Thursday, 28 February 2013

February Favourites

Hello lovelies. 

This month I''ve managed to add a few new favourites to my stash, so here they are. 

A good mix of products I think! 

One. Zoya nail varnish in Charla (review here)
This nail varnish is probably my perfect shade, a deep greeny blue with gold micro glitter. It only needs one coat & I find myself reaching for it more than any other nail varnish I've ever owned. Zoya is becoming a firm favourite nail varnish brand. 

Two. Seventeen Doll'd Up Mascara (review here)
This mascara gives really light, buildable coverage which I really like, as I can't stand heavy one coat mascaras. It's a nice cheap-ish mascara which my bank balance is pretty pleased with.

Three. La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo (review here
This product seems to be a bit of a marmite, it really works for some & not at all for others. I however fall in to the first category, and since I've been using it my skin has just looked a little brighter, a little clearer and felt a little smoother. I think I'm going to start investigating other items in the range.

Four. MAC Archie's Girls Veronica Pearlmatte Powder (review here)
I've found myself reaching for this on an almost daily basis. It's a beautiful, quite sheer, pink with just the slightest of shimmers. I love it, however if your skin is darker than my ghost white colour you may want to swatch it first as because it is sheer, it may be hard to see on darker skin tones. 

So those are my monthly favourites, how about you? Have you found a new favourite this month?


Wednesday, 27 February 2013

February Empties

Hello lovely ladies. 

The shortest month of the year has felt just that, short! It only feels about 5 minutes since my last empties post, but here's what I've finished this month. 

Slightly less full bag this month but still a good effort to downsize my stash! 

Hair Care.

One. Macadamia Nourishing Leave In Cream. 
I bought this a while a go from Fragrance Direct & it seems to be part of a gift set you can't buy anywhere else. It was nice enough & left my hair feeling soft but its not quite as good as the hair oil, however I paid about £2.50 for it so its a good cheap alternative. I'd probably buy another if I was making an order. 

Two. V05 Revive Me Daily Conditioner. 
This is a regular empty for me, as I just love it. It leaves my hair feeling super soft & shiny & it's a bargain, often on offer for £1 or slightly less. I've already repurchased & until I find something even better I will keep repurchasing. 

Three. Pantene Aqua Light Masque. 
I picked this up in Poundland as my Macadamia masque is starting to get pretty low, and its lovely, really light but leave my hair feeling lovely, I actually bought two but I haven't seen any more since so I don't know if I could repurchase. 

Four. Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo.
I really didn't want to like this shampoo as its pretty pricey but it is just lovely, really rich & nourishing as well as smelling amazing, just like the Anna Sui perfume in the handbag shape. I would repurchase the full sized IF it was on offer, as the full sized, full price, retails for a whopping £7.99. 

Five. REN Oat Fix Shampoo. 
I've heard lots of good things about REN, but this shampoo was just awful. Really watery & left my hair feeling like straw. I wouldn't buy the full sized of this REN shampoo or any other, just in case! 

Nail Care. 

Six. Superdrug Nail Polish Remover.
I picked this up, well honestly because it was cheap, and although its ok, it gets the job done, I wouldn't recommend it if you have weak nails, it's extremely strong & pretty vicious! I don't think I'd repurchase as my nails started to really suffer by the end. 

Seven. Iseree Soft Cotton Pads. 
I love these, they are double sided & thick, and best of all? They cost around 65p for 120 from Lidl. Already planning to repurchase.  

Shower Gel. 

Eight. The Body Shop Vineyard Peach Shower Gel. 
I loved this shower gel, its a really lovely peach scent without the artificial edge most peach scents have. Body Shop shower gels are really thick & foam up really nicely. I'd repurchase at some point, but right now I fancy the mango one!


Nine. The Body Shop Sweet Lemon Soap. 
I picked this up just before Christmas when The Body Shop had an offer going on for 50% off all items including sale & free postage, so I picked up 3 soaps for something like £3 posted, and this one was really lovely, the scent reminded me of lemon drizzle cake. I've got a few of these to use up but once they are gone I'd repurchase these soaps for sure. 

Facial Care.

Ten. Mama Mio Clean Slate Cleanser.
This was a free trial I signed up for a while a go, and although this smelt lovely, really fresh, it didn't work for me at all. In fact it gave me the worst break out of my life! Wouldn't repurchase if it was the last one left on the planet! 

Hand Cream.

Eleven. EOS Hand Cream in Berry Blossom. 
I received this a while a go in a swap from Sara & I've loved it. Its quite a thick cream that sinks in really well & quickly, and when I've finished a few more hand creams in my stash I'm gunna give the cucumber version a go. 

