Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter!

Hello lovelies.

Happy Easter! I hope your all having a lovely day whatever your doing to celebrate or not! I spent today at a Chocolate festival in Bristol, which was small but perfectly formed. 

First stop was the gorgeous cake stall that was calling my name! I went for a chocolate & peanut butter shortbread slab, and oh my, it was like eating a Reeces Peanut butter cup on top of a short bread (which happens to be my favourite chocolate of all time, and years a go it used to be what I spent a large portion of my time hunting for, before they became available everywhere)

Next up there was a shop selling these amazing Bristol mugs & tea cups and saucers, which are a charity item being sold to raise money for the people of Stokes Croft. The boy treated me to this one as an Easter gift, and to be honest it's totally appropriate! 

I tried to be a little conserved with what I bought, but I love what I did! Two oreo sheep pops, chocolate orange buttons & a pink glittery heart that spoke to my love of all things glittery! 

But something pretty funny happened when I was paying, I was given my change in Bristol Pounds! This is a completely legal currency in Bristol which most of the independent shops take, designed to help keep money going into the local shop. However, this is a work of art & far to pretty to spend!

So that's what I've been up to today, how about you? 


March Empties

Hello lovelies. 

Empties time! Here's what I've finished this month. 

I seem to of finished less than normal this month, but still a good effort!

One & Two: Lush Soaps - Northern Lights & Egg Hunt.
Both lovely soaps, both LE, Northern Lights is a Christmas soap that smells of lemongrass (one of my favourite smells of all time) and Egg hunt smells of raspberries and watermelon. Both I love & both I'll buy again, if and when they come back! 

Three. Rub Rub Rub scrub.
I've had this one before and loved it but I think this was a bad batch as it was super runny & you could barely keep it in my hand. Its one I'd repurchase if the batch looked better! 

Four. Eau Roma Water Toner. 
I really liked this toner & I love the fact it has a spray nozzle so it's really refreshing to use, and it smells of lavender which I really like as a scent for skin care. I'm already planning to repurchase. 

Five. LE Retro Slammer Shower Gel. 
This one was such a let down. It the bottle it smelt really citrusy with a very lovely lime smell, but once on wet skin it just stank of spice, I'd liken it to Old Spice, a big thumbs down & I certainly wouldn't repurchase even if I could (the retro items come back for a month & then go again). 

Six. Body Shop Wild Rose Hand Cream. 
I liked this hand cream but I didn't love it, it's very light and I prefer a heavier hand cream, but it smell really nice and I do like tubes for hand creams. I'm not sure if I'd repurchase but possibly in the summer months when my hands don't need as much love. 

Seven. Body Shop Mango Beautifying Oil. 
I've NEVER been so glad to see the back of a product EVER! This was a pain to use because I could never get enough out, and although it smelt lovely I couldn't use it on my hair as it left it greasy, so it was a difficult one to finish! I ended up using it on the skin & leave it on the hair as an over night treatment. I wouldn't repurchase!

Eight. Dove Daily Care Shampoo. 
I picked this up as I remember really liking it but I think I remembered wrong! It's not that it's bad it's just really average and although it left hair clean I found it was getting greasy really quickly, so I wouldn't repurchase either. 

Nine. TonyMoly Cats Wink Mascara. 
I've finally admitted defeat & admitted to the fact this has been dried out for months. I loved it when it was brand new but it dried out within a month which was such a shame! I won't be repurchasing as it worked out at about £2 a week it was useable! 

Ten. YSL Touche Eclat.
I've had this for ages & I have to say even though I do like my collection one I don't know that I won't end up repurchasing it, it really brightens and illuminates the eye area, and I need all the help I can get with that!

Eleven. Bomb Cosmetics Rock n Roller Soap. 
A really fruity mango & lime soap, this is probably my favourite soap of all time & I'm already planning to stock up on this one! A deffo repurchase. 

