Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Flat Tour: Snapshots Of Where I Live!

Hello lovelies. 

I thought I'd put together a little post in a flat tour style, I adore these posts (I think they appeal to my nosey nature) and thought it would be fun to do my own, and I've wanted to for ages. However when we first moved in to this flat, there was one problem, we went from furnished to unfurnished, and had no money to do anything about it! So it's taken nearly TWO YEARS to actually get it to a state where I actually have things to show! It's a pretty tiny flat, but its cheap and Bristol has notoriously high rent, so it's a case of it will do!

Front room. 

The front room is the only decent sized room in the the flat, and the "dining table" has turned in to my Yankee storage & make up table! The Yankees are stored on a tray from Ikea's Bargain Corner due to the chip at the front, but it was something like 5p. I keep all my make up (yes, that's ALL of it, even though I'm a beauty blogger I actually don't have a huge amount of make up!) in the much converted Muji storage boxes with flip tops, I have two stacked on top of each other, but I could probably fit it all in one. Next to the drawers I have a green bowl I keep samples & odd bits of skin care in, and a Home Sweet Home mug homes my make up brushes. 

This is very new, and actually only arrived yesterday, it's a Cleo cat climber / cat tree. The Cleo range is usually pretty expensive, but I found this one on eBay for £25 rather than £50. Tuna is loving it so far, particularly the rattle fish! 


The kitchen is a constant problem for storage, as before this house was divided in to flats I'm pretty sure it was a cupboard! You can actually put one hand of each wall without having to stretch! So we've had to put up a shelf, and we could probably do with another 10! On the shelf I keep the tea, coffee & sugar, as well as scissors, Alessi monkey salt grinder, cow milk jug, a pretty mug I bought yesterday & my beautiful Alessi stove top kettle! And even though we have no space at all, and there is only two of us, there is a full cupboard devoted to my true love. Pretty mugs. They are stacked inside each other and they still take up two shelves! It won't stop me buying more however. 


My bed is probably my favourite place in the world! The frame is from Mattress Man & we even splashed out on a memory foam mattress, but I did spend the first 6 months here sleeping on the floor so I think it was deserved! The duvet cover is from Cath Kidston, via TK Maxx a few years a go and they are just top notch quality, they wash really well! I'm praying the Cath Kidston covers make another appearance in TK Maxx at some point soon.

The bed is usually where you can find ol' funny face, Tuna. He sleeps all over the place but I would say he probably favours the bed (as do I!). 

My bedside table was liberated from my Mums loft (most of the furniture has been begged/borrowed to be honest) and homes an assortment of lotions and potions, as well as couple of little Totoros, a sheep snow globe the boy bought me back from Ireland. The toadstool lamp was from Dwell a couple of years a go, and although I love it changing the bulb was almost impossible as the fitting doesn't actually come out as it's solid! The fan hasn't been switched on in months, but during summer it's a must have! 

My favourite corner of the flat is my jewellery and nail varnish area!

Yet more lotions & potions in a pretty heart shaped basket. These are things I tend to grab for when I'm out of the shower, so deodorant, hair oil, leave in conditioner, body sprays that sort of thing. 

Perfumes! This is first time I've had more than one perfume at one time, Marc Jacobs Dot, Lush Creamy Candy forum special perfume (which ml for ml works out more expensive than the other two!) & the recently purchased Orla Kiely perfume. I also keep my tangle teezer there so I can find it straight away! 

I could sit and take photos of all my jewellery, but as much as I'd enjoy it, I'm not sure you would! So I thought I'd show you my Christmas present from my Mum, a Pandora bracelet! She also gave me the ladybird bead, and the boy gave me the green flower & the Christmas tree & I bought the swirly one. Yes, Pandoras aren't cheap and you could probably buy 10 cheaper bracelets for the same price, but its the first bracelet I've ever had & been able to wear without it annoying me, it's not too tight, it's not too loose, it's just right! 

I can never tell if I have a lot or not too much nail varnish, as I know a lot of you lovely bloggers have massive collections, but at around 20 bottles I think I'm the lower end! I have mainly random ones but I do have a few OPI's as I love OPI! They get used more often than the others as well. 

So those are some little snap shots of my little flat, I know it's probably that impressive but when we first moved in, we managed to move two peoples worldly possessions in an average sized car with 3 people in!  You may of also noticed I haven't included the bathroom in this tour, and honestly I have a square cube of a en suite with nothing of even vague interested in!

Have you lovely ladies done a room / house tour? I'd love the link if you have! 



  1. Your place looks so cute, I can't wait to move out x

  2. I love these posts, I'm so nosey! I love your mug collection and your kitchen clock. Your bedding is lovely too!
    I've been meaning to do a post like this but I'm having a similar problem of having just moved from furnished to unfurnished with a tiny budget, so we've been buying essentials like fridges and washing machines rather than pretty things! Soon, though :)

    Jesss xo

  3. Lovely post! You're making me homesick though. I miss you being five minutes away! Xxxx

  4. Lovely post!

  5. I love this post...it's probably because all your stuff is super cute but also because I'm just nosy. haha.

    www.charchiccc.blogspot.com xxx

  6. Your flat is lovely, so homely and I want a lot of the stuff that you have! My kitchen is tiny too so I know how you feel there! x

  7. Aw love your flat, It has so many personal touches. I totally could understand the moving to a furnished to unfurnished place. I did the same about three years ago, well it will be in April. I've moved four times in that time. I also slept on an air bed for six weeks before I got the bed I've got now.
    I'm quite lucky as it isn't really tiny but never enough space for my cat Tybalt to run around in. Love Tuna's new play area, Tybalt just got really tall scratching post.
    I just did a bedroom tour, don't know if you've seen that, if you fancy a nose. The rest of my flat isn't so pretty so will have consider doing the whole place hehe.



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