Lip Care.

Twelve. Balmi Lip Balm in Raspberry. 
I think, to my knowledge, this is the only lip balm I've managed to finish without loosing or misplacing! I really enjoyed using the Balmi, at first! Once the balm goes flat there's around half the product left, stuck between the prongs that keep the lip balm in place, so I had to dig it out with my fingers, which was highly annoying! As much as I liked it, I probably not repurchase due to the badly designed packaging! 


Thirteen. L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary. 
I don't really know how to feel about this product as I only got two goes from it, but it seemed ok. It left my hair quite soft but it also left quite a lot of build up, so it's a solid 5 out of 10. I doubt I'd purchase the full sized any time soon. 

Fourteen. Shu Uemura Youth Radiance Generator. 
This product, I have to say, I do not get. It was a pearly colour, kind of like a liquid highlighter, but not pigmented enough to leave any sparkle, which your meant to put on before moisturising, which I did and I couldn't see any difference at all. In fact as I rubbed in the moisturser it would rub the Youth Generator off, leaving little black bits all over my face. Seeing as the full sized product costs a staggering £51.50 I would say money would be spent on almost anything else. 

Fifteen & Sixteen. L'Oreal Shampoo & Conditioner. 
I've tried this before & I quite like it. It's a really minty scent & it leaves the hair feeling really clean as well as soft. Its a fairly expensive shampoo & conditioner but I would possibly purchase it at some point soon. 

So that's it lovely ladies, how about you? I love reading these posts so pop your link below if you fancy! 


Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Lush Easter Additions: Egg Hunt Soap

Hello lovely ladies. 

In the last week the Lush Easter stock has started coming in to stores, and although it's primarily bath bombs, there was one item I spotted in the Lush Times a while back which I knew I would have to get, the Egg Hunt soap. 

Egg hunt is a Raspberry scented soap & possibly one of the craziest, 3D soap Lush has ever bought out, to show what I mean by 3D I've borrow a picture from the Lush website. 

A whole Egg Hunt looks like Easter Eggs hidden in the grass, which is really fun not to mention colourful! 

As much as I wanted to buy a whole large egg you can see sticking out the top, they cost around £15, so I decided to go for a piece with an egg in the side of the soap. On the skin the scent of the soap is absolutely gorgeous, really sweet scented raspberry with a hint of what I think is watermelon, but mostly Egg Hunt smells a lot like this little lady

Mumkin, part of the Lush Mothers Day range & one of the cutest little ladies around! 

Egg Hunt costs £3.40 for 100g & available online here or from stores.

So ladies, has any of the Lush Easter stock caught your eye? If I only had a bath I would so buy The Immaculate Eggception!


Monday, 25 February 2013

L'Oreal Top Coat In Confetti

Hello lovelies. 

I am a sucker for a pretty top coat, so when I started to see the first few reviews of the L'Oreal Confetti, I knew I'd end up buying it, and I wasn't wrong! 

L'Oreal Confetti is a black and white speckled top coat, ad it looks like L'Oreal has taken a leaf out of indie nail polishes book as this has been a popular choice for indies for a long time. The white & black pieces are really packed it, but the clear polish has a very light, impossible to capture in a photograph, micro holographic glitter. 

The speckles apply really nicely, smoothly and evenly, and I am really impressed with the quality of the polish, I've had a few L'Oreal nail polishes before & I've always been really disappointed by them, but this one does not disappoint. Layered over colour I think it would give a very similar effect to the Illmasqua speckle nail polishes. 

The L'Oreal Confettis costs £4.99 & it's available from Boots here, but all L'Oreal products are currently on 3 for 2 so you could splash out & get it for as little as £3.33.

So what do you think ladies? Pretty lovely or one to miss?


Sunday, 24 February 2013

Bristol Bloggers Meet Up

Hello lovelies. 

Yesterday I attended the Bristol Bloggers Meet Up, organised by the lovely Sasha from Ramblings of a Beauty Bird & Alessia from Whispers From Angels, and I thought I'd say first & foremost a massive thank you to them for organising a really lovely & fun day! 

We met at Frankie & Bennys for lunch, and although I totally forgot to take photos here is one of me & Ali. 

Lunch was really lovely & it was really lovely chatting to everyone! After lunch we hit the shops for a little while (I have to say my haul was pretty modest, a couple of little reviews coming later in the week!) before meeting up for a coffee & chit chat about what we had bought. 

You may of already seen if you follow me or anyone else who attended yesterday we were all gifted with some pretty insanely generous goodie bags, and I think we were all a little shocked by them! 

As I said, insanely generous! 

I thought I'd take some snaps of the products I'm most excited to try!