Twelve. Lemon Perfume By Mary Greenwell.
Right, I have no idea why this is called Lemon, as lemon is the furthest scent from this one! It stinks, stinks stinks stinks worse than anything your nan has even worn! It was a horrible smell, boo you Mary Greenwell! 

Thirteen. Burt's Bees Night Cream. 
I really enjoyed using this, really enjoyed it! It has a lovely luxurious smell & sank it to the skin quickly, I have another night cream to finish but once I finish that I'll most likely buy the full sized. 

Fourteen. Owl Lipbalm. 
A really cute novelty lip balm, but unlike most novelty lip balms the balm is actually quite nice & the chocolate orange flavour was much nicer than I expected. I wouldn't buy myself another but it's always a nice gift to receive.

So just 14 empties this month, which I think is my least ever, must make more of an effort to finish some of those hundreds of samples I have sitting about!


Saturday, 30 March 2013

March Favourites

Hello lovelies.

End of March already?! It feels like my February favourites posts was 2 minutes ago, but any way here is what I've been loving this month. 

A rather lovely bunch this month! 

One. Fresh Sugar Rose Lipbalm.
Hands down, both the best & the most expensive lip balm I've ever used. I got this mini in a Birchbox & once it runs out it will be being replaced instantly. It leaves the lips instantly smooth with just a hint of colour and it tastes of sherbet lemons! So gorgeous! 

Two. MAC Girl Next Door Lipstick. 
I adore this lipstick & it's taken pride of place in my handbag, it's sheer enough to wear all the time and I don't feel self conscious in it so it's an all round winner!

Three. Lynnderella When The Moon Was A Star. 
Lynnderella nail varnishes are stupidly difficult to track down, but there is a store (Noway Nails - link here) that as of the 2nd of April will be selling them which will post to the UK! But don't start rejoicing too soon, they will set you back a cool £27 plus postage (eeeek!) however when a moon was a star is the most beautiful nail varnish I own, with dark blue & silver glitter as well as moon and star sequins?! It's a stunner!

Four. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. 
This concealer gets a lot of love - but I can really see why! It covers any dark circles with ease & doesn't go cakey, and it's a fraction of the price of my normal concealer (Touche Eclat) so I am over the moon I've found something cheaper!

Five. Escada Cherry In The Air.
This perfume smells just gorgeous, really fresh and light so this week I've been spraying it & pretending to myself it's even vaguely spring weather! I'm looking forward to wearing this when its a fair bit warmer! 

What are you ladies loving this month? Hands up who wants it to be at least a bit warmer?!


Friday, 29 March 2013

Superdrug Mini Haul

Hello ladies. 

Yesterday I needed to pop out and do some of those super boring chores like posting & buying toilet bleach & general life stuff that's dull. The only problem is that my local high street has a big ol' Superdrug slap bang in the middle. At first I resisted, but then I remembered I needed some face wash, and although I was restrained had I had more money in my purse it might of been much worse.

Ok, admittedly it's only 3 items, but seeing as I was trying to be really good it's still more than I intended. 

Clearasil Wipes - Half Price at £1.74.
I don't use face wipes very often & tend to take all my make up off with Bioderma but some nights when I'm tired or just plain can't be arsed it's nice to have the option to be a bit lazy! 

TreSemme Platinum Strength 60 Second Shot - Half price at 69p
As I mentioned a couple of days a go I'm trying to take better care of my hair & thought I'd give this shot a go. I've used the VO5 hot oils before & they always left my hair feeling soft so if this is good I'm might get a couple more whilst they are still on offer! 

Nivea Refreshing Facial Wash Gel - Half price at £1.79. 
So at least I remembered what I was going in for! I've had this before & although they've changed the bottle I'm hoping the formula has stayed the same as I remember really liking it, really cool & refreshing & didn't cause any major breakouts. 

So that's my mini haul, but as I've said had I had more money it could of been much worse!


