it should be quite easy to get hold of, if not you can get it here on eBay.

Happy Christmas.
This is one of the sweeter Christmas scents, think a sugary berry punch, with an interesting mix of pine needles. This is one of the more original Christmas scents, and worth giving a sniff if you see it, but if not it's available on eBay here.

Mandarin Cranberry.
This is also from last year, so it should be fairly easy to find. I just adore this scent, it's an amazing mix of berries and zest, which balance out in to a nice sweet scent, without being too zesty or too sickly. Another one I liked so much I have it as a large candle.

So those are my picks! Are there any you ladies would recommend? Are you a fan of Christmas fragrances or do you prefer the lighter S/S scents?


P.S I realise I post about Yankees a lot, on here and on Instagram, and I thought I'd share with you the true extent on my addiction... 

Yep, I have a problem... Oops!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Korres Lip Butter In Pomegranate

Hello lovely ladies. 

Korres aren't a brand I'm particularly familiar with, but I've seen plastered all over the blogosphere, with people raving an raving about this product and that product, but one product in particular caught my eye, the Lip Butters. So when I spotted it at a 1/3 off, I snapped it up!

The lip butters come in sweet little cardboard boxes that slide to the side to reveal the lip butter. The packaging is nice however its not quite as bright or a girly as I tend to look for in packaging, but I guess its whats inside that counts. Lip butters have sprung up all over the place in the last year but this one, according to the box, firmly sits in the lip balm category rather than a soft lipstick, and is packed with goodies for keeping lips soft such as shea butter and rice wax.

Once you twist the lid you reveal a rather vibrant looking lip butter in a little plastic pot. The shade looks rather daunting at first, but once it's swatched...

The colour pay off is good, but no where near as vibrant, more colour than a tinted lip balm but not quite as much as other lip butters on the market. I really like the colour, it gives a subtle sheen on the lips without excess colour.

However, one little niggle with this product, the flavour. Or rather, the lack of one. When I picked this up I assumed pomegranate referred to the flavour, but it doesn't, it refers to the colour. The lip butter has the awful artificial taste to it, mixed with a twinge of shea butter (which I personally dislike, a lot) mixed in. I'm not saying that ALL lip products need a flavour, but I personally prefer my lip balms to taste of something yummy OR nothing at all. I find it really hard to have to have a plastic-y one sitting on my lips and not wipe it off. 

I know a lot of people rave about these, and I guess if the flavour doesn't bother you then it's a nice product, and I'll chuck it in my bag but I doubt it's a product I'll reach for regularly. I'd like to try other bits from Korres but I'm worried it will be disappointing now, so if you have any recommendations let me know!

However, if you do fancy giving this, or any thing else from the Korres range, it's currently 1/3rd off in Waitrose, making this £4.66.

So ladies, have you tried the Lip Butters? Did you dislike the flavour or am I being a big wuss?! 


Sunday, 25 November 2012

Sunday Shopping

Hello lovely ladies. 

So, today marks 30 days until Christmas day! 30 days seems like a long time but I find the Christmas run up tends to fly by in a blur of wrapping and mince pies! So, this week I have a rather festive purchase to show you all. 

A doggie bauble! I've always loved sausage dogs and when I spotted this cute paper bauble in House of Fraser I was smitten, but I turned the tag over and saw it cost £4.50, so I put it down and began walking away until I realised it was in a big bucket marked 50% off, making it £2.25, so I snapped it up. 

So, next Saturday marks one of my favourite Christmas traditions, Christmas tree day! I love putting up the tree and all the little decorations I've collected over the last couple of years, nothing gets me more in the festive spirit.

So ladies, when you put up your tree? Are you a December 1st, mid December, or just a few days before the big day kind of girl?


Thursday, 22 November 2012

L'Occitane Magical Leaves Perfume

Hello lovely ladies. 

Last weekend me & the boy headed to the posher end of Bristol to do some Christmas shopping (Clifton and Park St if you know Bristol) and I couldn't resist a little nosey at the new L'Occitane Christmas range. 

