Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Pretty Framed Picture For Under £2!

Hello lovely ladies. 

Today I braved the cold to go out for essentials I was running low on, bread, milk, you know, boring boring. I decided to try and shave a few pennies off & instead of heading to my local Morrisions, I headed to the B&M Bargains round the corner. Whilst browsing the 10p flan & other delights that B&M sells, I came across something a little more pretty, something I'd expect to find in a pretty, girly boutique, not my local cheap shop!

I found this pretty 3D cupcake cut out picture, all nicely framed in a deep white frame. Not only is it super cute but it was reduced to a fantastic £1.99! I kept looking at it & shaking it thinking it must be broken! However even at full price (£5.99) I still think it's pretty lovely! 

Hung up, if possible, I think it looks even nicer! But if cupcakes aren't your things, they also had tea cups, hearts & butterflies in the same style, also reduced! I'm now kicking myself for not getting the teacup one as well! 

B&M Bargins website is pretty poor & doesn't have much of the range, but you can find your nearest B&M here, but be warned, you'll go in for one thing & come out with 30!



  1. This is so pretty :) And such a bargin! The tea cup one would look really cute too xx


  2. What an amazing bargain, I don't have a B&M near me :( x

  3. That's lovely! What a bargain hehe xx
    B&M is fab if you can be bothered to rummage through the other bits.


  4. Its quit nice art of work, And also interested to do it. I don't have any knowledge about that. But your framed art look really nice.


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