Thursday, 21 February 2013

Best Of The Rare & Hard To Find Yankee Tarts

Hello lovelies. 

I know its pretty obvious that I love Yankee Candle, and I've posted before about my Christmas tart picks, so I thought I would do one of my favourite rare & hard to find tarts. These are tarts that have either been discontinued or are American releases or both!

 There are hundreds and hundreds of different smells, so I've tried to narrow it down to just a few, as these tend to come at a price! 

Vanilla Clouds: £1.70 here.
I'll start off by saying Vanilla is probably one of my least favourite scents of all time. I find it to be very artificial on its own, so this one was a bit of a risk, but I have to say I adore it. It's a very light fluffy vanilla with a mix of eucalyptus & lemon, which makes a really lovely, fresh alternative to full on vanilla.

Pink Lady Slipper - 99p here.
This is one that is slightly easier to get hold of, and you can still occasionally find it in shops. To me it smells exactly like Parma Violets, a childhood favourite of mine.

Carrot Cake £1.75 here
I find the cake scents a bit hit & miss, as sometimes they can be revoltingly sickly, but I was so pleased this one wasn't. Carrot Cake is my all time favourite cake, and the tart is quite light, but with a good hint of spices which gets my mouth watering! 

Juicy Watermelon - £1.65 here.
This one does what it says on the label, it smells of freshly cut watermelon! Its a particular favourite of mine & I will be needing more than one!

Gingerbread £1.70 here.
This might not really be the right time of year for a gingerbread, but I thought it was worth a mention. The second I gave this a sniff it gave me "Oh I wish it was Christmas again nooooooow" feeling! Its a nice blend of ginger and biscuit, which balances out really nicely.

Tutti Frutti - £1.65 here.
Without being totally biased, this is probably one of my favourite Yankee scents of all time. It smells like sweeties with the lemon edge that sweets such as rock has, its just lovely. I love it so much I hope to find it one day as a reasonably priced large jar!

So those are my picks lovely ladies, how about you? Have you got a favourite Yankee scent?



  1. The tutti frutti one sounds lovely! xxx

  2. I need to get me gingerbread! x

  3. Love Yankee Candle tarts!! Tutti-Frutti sounds amazing, i have gingerbread and it smells like Christmas to me too!

    The Beauty Belle

  4. Thanks for doing a post on these, I'm forever on the lookout of where I can buy some rare wax tarts and candles from Yankee. :)

    I love the sound of Carrot Cake, however the first Yankee Candle I bought was Tutti-Frutti and it made me sick. It was just too overpowering and such for me, which is a shame as it smelt lovely before I lit it. :(

    Will be checking out the websites you linked!

    Please do a post on all the Yankee Candles you own if you can/want to. ^_^

  5. Carrot cake sounds amazing x

  6. I bet Tutti Fruity is awesome! xx


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