This year, there is two new scents for Christmas. Marvelous Flowers and Magical Leaves. When I went in I already had it in my mind that I would like Marvelous Flowers, which I did, nice enough but not special enough to make me reach for my purse. As a second thought, I decided to give Magical Leaves a sniff as I was leaving. And that was it, I was in love. Cue standing for 15 minutes smelling the whole range, from shower gels to soaps, even though they all smell the same! 

As well as shower gels and hand creams, they also do a handbag perfume, and whilst I know handbag perfumes have a love / hate reputation, but personally I really like having one, as I usually only have one "big" bottle of perfume, which I don't want to lug around in my handbag. 

As you can see, it's a stick perfume. The perfume itself is described by L'Occitane as "Combining sparkling notes of verbena with warm hazelnut and sensual vanilla" but to be honest, I'm not great at describing perfumes, however this one is simple, basically it just smells of lemon grass! It's a really crispy, fresh, zesty scent, which is quite different to most Christmas scents, which tend to be either really sweet or musky. 

My favourite thing about this perfume stick is that unlike the Marvelous Flowers perfume, it's a spray top, rather than a roller ball. It's not that I don't like the roller balls, but it can be a bit of a faff especially in winter as my neck and wrists are covered with scarfs and knitwear! 

The Magical Leaves Eau De Toilette Spray costs £14.50 for 10mls, which is quite pricey, however I managed to snap mine up on eBay for £6.80 plus postage. It seems to be an in store only item, as I can't find it on the website. However they have the rest of the range online here, and if Santa wanted to stick any more Magical Leaves in my stocking, I wouldn't mind at all!

So ladies, have you smelt the L'Occitane Christmas range? Are you a Marvelous Flowers girl or a Magical Leaves fan?


Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Wednesday Wishlist

Hello lovely ladies.

As most of my money is being focused on getting all the Christmas presents sorted, it's leaving me with a rather large wishlist, but I thought I'd share with you the ones I just can't stop thinking about! 

One. NARS Edie Gift Set - £54.00.
This gift set is just perfection. Usually when I look at make up sets I find there's usually a dud item that I'd never use, this set however I would truly love every single item. This set contains Film Star Pure Matte Lipstick, Edie Eyeshadow, Carpates Eyeliner Stylo, Deep Throat and Amour mini Blush Duo all wrapped up in a lovely film canister. However, there's just one, teeny tiny, problem. The price. At £54 it's an awful lot of money, and my dream of a magic money tree just isn't coming true so this one will have to sit firmly on my wishlist. However, Santa I've been ever so good... 

I love dinosaurs. I truly do. When I was younger Walking With Dinosaurs was probably my favourite thing on TV (which I now own on DVD) and this is my perfect, PERFECT Christmas jumper. However, again, it's eye-wateringly expensive. I'm hoping and praying this goes in to the sale before Christmas! 

Three. Panda Rubber Stamp - £5.10.
I've started making my own Birthday cards, and this stamp would just look fab! However as I've already made the card for the only Birthday I have coming up this side of Christmas I'll probably wait until January to give this a sneaky order.

Four. Hurraw Earl Grey Lip Balm - £3.45.
I am a true lip balm addict. And even though I have probably 15+ lying around the house I just love the sound of this one! Earl Grey tea is up there as one of my all time favourite smells and tastes and if I could justify buying another lip balm, this would be it! 

So ladies, what are you lusting after this week?


Monday, 19 November 2012

Paul & Joe Blusher In Nymph

Hello lovely ladies. 

For as long as I can remember I have lusted after Paul & Joe's make up, cute packaging and a stunning range of colours and well as often running a cat theme? Sounds like the perfect make up for me. When I first heard about the summer range I lusted after it, it was all so stunning, but after a long, long time of thinking about it, I decided I just couldn't live without, the blush in Nymph. 

The blush comes in a small green compact with (sorry its so hard to see, curse this winter lighting!) a very sweet floral design on the top & a handy mirror inside.

The pretty doesn't stop once you open it either! I don't know about you but I am such a sucker for a pretty design imprinted in a blusher! In the pan it's a vivid hot pink, which is a fair bit brighter than something I would usually go for, however..

Once it's swatched it comes off much paler, a softer baby pink with lots of sparkle. I know this is technically a summer blush (This is part of the A Mid -Summers Night Dream collection) but I think because of the glitter content it's perfect for the Christmas party season. It's a stunning blush and looks super cute in my Muji draws! 

