Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Bath & Body Works Deep Cleansing Anti-Bac Hand Soap In Tropical Sorbet Float

Hello lovely ladies.

I love Bath & Body Works, and if you haven't heard of them don't fret! They are an American company that do an amazing range of scented bath & body products, up for a little review today is one of the deep cleansing hand soaps in Tropical Sorbet Float. 

The packaging & imagery for all the Bath & Body Works products are lovely, all very feminine and girly, and Tropical Sorbet Float is no different. The soap comes in a tall pump top bottle. Per bottle you get 236mls of the product.

The deep cleansing soaps are also anti bacterial, and have the same dots of anti bacteria germ killers than you'd find in a pocket bac. I gave the soap a little test and it does feel slightly grainy, but not scratchy, as well as being a very thick gel type soap. In terms of smell, its like nothing you could buy in England! Bath & Body Works have extremely strong scents, which is what I love about them! Tropical Sorbet Float (which I have no idea what it is, but I'm guessing is a fruity drink with sorbet in) smells exactly like strawberry bubblegum! The smell lingers on your skin between washing so every time I move my hands to type I'm getting little strawberry wafts! 

The only problem with Bath & Body Works products is getting hold of them. I personally got hold of this via eBay & won it on bids for £3.50 + £2.80 p&p, but you can get the soaps here for £6.25 each from Bath & Body Shop, which also sell a massive range of Bath & Body Works products in the U.K, the only problem is they seem to fly out the shop once they come in, so scents aren't around for long.

Another way is via eBay, some UK based stores sell different scents, one of which is here & they cost £7.45 each with free P&P , but if you really wanted a Tropical Sorbet Float soap, and maybe even 3, the best price I can find online is just over £20 for 3 here, which I know is eye watering but thought I'd offer the link up! A single bottle seems to be around $7 to send due to them being quite heavy.

So, does any one else wish, wish, WISH we had Bath & Body Works in the UK? If you've tried anything from BBW, what was it and what did you think?



  1. I have the pocket bac in this scent, it smells so good!

  2. Ooh I can imagine this smelling amazing! I'd love to try something from bath and body works xx

  3. I wish we had one in the uk - I'd love to try their candles! X

  4. Lovely post, I adore hand wash product butters as well.. At the moment I love the strobery fragrance deep cleaning hand shop. Bath body products


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