Monday, 11 March 2013

MAC Archie's Girls Betty Lipstick In Girl Next Door

Hello lovelies. 

First up, I would like to say, curse you Debenhams 10% off beauty deal! On Saturday I popped in with the lovely Ali just to look around, and the MAC Archie's Girls collection had FINALLY come in! It's been nearly a month since it was first available to buy, so it's about time!

I made a bee line for the collection, to swatch a lipstick I'd seen raved about, Betty Bright, but as I had suspected it was far to bright for me. Just as I was starting to walk away, I decided to swatch another lipstick, one I'd not even considered from the collection. Betty's Girl Next Door. 

Girl Next Door is a very light baby pink in a luster formula, as wrapped up in the lovely MAC Archie's Girl packaging, which as I've mentioned before has been really hit & miss with some people loving it & equally people hating it.

The colour pay off is quite minimal, which sounds like a criticism but it's not so I'll explain. When it comes to lipstick or make up in general I'm not particularly brave, and I only own two other MAC lipsticks, Angel & Ladybug, Angel is a mid toned pink & Ladybug is a red that I'm still trying to convince myself to wear out of the house, but with Girl Next Door it gives a really subtle sheen to the lips, which you can apply on the go without worrying about it bleeding or becoming patchy. This is going straight in my handbag as I know I'll wear this more often than the other two.

Girl Next Door costs £15.50 (it does annoy me that they charge more for limited edition items!) from MAC here.

So ladies, are you brave when it comes to lipstick? If you are which is your bravest shade?



  1. this is such a pretty colour, it also annoys me how expensive it is! xx

  2. I am happy you bought this, IT SO PRETTY x


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