If you fancied browsing this blush and the other two colours, it's available for £15 on ASOS here.

So ladies, do you own any Paul & Joe make up? If so what would you recommend? 

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Sunday Shopping

Hello lovely ladies.

With Christmas fast approaching I'm not finding a whole lot of disposal income, as most of it is going on trying to finish up gift buying! However, one little treat can't hurt right?

In true cat lady fashion, kitty slippers! I saw these in Topshop a few weeks a go and tried to justify why I didn't need them, even though my Primark slippers are looking a little worse for wear. But they've been playing on my mind A LOT so here they are! They were a slightly eye watering £14 but KITTIES! P.S sorry for the Instagram snap, but I couldn't wait to wear them! 

If you fancy them you can buy them in store or online here, and if you order online & quote " 3MILLIONKISSES " you can get a free Topshop lipstick, it doesn't say which one but hey free is free! (which they are giving away for 3 million Facebook likes)

So ladies, have you bought yourself anything nice this week or are you also feeling the Christmas squeeze?


Friday, 16 November 2012

Christmas On A Budget: Gifts £10 And Under For Boys

Hello lovely ladies.

I was going to save this post for next week, but yesterday I posted my £10 and under gifts for girls, and a few of you lovely lot commented saying that you wanted to see my picks for boys, because lets face it, boys are difficult! Give me 20 minutes and I could pick out lots and lots of gifts for the girls in my life, but the boys, it's more like 10 hours in town pulling my hair out and still coming home empty handed! However, when I sat down to write this post I suddenly had a whoosh of inspiration, so here's my top picks under a tenner for the tricky, tricky boys! 

(ALL images from corresponding websites)

I've found in the past that a nice hip flask goes down extremely well with men folk. Although its something they might not use a lot, it's a nice thing to have and if you wanted to, you could always get it engraved which you can do in Timpsons, as well as other shops, for around £10 but there is also a 15% off code on Vouchercloud at the moment, which adds a really nice personal touch.

If the men in your life are anything like mine, beautiful nature pictures are always a winner. We always get calendars at Christmas and this one is quite unisex, but I think it would be a winner with the men, especially if they read National Geographic! 

I've personally read this book, as well as most of the other Karl Pilkington Books, and I have to say this one of the funniest things I've read in a long time! It's fabulously funny, and there is also exclusive pictures of Karl's Travels (this book covers the first series on An Idiot Abroad) which you see him snapping on this digital camera in the show, as well as illustrations which are just fantastic. Plus at under a fiver with free delivery its a really purse friendly buy, just try not to snatch it too quickly!  

I think these would make a fab stocking filler for just about any man! Lego has been the top selling toy since it first hit the shelves back in 1958, so there's a good bet they will of played with Lego at some point. Even with postage (this is a UK based Etsy store) it comes in at just under £5.50, so again its nice and purse friendly.

Five. Moustache Mug - £9.00.
This would be a brilliant gift for anyone that's taking part in Movember and might be slightly missing the whiskers come December (If they've decided to shave it off!). Funny mugs are probably one gift that's a safe bet!

Six. Lush Cool Christmas - £8.25. 
Ok, lets be frank, Lush is a girllllllyyyy shop. Most gift sets contain something pink, or that smells of sweets, or to be honest, probably both. However Cool Christmas is a shiny blue box filled with blue things! The two items in Cool Christmas are Snowglobe soap, which smells of Lemongrass, and Whoosh Shower Jelly, which smells quite citrusy. Probably a good gift for any beauty bloggers boyfriend who wants to know what all the fuss around Lush is!

So ladies, those are my picks for men. But tell me I'm not the only one struggling with picking gifts for the men in my life?!


Thursday, 15 November 2012

Christmas On A Budget: Gifts For Girls £10 Or Under

Hello lovelies.

It's probably quite evident that in my house, Christmas is truly coming, and I'm making good head way with my gift shopping. But this year I'm finding it harder and harder to bring it in on budget, as many gifts now seem to start at £15 and go up to any crazy amount of money. But, being a determined lady, here's some lovely bits for £10 an under. 

