Sunday, 31 March 2013

March Empties

Hello lovelies. 

Empties time! Here's what I've finished this month. 

I seem to of finished less than normal this month, but still a good effort!

One & Two: Lush Soaps - Northern Lights & Egg Hunt.
Both lovely soaps, both LE, Northern Lights is a Christmas soap that smells of lemongrass (one of my favourite smells of all time) and Egg hunt smells of raspberries and watermelon. Both I love & both I'll buy again, if and when they come back! 

Three. Rub Rub Rub scrub.
I've had this one before and loved it but I think this was a bad batch as it was super runny & you could barely keep it in my hand. Its one I'd repurchase if the batch looked better! 

Four. Eau Roma Water Toner. 
I really liked this toner & I love the fact it has a spray nozzle so it's really refreshing to use, and it smells of lavender which I really like as a scent for skin care. I'm already planning to repurchase. 

Five. LE Retro Slammer Shower Gel. 
This one was such a let down. It the bottle it smelt really citrusy with a very lovely lime smell, but once on wet skin it just stank of spice, I'd liken it to Old Spice, a big thumbs down & I certainly wouldn't repurchase even if I could (the retro items come back for a month & then go again). 

Six. Body Shop Wild Rose Hand Cream. 
I liked this hand cream but I didn't love it, it's very light and I prefer a heavier hand cream, but it smell really nice and I do like tubes for hand creams. I'm not sure if I'd repurchase but possibly in the summer months when my hands don't need as much love. 

Seven. Body Shop Mango Beautifying Oil. 
I've NEVER been so glad to see the back of a product EVER! This was a pain to use because I could never get enough out, and although it smelt lovely I couldn't use it on my hair as it left it greasy, so it was a difficult one to finish! I ended up using it on the skin & leave it on the hair as an over night treatment. I wouldn't repurchase!

Eight. Dove Daily Care Shampoo. 
I picked this up as I remember really liking it but I think I remembered wrong! It's not that it's bad it's just really average and although it left hair clean I found it was getting greasy really quickly, so I wouldn't repurchase either. 

Nine. TonyMoly Cats Wink Mascara. 
I've finally admitted defeat & admitted to the fact this has been dried out for months. I loved it when it was brand new but it dried out within a month which was such a shame! I won't be repurchasing as it worked out at about £2 a week it was useable! 

Ten. YSL Touche Eclat.
I've had this for ages & I have to say even though I do like my collection one I don't know that I won't end up repurchasing it, it really brightens and illuminates the eye area, and I need all the help I can get with that!

Eleven. Bomb Cosmetics Rock n Roller Soap. 
A really fruity mango & lime soap, this is probably my favourite soap of all time & I'm already planning to stock up on this one! A deffo repurchase. 

Twelve. Lemon Perfume By Mary Greenwell.
Right, I have no idea why this is called Lemon, as lemon is the furthest scent from this one! It stinks, stinks stinks stinks worse than anything your nan has even worn! It was a horrible smell, boo you Mary Greenwell! 

Thirteen. Burt's Bees Night Cream. 
I really enjoyed using this, really enjoyed it! It has a lovely luxurious smell & sank it to the skin quickly, I have another night cream to finish but once I finish that I'll most likely buy the full sized. 

Fourteen. Owl Lipbalm. 
A really cute novelty lip balm, but unlike most novelty lip balms the balm is actually quite nice & the chocolate orange flavour was much nicer than I expected. I wouldn't buy myself another but it's always a nice gift to receive.

So just 14 empties this month, which I think is my least ever, must make more of an effort to finish some of those hundreds of samples I have sitting about!



  1. Just 14?! I don't think I even finish this much a year! :)
    So many lovely sounding products, love the little owl!

    Danielle xx
    Danielleyc | UK Beauty, fashion & lifestyle blog

  2. I agree with you, that Lemon perfume stinks!

  3. I have the little owl lipbalm! I love Rub Rub Rub too, and my favourite toner is the tea tree one by Lush. xo

  4. OOh wow a lot of empties and I love that Owl lip balm, so cute xx

  5. Rock n Roller soap sounds amazing! I've not tried anything from them before xx


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