This adorable glitter bow from Head Full Of Feathers, I love hair accessories so I was really excited to see this.

Lots of generously sized mini samples of Eau Thermale Avenue, Vichy & La Roche-Posay. 

A large bottle of Skinetica, I've seen this being raved about as a skin savior so super excited to try this out.

A big bottle of The Little Bubble Company Strawberry Sundae, this sells so amazing & I've already put this in my shower. 

Everyone got this in their goodie bag, and it made a lot of jaws drop! Benefits brand spanking new product Fine One One, an all in one cream to powder highlighter & blusher, but I won't say too much as I haven't tried this out yet but I will be giving this a proper review very soon! 

And as if that wasn't enough, Alessia & Sasha also had two giveaway prizes to giveaway before lunch, a random number by each name & they got the waitress to pick two number, and I won one! As someone who rarely wins anything I was super surprised!

I won a nSpa Beauty Box with 4 products in, again a proper review coming soon!

Again, a massive thank you to Alessia & Sasha for putting the day together, and to all the lovely ladies I spent time with during the day. If you were there yesterday pop your link below, I think I've found most of you but I want to make sure! 


Saturday, 23 February 2013

A Tuna Shaped Sugar & Vice Commission

Hello lovely ladies. 

Yesterday I had the most exciting parcel I'd received in a long time. I knew it was coming, I'd even seen a preview, but I was still just as excited! I'm talking about a one of a kind, commissioned brooch from Sugar & Vice. 

Sugar & Vice are one of the best acrylic jewellery companies around, independently run by two of the loveliest people & setting up a commission with them was super easy. I was worried it would be dead complicated, but a couple of emails of me saying what I would like & a couple of very practical counterpoints later I was all paid up, piece of cake! I was also shown a little preview on Instagram so I knew sort of what it was going to look like. So what did I ask for? Remember, I am a crazy cat lady...

That's right ladies, I've had my lovely Tuna immortalised in brooch form! I sent them a photo of Tuna on his side & they captured him so well, right down to his little pink nose! I asked for it to be quite little as I'm a fan of delicate jewellery & they delivered on all aspects! It's one of my favourite things I own, but what does the real Tuna think?

He seems to be pretty impressed! Side by side with the big Tuna, it becomes even more obvious how well they've captured him!

Sugar & Vice have their own store here & an Etsy here & they sell lots of amazing bits & pieces, but commissions can vary in price depending on how much material & time they take (this was £15, and £15 well spent I think!) but you will get a one of a kind! 

So ladies, what do you think? Its a pretty good Tuna isn't it?


Friday, 22 February 2013

Dainty Doll Blusher in 004 You Are My Sunshine - The Closest Dupe To THAT Cult Blusher

Hello lovely ladies. 

You may or may not of seen that earlier last week Fragrance Direct was having a mega sale on Dainty Doll make up, which is Nicola Roberts (From Girls Aloud) range for the pale ladies. I had seen a few bits of the range in Boots previously but it was all a little of the pricey side, so when I spotted the blushers reduced to £1.99, I snapped at the chance. Admittedly by the time I ordered there was slim pickings, so I went for 004, You Are My Sunshine.

The Dainty Doll blusher comes in a pretty box with a pin up version of Nicola, the packing for the blusher itself is very minimal, plain black plastic with gold writing.

The blusher itself is a peachy pink with a gold shimmer... Which sounds quite similar to another blusher in my collection, a cult blusher that is raved and raved about. I decided to give it a little swatch to confirm my suspicions, so I thought I'd give them a little swatch side my side so you could see. 

Yes that's right, NARS Orgasm. Admittedly in the pans they don't look much like each other, but once they are swatched...

Dainty Doll on the left, NARS on the right, as you can see they are almost identical, the dainty doll is slightly darker but still pretty close! Once applied to the face there is almost no difference between the two! I know a lot of people say Sleek Rose Gold is a perfect dupe, but I've had Rose Gold & it is much darker than Orgasm. 

But the best thing about this dupe? The price! NARS Orgasm retails for £21.50 & although all the Dainty Doll blushers have now sold out on Fragrance direct, you can pick it up on eBay for just £4.95 posted here (which works out as just the same as ordering just the one item with postage from Fragrance Direct)

So ladies, what do you think? Pretty close (or the closest I've found for £16.55 less than the original!) no?


Thursday, 21 February 2013

Best Of The Rare & Hard To Find Yankee Tarts

Hello lovelies. 

I know its pretty obvious that I love Yankee Candle, and I've posted before about my Christmas tart picks, so I thought I would do one of my favourite rare & hard to find tarts. These are tarts that have either been discontinued or are American releases or both!