Thursday, 28 March 2013

OPI Lights Of Emerald City Review & Swatches

Hello lovelies.

Nothing in this world gets me quite as excited as nail mail, make up, skin care, clothing is all good but nail varnish in the post has me leaping around like a froggie. This morning was a nail varnish I'd been wanting since I first saw the very first preview image back before Christmas... 

OPI's Lights Of Emerald City. Now, I've seen the film (Oz, The Great & Powerful) that occupancies these nail polishes & I have to say it is le pants! I've never nearly left the cinema early before but had it been much longer than an hour & a half I would of left. Suffice to say OPI did a MUCH better job with the nail varnish! 

Lights Of Emerald City is best described as a white square glitter with smaller blue & iridescent circle glitter in a clear base. It was one of those products I knew I'd end up buying as soon as I physically could! Now with OPI glitters they can be a bit hit or miss, sometimes the best nail varnish you can hope to own & loads of glitter comes out, and sometimes they are a total miss & you end up having to scoop the glitter out piece by piece, so I instantly gave it a swatch.

I am pleased to say it's a total hit! It's really easy to get lots of the glitter on to the nail & I think it's super beautiful! I'm not sure however what colour to layer it over first, I think a muted pink from some super girly nails!

So ladies what colour do you think this would look fab over?


Wednesday, 27 March 2013

51 Random Things In My Flat TAG

Hello lovelies. 

I saw this tag on LLYMRS blog yesterday (her post here) & I thought it was a really good fun idea for a post! Now it's meant to be a vlog tag, but seeing as I have no plans to vlog now, or in the future, as I cannot stand the sound on my own voice, I thought I'd turn it in to a blog post. Again not my idea, total credit to the lovely & super beautiful LLYMRS. I have however changed it from room to flat because it made it easier to get to 50! 

One. Amanda Coleman Mice & Wheat necklace, which I adore.

Two. Sardines mug from Howapow, I have a mug addiction so I snapped the newest one!

Three. Gemma Correll Cat Mart print / my ambitions for like (i.e own lots of cats)

Four. Teapigs tea in Darjeeling Earl Grey & Peppermint Leaves, both fantastic! 

Five. Swatch duck face watch (the faces move as the time goes!) my favourite watch of all time, and I actually found a website which is still selling these (I bought this one several years ago) and if I was a richer girl I'd order another in case this one ever broke!

Six. Pink & White water pitcher I bought from the Charity shop yesterday to put flowers in. 

Seven. Robot nesting dolls.

Eight. Lumpy Space Princess plush I bought in Cardiff. 

Nine. My two, and probably the only two Lynnderllas I'll ever own, When The Moon Was A Star & Matter Of The Heart. 

Ten. A wooden mouse ... ornament? I won at a church fare years a go, it's googly eyes never face the same way! 

Eleven. Henry Holland blouse I picked up in the sale, I'll all sorts of wrong but the print is just so right! 

Twelve. Harry Potter fridge magnet I bought from an HP exhibition in New York shortly before all the props & costumes made their way this side of the pond to their forever home at the Warner Studio.

Thirteen. Rather battered looking Pusheen plush. 

Fourteen. Pandora bracelet, which I hope to add to soonish! 

Fifteen. Electronic walking Totoro (yes, it really does walk!) from Forbidden Planet. 

Sixteen. Irish snow globe the boy bought me back from Dublin.

Seventeen. Yep, a sperm keyring I was given in the street to promote Durex. 

Eighteen. Print of my favourite dress from Oliver Bonas. 

Nineteen. Box of Yankee tarts.

Twenty. Paul & Joe nail varnish remover AKA the most ornate nail varnish remover you'll ever set eyes on. 

Twenty One. Yes ladies, that is a tape. I have no way of playing a tape but this was my all time favourite book when I was little & I can't bare to part with it. 

Twenty Two. Tuna! Snuggled up in the bed. 

