Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter!

Hello lovelies.

Happy Easter! I hope your all having a lovely day whatever your doing to celebrate or not! I spent today at a Chocolate festival in Bristol, which was small but perfectly formed. 

First stop was the gorgeous cake stall that was calling my name! I went for a chocolate & peanut butter shortbread slab, and oh my, it was like eating a Reeces Peanut butter cup on top of a short bread (which happens to be my favourite chocolate of all time, and years a go it used to be what I spent a large portion of my time hunting for, before they became available everywhere)

Next up there was a shop selling these amazing Bristol mugs & tea cups and saucers, which are a charity item being sold to raise money for the people of Stokes Croft. The boy treated me to this one as an Easter gift, and to be honest it's totally appropriate! 

I tried to be a little conserved with what I bought, but I love what I did! Two oreo sheep pops, chocolate orange buttons & a pink glittery heart that spoke to my love of all things glittery! 

But something pretty funny happened when I was paying, I was given my change in Bristol Pounds! This is a completely legal currency in Bristol which most of the independent shops take, designed to help keep money going into the local shop. However, this is a work of art & far to pretty to spend!

So that's what I've been up to today, how about you? 



  1. A chocolate festival? Sounds amazing! I love the look/sound of that shortbread slab - yum!
    Happy Easter to you too! I have spent today with my family enjoying a lovely roast and preparing for baby shower fun tomorrow. xx

    1. Aww that sounds like a lovely day, hope the baby shower is good fun :D

  2. What lovely treats! I've spent the weekend with my boyf, we've been so busy and hardly spent time together so we've watched films, eaten and chilled but your day looked fab :)
    I've nominated you for a blog award:


  3. Wow, a chocolate festival? Where was this?


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