Sunday, 24 March 2013

New Glasses From Vivienne Westwood

Hello lovelies. 

I was up early on Saturday morning, feeling as excited as a kid on Christmas morning, because it was new glasses day. If you don't wear glasses it can be hard to imagine just how exciting this is, and if you do you'll probably know picking a new pair of glasses is like picking a new part of your face. I've worn glasses since my teens so I know what I like, so its slightly easier these days. But this time it wasn't any pair of glasses, it was a very, very special pair.

My mum had treated me to a lovely pair of purple & green Vivienne Westwood glasses! And although they look like a veryyyy expensive pair of glasses, they actually worked out to be quite inexpensive! My mum was buying a pair of frames & these frames were in the sale so after all the discount they gave us they ended up being just £50! Which sounds like a lot but seeing as the full price cost of the frames was £190 (seriously, if you don't wear glasses your very lucky! Glasses can get crazy expensive verrrryyyy quickly) & the very cheapest frames in the shop were £29 I think that's pretty darn cheap! 

However, even though these frames worked out as a bargain, you have to make sure you love your frames because if you wear them every day, they are a large part of your face! I love love love my new glasses! 

I bought these glasses from Optical Express, and if you need some new glasses I couldn't recommend them enough. Firstly at the moment they are having a pretty amazing sale so if you found a designer pair you really like they may not be as expensive as you'd expect, and if you do find a pair you like but want to make sure your lenses are totally up to date, eye tests are free when purchasing a pair of glasses. 

So ladies, hands up who wears glasses?



  1. Oh my they are so lovely! I want them :3
    I wear contact lenses as I find it really difficult to find a pair of glasses that suit me, I have a small face and the frames often are too big for me. I have been recently trying to pick out a new pair though, so fingers crossed!
    You look great in these, the perfect shape for your face :) xx

  2. I love new glasses day! I have to wait until September :( wah.
    I love these on you! They look awesome xxx

  3. I was just about to do one of these posts about my new specs! I love new glasses!!


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