Twenty Three. Photo of me & the boy at my Dads wedding. 

Twenty Four. Sephora shower gel pods I received in a French swap I got far to excited about it & ripped in to before I had a chance to take blog photos- doh! 

Twenty Five. My favourite necklace - Alex Monroe Baby Bee. 

Twenty Six. Lady Bird Steam Cream, which I still love as much as when I first used it. 

Twenty Seven. "Vintage" (no idea if it actually is) scarf I bought on Saturday. 

Twenty Eight. Pretty Peacock framed print I bought from a bargain £12.99 from TK Maxx.

Twenty Nine. Alessi monkey salt grinder. 

Thirty. Welch's White Grape, Pear & Apple juice which is my favourite drink at the moment. 

Thirty One. Wotsits, king of crisps. 

Thirty Two. Ducky egg cup I re-purposed as a hair clip holder. 

Thirty Three. New conditioner. 

Thirty Four. Hilarious mock zippo to commemorate the royal wedding I bought in London a few weeks before said wedding. 

Thirty Five. Dr Jart Water Fuse BB cream, so far the only BB cream I actually like.

Thirty Six. Birthday book out to check which Birthdays are coming up in April. 

Thirty Seven. MOR lip balm, a stunning lip balm but expensive. 

Thirty Eight. Daisy Van's, my shoe of choice at the moment. 

Thirty Nine. MAC Invincible Light eye shadow, my go to eye shadow every time. 

Forty. MaltEaster Bunny, oh how I wish these were sold all year round!

Forty One. Purse from Oliver Bonas. 

Forty Two. Best name for a Yankee Candle ever. 

Forty Three. TiVo remote, the best thing to happen to telly in years.

Forty Four. Easter card.

Forty Five. iPhone with fox cover from Accessorize. 

Forty Six. Clock from DotComGiftShop. 

Forty Seven. Pottery cat my boyfriends Nan gave me. 

Forty Eight. MAC Ladybug, now if I was only brave enough to wear it outside of my living room...

Forty Nine. My iPod which I retrieved from a bin when a friend didn't want it any more... It works fine and everything!

Fifty. Calf & Half milk jug I've eyed for years & finally found in the sale, score!

Fifty One. Hilarious Sea Lion plush I bought on holiday in San Fransisco.

So ladies that's 51 random thing's I have around the flat. If you do one of these post stick a link below as I love nosy-ing at other peoples stuff. 


Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Current Hair Care Routine

Hello lovelies. 

I used to be someone that never bothered with any, and I mean any hair care. The cheapest shampoo & conditioner possible, hair dryer on full & yes I was one of those with the poke straight GHD hair, and yet for some reason I was always confused at why my ends were a labyrinth of split ends on splint ends. So in the last year I've really made an effort to try and keep my hair in at least some what of a better condition. 

5 little products that make the world of difference! 

VO5 Heat Protect Styling Spray - £3.69 here.
I've been using more styling tools on my hair recently & I've been told time and time again by hair dressers / bloggers / friends how important heat protecting spray is, so I decided to go for a cheapy one. I really like the spray but the "fabulous new fragrance" smells a little Lynx-ish to me, but it does the job and at under £4 it's a good cheap one. 

Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment - £9.68 for 30mls here.
I cannot rave about this product enough. Over several months of use it's helped my hair go from straw to something that actually feels like real hair! It's on the expensive end of things but I honestly think it's worth every single penny. I bought mine (125ml bottle) bottle on Buyapowa around 6 months ago for about £21 and it's around half full, so I'm hoping it comes back around soon! 

Tigi Bed Head Control Freak Serum - £7.05 here.
This! This is the best straightening serum I've ever tried, and I've tried a lot. It really does leave the hair nice & straight, with no horrible build up, or my least favourite, claggy hair! It smells fairly fruity & sweet which gets a big thumbs up! I will certainly be ordering another one once this one starts getting low. 

