Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Nail Polish That Is So Math! Pretty & Polished Adventure Time Collection Review & Swatches

Hello lovelies. 

First up, bigs thumbs up if you got the title reference! I am so excited to blog about this today its unreal. I ordered a couple of the nail varnishes from the Pretty & Polished Mathematical collection, aka the Adventure Time collection. To be honest, I wanted them all but my bank balance made me reign it in!

Adventure time, in my opinion is one of the best cartoon on TV, and if you haven't watched any, next time it's on, give it a little watch! It's funny & witty and a lot of it is aimed towards adults. So, which ones did I go for?

When they arrived I was like an excited kid on Christmas, tearing in to them! Left to right is Rainy Day Lady, My Lumps & King Of C-C-Cool. 

First up is Rainy Day Lady, a chunky, multi sized multi coloured glitter. Ok, so, admittely I really didn't need another multi coloured glitter, but as one of my biggest weaknesses, I couldn't resist and there was no way it was going to get left behind. Rainy Day Lady is based on one of the cutest Adventure Time charterers, Lady Rainicorn.

(Image location here)

A huge, multi coloured unicorn that only speaks Taiwanese (unless using a translator), and the girlfriend of Jake the dog. So on to swatches of this beauty! 

I applied two coats on the nail varnish, although you only really need one. I have to say, I am more in love with this nail varnish than any other I've ever bought. The micro glitter is primarily pink, and then the large bits are an array of yellow & green, and then moving up in size again to larger discs are red, and then there are also diamonds in blue, so there is a lot going on. It really reminds me of the inside of a party popper! As it's meant to represent Lady Rainicorn I don't think they could of got it any more spot on! 

Next up, is the King Of C-C-Cool. I originally wasn't going to get this one, well because I couldn't! It was out of stock, but just as I went to buy the other two, this one came back in stock and I had to have it. King Of C-C-Cool is based of one of several baddies, The Ice King. 

(Image location here)

The Ice King, a guy who was once a man until the found the frost crown, which turned him in to The Ice King. He's a bit of a meanie, who constantly kidnaps princesses & takes him back to ice castle, but he's all around a bit pathetic & just a tiny bit loveable. So, swatch time! 

King Of C-C-Cool is one of the most unusual nail varnishes I've ever owned, but I love it! It's a sky blue, with red micro glitter, yellow dots, dark blue hexagons & white diamonds. Again I've used two coats but it is more needed for this one to get full coverage. I adore this nail varnish, it's really eye catching & another perfect representation of the character in nail varnish! 

Last, but my no means least, is My Lumps. It's unlike things I usually go for, but as it is based on my favourite character from Adventure Time, Lumpy Space Princess, I HAD to have it, in fact I originally went to buy just this one! 

(Image location here)

Lumpy Space Princess or LSP is one of my favourite characters from a cartoon, ever! Right up there with Patrick Starr & Woody from Toy Story. Apparently, LSP is based on posh Californian brats, and she really lives up to brat aspect! She is utterly in love with herself, and tells anyone she can that they can't handle her lumps, she is just perfect! 

Just like LSP, this nail varnish is a bit of a tricky customer. It's a dark purple vase, with darker purple & gold flakes. To get a full coverage I had to apply 4 coats, so it's really thick. However I think if you applied it over a dark colour it would look really fab, but it will takes a bit of extra work! Although, I kind of love that, as it's very LSP. 

I also thought I'd mention that I am loving the new Pretty & Polished bottles, so I thought I'd show you a quick snap of one next to a slightly older bottle. 

The bottles have had an upgrade from a sticker label to the logo being printed on the bottle. The bottle has stayed the same, but it's a really nice chunky round bottle so I don't think that needed upgrading! 

Pretty & Polished are an indie nail varnish company based in America, and all the nail varnishes are 3 free & cruelty free! They are also just as good quality as any other nail varnish, on par with OPI I would say.  All nail varnishes are $9 each, which works out at about £5.37 each, and I paid $10 for shipping for 3 bottles, which is about £6.37 which for international shipping is quite reasonable! They took just over a week to arrive but it can take up to 4, but that would be very unlucky!

Pretty & Polished is available here & they also have an Etsy here but whatever you like in nail varnish, they have it. Holographics? Yep. Plain colours, yep yep. Every variety of glitter? Yep yep and double yep! So if you feel like spending some money, deffo check them out!

So ladies, are you a fan of indie nail varnish? If so what is your favourite brand? I'm always looking to spend more money on nail varnish?


P.S Math is the Adventure Time word for cool ;)


  1. ooooh these look gorgeous! xxx

  2. These are all so pretty, and different to all the other polishes available on the high street!

    http://www.danielleyc.com/ xx

    1. I think they are pretty special, and such lovely quality x

  3. Ahhh My Lumps is gorgeous! You never really expect gold and purple to go together but this is just pretty. :)


  4. These have made my day, thank you!


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