Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sunday Shopping

Hello lovely ladies.

I have an addition to pretty home wares, but to be more specific kitchen wares. My top two home wear brands  would have to be Cath Kidston & Emma Bridgewater. Both expensive, both oh so pretty! So when an email popped in to my inbox earlier in the week saying that the Emma Bridgewater sale had further reductions, well, it would of been rude not to take a peek! I was trying hard to resist, when a tasty reduction caught my eye, on something I've lusted after for years.

Emma Bridgewater pink hearts 4 cup teapot. I adore this Emma Bridgewater print, very cute and very girly. I've wanted this teapot for years, but the problem was the price, at full price this teapot has a hefty price tag of £49.95, which for me is totally unaffordable. However, this was in the "seconds" sale at £24.95. I was a little hesitant ordering from seconds, as the item has some issue or another (smudged print, scratches, marks, so on), but for half price I thought it would be worth the risk! 

When it turned up, I ripped in to the box with gusto, wanting to see what was wrong with it. I noticed a bit of red pen in various places, but a quick wipe took it off & I thought that was the issue, but after a quick chat on Instagram, I discovered that the red pen actually marks where the errors on the piece are, so I gave it another look over. I have no idea what they are getting at! There is a few tiny, tiny marks on the teapot, but I could only see them after really staring! Personally I think it looks as perfect as a full priced one & I am so impressed, I love it! The only problem is now I want the whole range! However it is a bit of a risk, as the item may be more obviously defective.

So ladies, have you ever ordered from the Emma Bridgewater seconds range? Have you been able to tell the difference?



  1. I'm really not fussed about things like that, specially cause you can't tell the difference without really staring at it! I've never ordered from them but I absolutely would! xx

  2. Aw that's such a pretty teapot :) It looks perfect in the picture so it's good you got it for half the price! xx

  3. Ooo that is such a pretty set!! I want to get something like this for my new house :)
    LaceyLoves x

  4. Wow, bargain for such cute pieces, that's great that the errors are barely noticeale x


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