 There are hundreds and hundreds of different smells, so I've tried to narrow it down to just a few, as these tend to come at a price! 

Vanilla Clouds: £1.70 here.
I'll start off by saying Vanilla is probably one of my least favourite scents of all time. I find it to be very artificial on its own, so this one was a bit of a risk, but I have to say I adore it. It's a very light fluffy vanilla with a mix of eucalyptus & lemon, which makes a really lovely, fresh alternative to full on vanilla.

Pink Lady Slipper - 99p here.
This is one that is slightly easier to get hold of, and you can still occasionally find it in shops. To me it smells exactly like Parma Violets, a childhood favourite of mine.

Carrot Cake £1.75 here
I find the cake scents a bit hit & miss, as sometimes they can be revoltingly sickly, but I was so pleased this one wasn't. Carrot Cake is my all time favourite cake, and the tart is quite light, but with a good hint of spices which gets my mouth watering! 

Juicy Watermelon - £1.65 here.
This one does what it says on the label, it smells of freshly cut watermelon! Its a particular favourite of mine & I will be needing more than one!

Gingerbread £1.70 here.
This might not really be the right time of year for a gingerbread, but I thought it was worth a mention. The second I gave this a sniff it gave me "Oh I wish it was Christmas again nooooooow" feeling! Its a nice blend of ginger and biscuit, which balances out really nicely.

Tutti Frutti - £1.65 here.
Without being totally biased, this is probably one of my favourite Yankee scents of all time. It smells like sweeties with the lemon edge that sweets such as rock has, its just lovely. I love it so much I hope to find it one day as a reasonably priced large jar!

So those are my picks lovely ladies, how about you? Have you got a favourite Yankee scent?


Tuesday, 19 February 2013

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo Review

Hello lovely ladies. 

I'm not someone that makes new years resolutions, but at the end of last year I was looking in mirror & thought to myself "In 2013 I'd like to get my skincare routine under control". I tend to be very lazy when it comes to facial skincare, and will buy something if its on offer, or on a whim & most of the time it doesn't work for me. So, enter the Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo. 

The Effaclar Duo is aimed at skin with "Sever Imperfections" which I think sums up my skin quite well, I am quite prone to break outs as well as general bad texture. The cream like gel is pretty much an all rounder, for unclogging pores, protect against break outs & well as reducing the size of current break outs, eliminating dead skin cells as well as being mattifying & it can also be used as a make up base. So basically it promises to be a skin savior in a tube!

The cream itself isn't really a cream, its more of a half cream half gel, and almost wet feeling. I was a little unsure at first how much to apply, so I apply a thin layer everywhere I have problem skin, which to be honest is most of my face! But, the main question, is does it actually work? 

Well, to be honest , yes! I really want to say no, but it really does. The first night I used it (to leave it to work its magic over night) I woke up & expected to wake up with the skin of a model, but that just wasn't the case. But after a week and a half of using it, every problem area just looks a little clearer, a little brighter, a bit smoother, just a bit nicer all round! I've tried to use it as a make up base which does work, but you need to let it sink in before starting the rest of the face. 

Unfortunately, the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo doesn't come cheap, which is why I really didn't want to like it! It costs £13 for just 40ml, which I'm hoping will last quite a long time! It's available from Boots, and if you fancy anything else from the range, or even just two, it's currently on offer for 2 items for £15, making it a more reasonable £7.50 an item. 

Have you ladies tried this? Tell me your skin savior? 


Sunday, 17 February 2013

Sunday Shopping

Hello lovelies.

Hope you've all had a lovely week & if you had Valentines plans they were suitably lovely! For me, my valentines plans changed at pretty much the last minute! The original plan was to spend the day in Bath, but when we got to the train station I spotted a train to Cardiff was leaving it 10 minutes, and as I'd only been there once for my Mums wedding, almost 15 years ago to the day, so we grabbed some tickets & headed to Cardiff. After a quick look around I spotted a shop which made me point & go "ooooh!" The Lego shop. 

After a quick look around I spotted a station where you could make your own Lego minifigures, and thought it would be fun to make a his & hers minifigure. This was mine! I think its pretty accurate, redish hair, starry top with a red cardi & a heart necklace? Sounds like something I would wear! The trousers... well no, I don't even own a pair of trousers but the only skirts they had were wench skirts.. Not really my style either! The wand.. well it was the most girly accessory they had! All together as close as I'm going to get with Lego! As for this...

... This. This was his! Now I know I don't share pictures of him, but I can promise you all, this has no likeness to him whatsoever. I don't think he got the aim of of what we were doing! 

So that was my Valentines day! Did you ladies do anything nice?