DGJ Berutti Hair Oil - £7.99 for 150ml here
I use this in between using the Macadamia as it's a much cheaper alternative! It's almost the same as the Macadamia, just a touch less nourishing but it again doesn't leave any horrible build up & absorbs in to the hair really nicely & quickly. 

Tangle Teezer - £10.20 here.
This is the only one of the 5 items I honestly couldn't live without. I hate, and I mean hate, having my hair brushed. At the hair dresser I always ask to do it myself because I can't stand the RIPPING that most of them favour, however I don't blame them because I have long, very thick (once referred to as horse hair by one frustrated hair dresser)  hair that's impossible to tame, that is until I tried the Tangle Teezer! It slides through my hair with ease, and most importantly it doesn't hurt! These get a mixed review but I'd say if your like me & find normal hair brushing painful, give it a whirl, it may just change your life! It also has made a real difference to my split ends, I think because I'm not ripping through the hair! Dragons Den you were fools for rejecting this one!

So ladies, that's my hair care routine, but as I still would place myself in the "learner" category what item or items could you not live without? 


Monday, 25 March 2013

New Addition To Boots: Sinful Colors Nail Varnish - The Best £1.99 Nail Varnish Out There

Hello lovelies. 

I popped in to Boots on Saturday & was slightly surprised to see a massive Sinful Colors nail varnish stand, an American brand that has made its way to our freezing shores. I have a had a couple of Sinful Colors nail varnishes from Poundland before, but in a very small range of colours. I bought three but I could of easily bought 10 or more! 

So left to right I picked up: Blue By You, Nail Junkie & (Imaginatively named) Pinky Glitter. The bottles are pretty a standard shape, rounded with a black lid, almost like a stretched out China Glaze bottle. 

I applied one thin coat to each nail & I have to say I was instantly impressed. 

Blue By You is a a dark blue with a light gold-green shimmer & one coat is more than enough, completely opaque and the shimmer shows up really nicely. 

Nail Junkie looks quite different on the nail than it does in the bottle but it's still completely beautiful. One coat leaves an opaque greenish blue with lots of small iridescent glitter. This one is quite buildable so if you want a darker colour two of three coats will leave more colour pay off. 

Pinky Glitter is my personal favourite (and I nearly left this one behind! For shame!) one coat leaves a soft baby pink with lots of small iridescent glitter. But if you wanted a deeper hot pink two coats leaves a fair bit more colour pay off. 

But the best thing about Sinful Colors? They aren't exactly a bank breaker, priced at £1.99 each & the quality & colour pay off I would liken to China Glaze or even OPI. I'm already planning to pick up several more! 

Sinful Colors (as far as I know, correct me if I'm wrong) are only available from Boots here at the moment, but just to add to the amazing deal that Sinful Colors are, they are also currently on 3 for 2, so you can pick up 3 bottles for just £3.98, making them just £1.32 a bottle.

So ladies, have you tried Sinful Colors? What colours would you recommend?


Sunday, 24 March 2013

New Glasses From Vivienne Westwood

Hello lovelies. 

I was up early on Saturday morning, feeling as excited as a kid on Christmas morning, because it was new glasses day. If you don't wear glasses it can be hard to imagine just how exciting this is, and if you do you'll probably know picking a new pair of glasses is like picking a new part of your face. I've worn glasses since my teens so I know what I like, so its slightly easier these days. But this time it wasn't any pair of glasses, it was a very, very special pair.

My mum had treated me to a lovely pair of purple & green Vivienne Westwood glasses! And although they look like a veryyyy expensive pair of glasses, they actually worked out to be quite inexpensive! My mum was buying a pair of frames & these frames were in the sale so after all the discount they gave us they ended up being just £50! Which sounds like a lot but seeing as the full price cost of the frames was £190 (seriously, if you don't wear glasses your very lucky! Glasses can get crazy expensive verrrryyyy quickly) & the very cheapest frames in the shop were £29 I think that's pretty darn cheap! 

However, even though these frames worked out as a bargain, you have to make sure you love your frames because if you wear them every day, they are a large part of your face! I love love love my new glasses! 

I bought these glasses from Optical Express, and if you need some new glasses I couldn't recommend them enough. Firstly at the moment they are having a pretty amazing sale so if you found a designer pair you really like they may not be as expensive as you'd expect, and if you do find a pair you like but want to make sure your lenses are totally up to date, eye tests are free when purchasing a pair of glasses. 

So ladies, hands up who wears glasses?


Friday, 22 March 2013

Magazine Freebie - Neal's Yard Bee Lovely Hand Cream

Hello lovelies. 

I'm sorry I haven't been around much on the blog this week - I've been really poorly with an ear infection! So when I popped to the doctors this morning I thought it only fair to pop in to Sainsburys for a few treats. I also spied the last copy of Marie Claire sat on the shelves, and the freebie on the front was calling my name. 

Marie Claire isn't a magazine I'd usually buy. I'm not a great fan over magazine with more adverts than content (there are 40, yes 40, pages of ads before the first real section of text!) but I wasn't buying it for the magazine. 

I was buying it for the Neal's Yard Remedies hand cream freebie proffered on the front! Neal's Yard hold a special place in my heart, as when I was younger my Mum gave me a couple of empty glass Neal's Yard blue bottles & I'd place George's Marvelous Medicine (seriously, still a fantastic book!) with them. The hand cream itself is just amazing, with a lovely honey & lemon scent, it sinks in really quickly & the tiniest bit left my hands feeling really soft. 

The hand cream (50mls) is worth £10, and you can pick up a copy of Marie Claire for £3.90 (which is a lot for a bound leaflet of adverts but still!) so if you fancy giving it a try, don't hang around too long because it's so lovely I can see a lot of people picking up a second copy! Also there's a lovely interview with my girl crush, Mila Kunis so there is something to read whilst I get over this horrid ear infection!

So ladies, what magazine freebies have you gotten this month? Anything else worth picking up?


Thursday, 21 March 2013

Small Living Spaces: Make Up & Skin Care Storage

Hello lovelies. 

I've mentioned before that I live in a teeny tiny flat, and although I'd love a dressing table it simply wouldn't fit, so to stop my flat looking like a bomb hit I have to make sure all my make up is stored in one place - because if I don't I'll never see it again! So I thought I'd share how I store mine!

My make up is all stored on the end of my "dining table" come things-that-don't-fit-anywhere else table! 

I keep all my brushes, eyelash curlers, and other bits that are long enough in my Julia Davey chicken mug. I love this mug but I chipped the rim so rather than throwing it away I re-purposed it. 

I acquire a lot of samples - some how! So I keep all the ones I'm excited to use in this cute screw top jar I bought from B&M Bargains for a whole £1.49. Because its see through I can see whats inside so I remember to actually use them! 

Then I keep all the skin care I'm currently using, a long with some little body sprays in a bowl so I can see them quickly. I don't love this solution & would like something a little bit neater but it will do for the time being. 

Finally all my make up is kept in those, yes thoseee Muji boxes. I know everyone & their dog seems to own these but I can see why, they are fantastic! They make everything look neat & tidy but you can see all of it! It seems like a bit of a blogging faux pas but I don't own a huge amount of make up, and I could easily fit most of in to one of these sets, but having two allows me to arrange things by type, top drawer blusher, second is eyeshadow, mascara & eye primer, the third drawer is lipsticks, lip gloss, lip balm & my bb cream (it doesn't fit in any of the other drawers!) & the bottom has spares, and my make up I don't really use but love so I keep it any way! 

So that's how I store my make up & skin care, how about you? Hands up who has those Muji boxes? Also if you have any ideas what I could use instead of the bowl for my skin care let me know.