Friday, 1 March 2013

Benefit Fine One One

Hello lovelies. 

If you read my post last week about the Bristol Bloggers Meet, you may have seen that in all of our goodie bags was a particularly exciting item, that item being... 

Benefit's brand spanking new product, Fine One One, a multi purpose, brightening, lip & cheek trio. I think we were all a little stunned & extremely thankful to receive this!

Fine One One comes in pretty unique packaging, a high shine rose gold in colour, in a tube that screws up from the bottom. It's also fairly small in size, around hand sized. 

When I first pulled off the lid I had to say there was a sharp intake of breath. The lightest pinky white highlighting shade (called Pink Champagne) & the deeper pink (called Sheer Watermelon) both look really divine, BUT the orangey shade (called soft coral) sent alarms off in my head. I am pale, very, very pale, and I just wasn't sure how the colour would, or if, could work for my skin tone. 

Swatched straight across my fears were not sated at all, the first two shades look stunning, but again the Soft Coral looks just as bright on my skin as it does in the tube. However! It's not meant to be worn like this (thankfully!) it's meant to be blended, so I did a quick blend 

Once blended it's a much more workable shade, a peachy pink shade with coral undertones. Blended I like it much more than I originally thought I would. However, if it was just the Pink Champagne & the Sheer Watermelon shades it would be utterly perfect for my skin tone, but as the trio it will take a bit more work to get it to work for me & my colouring. 

This product is also meant to be for lips as well as cheeks for I thought I'd give that a little test. 

I swiped it on my upper & bottom lip & blended it together with my finger & it makes the most gorgeous colour HOWEVER because Fine One One is a cream to semi powder finish it's a pretty unforgiving finish for the lips, quite chalky & it clings to any dry or patch of imperfection, which is such as shame as I really like the colour for lips! 

 So what do I think? It's such a lovely concept for a product, an all in one pick me up pop of colour, however I personally wish the coral colour was either slightly more muted, or was a different colour. However I do think with a little bit of wrangling, I could get this to work for me, and I think I'll enjoy using it a lot more in summer when even my pale skin might have a slight tinge of colour (weather dependent of course!).

Fine One One is available from Benefit & retails for £23.50 here

And again, a massive thank you to Alessia & Sasha for organising the goodie bags as well as the whole day, they really did an amazing job!

So ladies have you tried Fine One One? What did you think of the colour? 



  1. it's so pretty I really want to try this! x

  2. I'm still having a play with this! The orange is a little scary for me too, though it definitely blends well. Do you find you have to apply it a couple if times for a decent colour pop? xx

  3. Wow that looks gorgeous, definitely top of my current wishlist!

    Sophierosehearts x

  4. This was also in the Bath in Fashion goodie bag and I squealed haha, I'm loving it personally, on cheeks only x


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