(ALL images from corresponding websites)

This lovely mug features one of the iconic Orla Kiely prints on a pretty mug. I have to say I'm a sucker for pretty mugs but this one would make a lovely gift!

Most ladies I know would be pleased to see a pretty wash bag under the Christmas tree, and this one, with its lovely rose print is sure to look nice on the dressing table or in a handbag.

Three. Models Own Glitter Trio. £8.00.
A lovely mix and match trio, plus lots of lovely sparkle for Christmas day. A good bet for a nail varnish addict!

Four. Tatty Devine Cat Ring. £9.00.
Truly showing my inner cat lady but I think this ring is just adorable. Although its quite small and comes in at just under £10 the old saying "good things come in small packages" probably applies here quite nicely!

Another small but super cute gift. This filled mug candle comes in the pink heart design, and the best bit? When the candle is does there's no need for it to head to the recycling, just empty it out and they've got themselves a pretty espresso cup.

This little Lush set comes with a 100g Ponche Shower Gel (which is meant to smell of tequila but to me smells like a zesty mango) and a Sandy Santa, perfect for softening up winter skin. It's a perfect Lush gift for someone who either doesn't like baths, or like me doesn't own one! 

So, those are my picks for the ladies. I'm planning to do one for men but I find buying men presents super difficult at the best of times, especially for under a tenner!

So lovelies, is it just me that's finding it really difficult to bring Christmas in on budget?


Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Barry M Amethyst Glitter

Hello lovely ladies. 

I had to pop out to my local high street today, and ended up having a bit of a browse in Superdrug, even though I said to myself a hundred times before going in "I just need shampoo, I just need shampoo I JUST NEED SHAMPOO" but of course, that just wasn't to be. I was just about to peel myself away from make up aisle, I spotted the Barry M's, in shades I hadn't seen before. I could honestly of had them all, but I managed to talk myself down off a financial disaster and just pick one up, Amethyst Glitter. 

Amethyst Glitter is one of the glitter Barry M's, with loads of colours packed in to one nail varnish, but predominantly purple, turquoise, red and gold. It was such a different blend of colours I just had to have it. 

I applied one coat to a nail wheel as I think this nail varnish would look best as a top coat. The glitter is quite small, and pretty even in size. I think this would look amazing layered over black nail varnish (note to self - pick up some black nail varnish!).

Have you ladies tried any of the new Barry M's? What shades would you recommend? 


Monday, 12 November 2012

CLOSED Christmas Giveaway! Have YOURSELF A Very Merry Christmas


Hello lovely ladies.

Today marks 6 weeks until Christmas Eve! Yep, it's certainly on it's way now, and as Christmas is a time for giving, I thought I'd hold a giveaway for you lovely lot, as I'm grateful to every single person that reads my little blog! So, what could you win?

I've tried to go for a pampering / glamorizing giveaway, as I know the run up to Christmas can be stressful, but we still all want to look our best! So, here's a closer look at the prize.

Kinder Chocolate Minis. Well, what's Christmas without indulging your sweet tooth a little?

Lush Ceirdwen's Cauldron Luxury Bath Melt. Brilliant for helping combat dry winter skin, plus it smells divine.

Sleek i-Divine PPQ Shangri-La Supreme Palette. A fab palette of eye shadows, perfect for mixing it up for Christmas parties. 

3 lovely nail varnishes in Barry M - Gold Glitter, Nails Inc in Elizabeth Street and American Apparel in Peacock. A different colour for every mood!

Two MUA Lipsticks in shades Nectar & Bare. Perfect for keeping in your handbag and applying whilst running to a Christmas party.

Yankee Votive in Red Apple Wreath. This is a personal favourite of mine, to me this is the smell of Christmas in candle form.

MUA Mosaic Blush in shade 3, English Rose. A really lovely pink blush, I want one for me now! 

Plus a pretty up cycled beauty box to send it all in! 

So, that's my giveaway prizes, now on to the boring rules bit, but please give them a quick scan:

Sorry my international ladies, but this is only open to UK residents.
Any giveaway bot entries will be discounted. 
No alternative prizes or cash will be offer. 
One person will win the entire giveaway.
Giveaway will be open until the 3rd of December to make sure I have enough time to get it out to you before Christmas! 

I've put together a Rafflecopter giveaway below, so good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway