Wednesday, 27 March 2013

51 Random Things In My Flat TAG

Hello lovelies. 

I saw this tag on LLYMRS blog yesterday (her post here) & I thought it was a really good fun idea for a post! Now it's meant to be a vlog tag, but seeing as I have no plans to vlog now, or in the future, as I cannot stand the sound on my own voice, I thought I'd turn it in to a blog post. Again not my idea, total credit to the lovely & super beautiful LLYMRS. I have however changed it from room to flat because it made it easier to get to 50! 

One. Amanda Coleman Mice & Wheat necklace, which I adore.

Two. Sardines mug from Howapow, I have a mug addiction so I snapped the newest one!

Three. Gemma Correll Cat Mart print / my ambitions for like (i.e own lots of cats)

Four. Teapigs tea in Darjeeling Earl Grey & Peppermint Leaves, both fantastic! 

Five. Swatch duck face watch (the faces move as the time goes!) my favourite watch of all time, and I actually found a website which is still selling these (I bought this one several years ago) and if I was a richer girl I'd order another in case this one ever broke!

Six. Pink & White water pitcher I bought from the Charity shop yesterday to put flowers in. 

Seven. Robot nesting dolls.

Eight. Lumpy Space Princess plush I bought in Cardiff. 

Nine. My two, and probably the only two Lynnderllas I'll ever own, When The Moon Was A Star & Matter Of The Heart. 

Ten. A wooden mouse ... ornament? I won at a church fare years a go, it's googly eyes never face the same way! 

Eleven. Henry Holland blouse I picked up in the sale, I'll all sorts of wrong but the print is just so right! 

Twelve. Harry Potter fridge magnet I bought from an HP exhibition in New York shortly before all the props & costumes made their way this side of the pond to their forever home at the Warner Studio.

Thirteen. Rather battered looking Pusheen plush. 

Fourteen. Pandora bracelet, which I hope to add to soonish! 

Fifteen. Electronic walking Totoro (yes, it really does walk!) from Forbidden Planet. 

Sixteen. Irish snow globe the boy bought me back from Dublin.

Seventeen. Yep, a sperm keyring I was given in the street to promote Durex. 

Eighteen. Print of my favourite dress from Oliver Bonas. 

Nineteen. Box of Yankee tarts.

Twenty. Paul & Joe nail varnish remover AKA the most ornate nail varnish remover you'll ever set eyes on. 

Twenty One. Yes ladies, that is a tape. I have no way of playing a tape but this was my all time favourite book when I was little & I can't bare to part with it. 

Twenty Two. Tuna! Snuggled up in the bed. 

Twenty Three. Photo of me & the boy at my Dads wedding. 

Twenty Four. Sephora shower gel pods I received in a French swap I got far to excited about it & ripped in to before I had a chance to take blog photos- doh! 

Twenty Five. My favourite necklace - Alex Monroe Baby Bee. 

Twenty Six. Lady Bird Steam Cream, which I still love as much as when I first used it. 

Twenty Seven. "Vintage" (no idea if it actually is) scarf I bought on Saturday. 

Twenty Eight. Pretty Peacock framed print I bought from a bargain £12.99 from TK Maxx.

Twenty Nine. Alessi monkey salt grinder. 

Thirty. Welch's White Grape, Pear & Apple juice which is my favourite drink at the moment. 

Thirty One. Wotsits, king of crisps. 

Thirty Two. Ducky egg cup I re-purposed as a hair clip holder. 

Thirty Three. New conditioner. 

Thirty Four. Hilarious mock zippo to commemorate the royal wedding I bought in London a few weeks before said wedding. 

Thirty Five. Dr Jart Water Fuse BB cream, so far the only BB cream I actually like.

Thirty Six. Birthday book out to check which Birthdays are coming up in April. 

Thirty Seven. MOR lip balm, a stunning lip balm but expensive. 

Thirty Eight. Daisy Van's, my shoe of choice at the moment. 

Thirty Nine. MAC Invincible Light eye shadow, my go to eye shadow every time. 

Forty. MaltEaster Bunny, oh how I wish these were sold all year round!

Forty One. Purse from Oliver Bonas. 

Forty Two. Best name for a Yankee Candle ever. 

Forty Three. TiVo remote, the best thing to happen to telly in years.

Forty Four. Easter card.

Forty Five. iPhone with fox cover from Accessorize. 

Forty Six. Clock from DotComGiftShop. 

Forty Seven. Pottery cat my boyfriends Nan gave me. 

Forty Eight. MAC Ladybug, now if I was only brave enough to wear it outside of my living room...

Forty Nine. My iPod which I retrieved from a bin when a friend didn't want it any more... It works fine and everything!

Fifty. Calf & Half milk jug I've eyed for years & finally found in the sale, score!

Fifty One. Hilarious Sea Lion plush I bought on holiday in San Fransisco.

So ladies that's 51 random thing's I have around the flat. If you do one of these post stick a link below as I love nosy-ing at other peoples stuff. 



  1. This is just a good idea, love the daisy shoes x

    1. Aw thanks, its about the only pair of shoes I've ever bought not in the sale / on offer :) x

  2. I want the Yankee Candle and although I have 4 cats, I would love loads more, just dont have the space xx

    1. Oh same, one day I will have many cats ;) that's the dream

  3. What a sweet post :) Glad to see another plush collector as well! I think if I did this sort of post, half the objects would be plush toys... why yes, I am 23... x

  4. Lumpy Space Princess! Awesome! xx


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