Monday, 4 February 2013

Dinosaur Fossil Dig Cake

Hello lovelies. 

I'm not some one that particularly enjoys cooking, or for that matter baking. I know that seems like a terrible blogger confession, as so many of you lovely lot seem to love to bake, but no me. It's always eluded me as to why it's fun, maybe if I had a larger kitchen, or better tools I might enjoy it, but as much as I try, I just can't enjoy it! However, once a year, I pull out my one cook book, roll up my sleeves and make my boyfriend a fun birthday cake. This year, I decided to opt for a fossil dig cake, for my dinosaur obsessed other half, so here is how I made it! 

For the chocolate fossils, all you'll need is a couple of bars of cheapy white chocolate, and I'm using this Fred & Friends T Rex ice cube tray, which you can get on Amazon (here) for just over £5.

So first up, you need to melt the white chocolate. I would advise getting the chocolate as runny as possible as it's easier to pour into the ice cube tray. I melted one whole large bar, but I found I had way to much so about half a large bar should be enough. 

Grab a spoon & carefully spoon the chocolate in to the tray. 

Carry on until all the sections are full. My advice would be to try and stick as close as possible to sections as possible, as if the chocolate touches between sections it can be really hard to get them out. After your done, stick it in the fridge for at least an hour or two. 

Whist waiting for the chocolate to set, I made a basic chocolate sponge, and crumbled it up to make the mud, well where else are fossils found!

Once the chocolate has set, I spread a little of the sponge crumbs on the bottom of a rectangular casserole dish, but you can use whatever you have to hand. Now on to popping the chocolates out, in one piece! This can be a bit tricky, but my advise would be to be to pull either side of the rim around the section you want to take out first, as it loosens it up, and then to push it from the bottom. 

Once yo got your fossils out, stick it in randomly where ever you want. 

The cover it with more cake crumbs. 

I put around two fossils per layer, covered that in cakes crumbs, and then put another fossils or two & then covered those to make layers, so it would take more time to find everything. 

When I was finished the layers, I poured a layer of white chocolate round the edge, and left the middle bare as the "dig site". Also, because I had them to hand I added some chocolate "rock" sprinkles. 

The last, but best step, grab a spoon, give it to the person who your giving it to, and let them dig those fossils out. This got a massive thumbs up from the boy! 

So ladies, what do you think? Yay or nay? Also, hands up if your other half has a life long long affair going on for dinosaurs?! 



  1. This is such a brilliant idea! Thanks for posting the recipe - I don't have a dino-mad other half but I do have a little sis who is (well, she's going to be 30 and is a GP but there you go!) I'm definitely going to make this for her birthday in August :) xxx

  2. This is so thoughtful, a really fun idea!

    Lauren x


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