Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Enrapture Encode Totem Hair Styler Review

Hello lovely ladies.

I've always had a dream. To wake up with a head of bouncy curls. However, as much as I want it to be curly, my hair is straight and thick, and to be honest a nightmare to do anything with. I'd heard of the Enrapture range and always read review with gusto, perfect curls you say? Easy to use you say? There was just one small problem. They were a little on the pricy side. So when I spotted them on a half price offer in Argos my lovely boyfriend said he'd buy me one for Christmas, so here's my little review!

I went for the Encode Totem Styler as my old hair curler is from the 70's and the plastic handle gets so hot it burns my hand! The first thing I noticed this when I opened this was how heavy the box was! It's a sturdy, thick shiny purple box with a black sleeve. 

When you slide the sleeve off the box has a magnetic clip on the side so the box is extremely high quality. Inside the box it has a little leaflet on how to use the curler, as well as a mention of the other Enrapture products.

What makes the Encode Totem styler unique is it's 3 settings which controls the 3 barrels on the wand. Basically you can set each one to a different temperature, setting 1 being for loose curls and 3 for ringlets. It also has a clip at the base of the barrels to help achieve a tighter curl, or you can just use it as a wand and ignore the clip. I decided to give it it's first whirl on a 1-2-1 setting as I've always wanted to try a really loose curl, this was the result..

Apologies for the iPhone pic but I snapped this just before going out and getting totally soaked, so by the time I got home my hair was ruined! I have to say I was totally impressed by the Totem Encode, after a shaky few curls I got to grips with the styler, and my full head took about 10 minutes! Even with my thick hair which is extra impressive, as often when I try to do something with my hair it can take up to an hour, at which time I'll get really bored and annoyed! The 1-2-1 setting gave lovely beachy curls, however next time I'd probably go for a 3-2-3 settings to see how curly this styler will get my hair! 

Overall I adore this styler and even though it's not quite the same as my dream of waking up with full curls, at least this way makes it quick and easy! The Encode Totem Style varies in price but the cheapest I can find it is £38.94 here via Amazon.

So ladies have you tried any of the Enrapture range? What would you lovely ladies recommend?



  1. absolutely amazing, I adore my enrapture totem styler! Literally incredible. I got it for £27 from Argos! now I know how good it is I would have happily paid more, but wow, so happy with it :) I love 1-3-3 with chunky sections x

    1. I'm really looking forward to giving these more goes on more settings :D x

  2. I had this for Christmas too, I love it! Xx

  3. I've reaad great things about this and so many people got the style for christmas, very jealous! Your hair looks amazing!

    Sophierosehearts x

    1. Awww thank you lovely, that's really nice of you :D x

  4. Wow, just wow your hair looks amazing! x


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