Monday, 14 January 2013

Bomb Cosmetics Candle In Twinkle Star

Hello lovely ladies.

I think on this little blog I've made it pretty clear I am a Yankee obsessive, however I do like to try all sort of candles. So I thought I'd do a little post about one of the newest ones in my collection (uhm yes collection, at this point it sounds better than lots and lots of candles) Twinkle Star from Bomb Cosmetics. 

The Bomb Cosmetics candles come in a variety of different packaging, but Twinkle Star comes in a lovely glass tumbler, with lovely sparkly writing. 

The top of the candle is just adorable, with two melties stuck in the top in a cute heart shape & star shape, as well as a light dusting of glitter. In terms of scent it's a hard one to describe, but it's a fairly musty / spicy smell with citrus undertones, once lit the fragrance is strong without being overpowering, but to be honest I almost didn't want to light it, as it's so pretty!

As with all Bomb Cosmetics products, the candle is hand crafted, but it's also worth mentioning that Twinkle Star is also a Vegan product. The burn time is between 30 - 35 hours, which is pretty good, plus as it's in a tumbler, once it's finished, you can pop out the wax & reuse it as a pretty pen pot! 

Twinkle Star costs a reasonable £6.99 here, but they have a whole host of different candles, as well as lots of lovely bath & body products. 

So ladies, tempted to try a Bomb Cosmetics candle?



  1. That is the most adorable candle, that would make a perfect pressie :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. I've tried one of their candles before and I really liked it but I don't like their other products :/ x

  3. I really want to try stuff from Bomb but haven't got round to it, they all look so amazing! xx

  4. Had no idea they done candles! It's so cute! XX

  5. It's too cute to burn! Love the glitter!

    Lola | LolaStarHearts xx


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