Thursday, 7 February 2013

Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub - The Only Product Ever To Nearly Make Me Vomit

Hello lovelies. 

Today is a bit of a negative one, which I guess you'll off gathered from the title! I picked this up the Clean & Clear B;ackhead Clearing Scrub with the food shop, and it honestly could of been another product you can pick up in the supermarket...

So, I tried this yesterday morning, and it went a like this...

"Oooh new scrub" I put a blob in my hand, noticing lots of little beads in it "that's good" I thought, nice and scrubby. I slap it on my face & start rubbing it in, followed seconds later with "why can I smell eggs? Isn't that a sign of having a stroke?! Or is that a wives tale? Oh god where is that coming from" at which point, I realised, IT WAS THE SCRUB.

This scrub, this bloody scrub, smells exactly like a potent mix of mayonnaise & sour cream. What!? WHY! I gave it a sniff when I bought it & in the tube it kind of smells of nothing, which is fine, but once of the skin the egg stink is released. I would like to also add hear that I loathe the smell of eggs, anything egg based, but I honestly started to gag! I honestly thought I was going to throw up, and I could scrape it off of my skin fast enough.

I then had to wash my face twice more as the scent was clinging to my skin. I hate waste, and will usually finish a product I dislike but this is headed straight for the bin. Boo on you Clean & Clear! 

Have you ladies tried this? Why would you make a product egg scented?!



  1. Eww! that sounds so gross. I hate mayonnaise as it is, I can't imagine a product that smells like it, I really do not want to either. I can only think it's a result of an active ingredient in it? I used to use a Neutrogena tar based dandruff shampoo. As the ingedients indicated, that really didn't smell of roses...

    1. Ah I used to use that when I had a sensitive scalp, yummy yummy tar!

  2. My sister uses this! Think I won't be stealing any x

    1. Noooo, I would advise not to! haha x

  3. I have used the Clean and Clear moistorizer and that's not bad! I haven't tried any of their other products.. and now I don't think I will!


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