Friday, 1 February 2013

Weekend Wishlist

Hello lovely ladies. 

So far, in the first 32 days of this year, I seem to have come up with a pretty large wishlist! A lot of my wants aren't even available to buy yet, but that won't stop me lusting after them! 

(ALL images from Google)

Paul & Joe cosmetics hold a special place in my heart. Everything they make is so beautiful, so girly, but, so pricey! As adorable as this eyeshadow is I just can't justify it, as I doubt I'd actually use it & just look at it instead!

I believe these only hit the Illamasqua website yesterday but there is already a massive buzz around them. The speckle range comes in 5 shades, but I do like the lilac above the rest of them. However, at nearly £15 each, they are more than I would pay for a nail varnish, so this is a firm wish item! 

Three. OPI Oz Collection. 
This set hasn't even hit the shelves yet but I'm already calculating which ones I want! This collection is coming out to go with the film, which is due out in March(ish?) but I'm hoping these will be out later this month. If you haven't seen swatches yet give them a little google, its worth it! My personal favourite has to be Lights Of Emerald City. 

Four. MAC Archies Collection Veronica's Blush Pearlmatte Face Powder. 
Another product that hasn't come out yet in the UK, but hit the US website yesterday, so more and more swatches & reviews are coming up all over blogger. I have to say, this whole collection looks pretty fab, I'm also eyeing up the make up brushes. I have a bit of an addiction to cute looking blushers, so this one looks right up my street.

So lovely ladies, what are you lusting after? Is there anything that's not even out but your trying to work out how to afford it? 



  1. Those Illamasqua polishes are gorgeous aren't they! A lot of Indie companies do similar style polishes over on Etsy, so may have one that is similar?

    Midnight Violets Beauty Blog

  2. That powder looks so pretty! x

  3. The speckled nail polishes look amazing! Just wish they were cheaper. xx

  4. oh i love the mac's archie cheek powder! can't wait to see it in person! found you in the bbloggers chat! love if you'd check out my blog as well!

    -ariel* xoxo

  5. Great picks, I really want to try the Illasmasqua speckled nail varnishes! x


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