Tuesday, 29 January 2013

50 Facts About Me Tag

Hello lovelies. 

I've seen a few of these posts recently, and I've really enjoyed reading them, so I thought I'd do my own. I can honestly say I struggled to reach 50, I need to get out more! 

1) I've lived all over the place, including Brighton, Manchester, Liverpool, London, but no where compares to Bristol, it's the perfect city for me. 

2) I'm a bit of a fashion-phobe, and I don't tend to "get" trends, for example studs. Don't get them. 

3) I'm a life long vegetarian, and the only meat I've ever sampled is chicken. 

4) Although I'm a veggie I seldom get along with fake meat, I just can't stand the texture. 

5) I've been dyeing my hair for so long I'm not quite sure what it's natural colour is, I think it's brown!

6) I'm quite cynical, and have a hard time believing in things like Bigfoot or anything of that genre.

7) I'm a little bit obsessed with animals, and it really surprises me that some people don't, it's so important to me it would be a deal breaker in a relationship.

8) I'm not a particularly confident person & can be quite shy.

9) I need glasses to see, an being totally honest the fake glasses trend has be baffled. 

10) I hate clubs, hate them. I don't like the music, the drunk people, the price of a single vodka, etc, etc. 

11) This picture made me laugh for 15 minutes solid, to the point of tears. I printed it out & stuck it on my fridge, and every time I see it I have a giggle. No, I don't know why.

12) Speaking of which, I have actually read all of Lord Of The Rings, several times. I also adore the films. 

13) Rather embarrassingly, until last year, I thought Narwhals were mythical creatures. I think I'd lumped them in with unicorns! 

14) I have two siblings, a 16 year old sister & a baby brother who is just 2 months old. 

15) Tuna was actually named years a go, after my boyfriend making a sandwich & me making a comment that Tuna sounded like a name for a cat, not a fish.

16) I've been with my boyfriend for 7 years. 

17) I've smashed my chin open, twice, once from being spun around on an office chair & falling on to a marble floor, the second time was from playing red rover & falling on a thick skirting board. 

18) I've been to New York with my bestie, Ali, and it was the best holiday I've ever been on. If you ever get the chance to go, grab it with both hands.

19) I wish I had naturally curly hair, as I love how it looks but I am very lazy with my hair. 

20) I actually own very little make up, as I'm very picky, however everything I own gets used & anything I fall out of love with is either sold or given away. 

21) 99% of my clothes have either animals or flowers on. Or both. 

22) I don't like wine, I like beer. 

23) When I was little I swallowed a marble, on purpose. No I didn't it was a sweet, I knew exactly what it was.

24) I cannot wake up without coffee. 

25) I was a right little goth in my teenage years, and the photos still make me cringe! I favoured black & white photos only during that time!

26) I had my tongue pierced, and although the piercing itself was fine I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who has teeth. 

27) My pet rabbits were eaten by a fox, on Easter Sunday, I was devastated.

28) Christmas is my favourite time of year. 

29) I've only started trying to wear lipstick in the last year, and to be honest I often feel like a little girl who's gotten in to Mummys make up bag. 

30) I don't own a pair of jeans, I'm strictly a skirts or dresses girl. 

31) I have expensive taste! Give me a selection of products and I'll all home in on the most expensive. 

32) I'm pretty sure I was born a cat person, but that isn't to say I don't like dogs, I think you can like both! 

33) I am strictly anti homophobic & anti racist, and personally think jokes based around either are in incredibly bad taste.

34) Although cats are my first love, ducks are a close second!

35) I can't drive, and although I'd like to learn I just don't want to pay for the lessons! 

36) I like to take pictures of businesses with my name.. Nope don't know why either. 

37) Bondi Vet is my favourite TV show, and the main vet is probably the reason why (Google Dr Chris Brown) 

38) Unlike most, I wouldn't go back to secondary school for anything. It wasn't a bad time for me, but no I'm glad it's over. 

39) It might come across as shallow, but I love to shop. 

40) I hate snakes. Hate. Them. 

41) I wish I had a bath at home, I miss it every day! 

42) Personally, I think I was a pretty funny looking kid. 

43) I am a person who needs sleep, I can't get by on a few hours! 

44) I would love to be in the sea with Manta Rays, even though I would be terrified. 

45) I've tried (and failed) to learn hieroglyphics.

46) Every time I order something on the internet I convince myself it's going to get lost in post! So far I've been wrong!

47) I'm generally a home body. 

48) I prefer winter to summer, spring or autumn. 

49) Although I love digital photography, I like having prints of my favourite photos. 

50) I was briefly in Skins because it was filmed in my college, I walked up some stairs!

So that's it lovely ladies! If you've done one of these leave me the link below, I love reading these!



  1. You look like an adorable kid -- plus your sweater reminds me of the one you just bought.

    1. Haha that's true! I reckon I pretty much look the same bar the john lennon glasses haha

  2. I laughed out loud at that otter photo - amazing!!
    I love this tag, I've been struggling to come up with fifty facts too though haha

    Jesss xo

    1. It took me hours and hours haha! & Its so good, makes me smile every time :D x

  3. aww you look cute on your baby photo!
    that picture made me laugh so much haha :D i just saved it for when i need a good chuckle :)

    wow you were on skins that is so cool! i adored the first few series! which were you on? :) xx

    1. Series 1, the guy with glasses & the main guy walk down the stairs & me & a few others walk up ;) good times!

  4. this is just a great post!

    check out my latest post on new perfumes!

  5. I love reading these too! I am most definitely a cat person and I laughed at the seal picture!

    I did the Leibster Award which has random facts and questions if you fancy a read!


  6. I'm so down with 9... Why in the name of pants would you wear glasses if you don't need them... People don't realise how much of a pain they are (unless you're the kid in the new normal cause she's cute)

    1. They are a right pain! There pricey, it takes forever to find a new pair, booo

  7. I totally wear fake glasses. But. You know. I am lame.

    1. I'll let you off because I like you :D

  8. The otter pic is so awesome. I do a great impression of Gollum that always surfaces when I'm very drunk :)

    you and I have a lot in common! (secondary school, ex-goth, needing sleep, only skirts and dresses etc. etc.!) will let you know when I do one so you can compare notes!

    Btw you were such a cute kid and Tuna is adorable xxx

    1. Haha brilliant, although I'm pretty sure when I'm not concentrating I do a pretty good, all natural, gollum face :p and oooh do! I love reading these posts as I am dead nosey! x


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