Friday, 4 January 2013

Bomb Cosmetics Soap Slices

Hello lovely ladies. 

I know Christmas feels like a million years a go, but I'm still only just about getting round to reviewing a really lovely gift I was given, a couple of Bomb Cosmetics soap slices. 

Bomb Cosmetics have similar ethics to Lush, nothing is tested on animals, use as many natural ingredients as possible, recycle packaging & everything is handmade. They have a massive range of products to offer, from bath bombs to face masks, even wax tarts and candles (a review of one of the candles coming soon!).  All the soaps are poured and sliced by hand & all contain vegetable glycerine to help lock moisture in to the skin, as well a being very mild & having a neutral ph balance. A lot of the products are also Vegan, so an all round lovely company!

River Of Cloud is a mix of Ylang Ylang & Sandalwood, so its quite sweet smelling with a slightly musky woody twist. The soap itself is adorable, with a white fluffy cloud in one corner, it's almost to cute to use!

Sweet Surrender is a mix of bergamot & lemongrass, and probably my favourite of the two as lemongrass is one of my favourite scents of all time! It's also adorable & has faux liquorice allsorts sat in the center. Also almost two pretty to use! 

The soaps are very mild & don't leave my hands feeling dried out, which is fab, as I find a lot of soaps leave me reaching for the hand cream!

Bomb Cosmetics are slightly harder to track down on the high street, but they are available on the Bomb Cosmetics website. The soaps cost £2.49 per 100 grams which I think is quite reasonable, River Of Clouds available here & Sweet Surrender here.

So ladies, have you tried any Bomb Cosmetics products? What would you recommend if a certain person was already planning an order... ?



  1. I love the second one! too cute! x

  2. These sound really nice, I've tried Bomb Cosmetics' bath bombs before and hated them and a candle which I loved so I might try out a soap as a decider on whether I like the brand or not x

    1. I had a couple of the bath bombs and I wasn't much of a fan of them either, but these little slices are fab :)

  3. I've tried Bomb Cosmetics Strawberry Fields shower scrub which is lush! It's really sweet smelling, has the perfect amount of grainyness (??) in it, and makes my skin *so* soft. I'm fortunate enough to have a shop that stocks their stuff just around the corner so I may have to give one of these soaps a go!

    1. Oooh the scrub sounds really lovely :) and the soaps are really lovely! x

  4. Can't wait to see a review of the candle! X


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