Thursday, 21 March 2013

Small Living Spaces: Make Up & Skin Care Storage

Hello lovelies. 

I've mentioned before that I live in a teeny tiny flat, and although I'd love a dressing table it simply wouldn't fit, so to stop my flat looking like a bomb hit I have to make sure all my make up is stored in one place - because if I don't I'll never see it again! So I thought I'd share how I store mine!

My make up is all stored on the end of my "dining table" come things-that-don't-fit-anywhere else table! 

I keep all my brushes, eyelash curlers, and other bits that are long enough in my Julia Davey chicken mug. I love this mug but I chipped the rim so rather than throwing it away I re-purposed it. 

I acquire a lot of samples - some how! So I keep all the ones I'm excited to use in this cute screw top jar I bought from B&M Bargains for a whole £1.49. Because its see through I can see whats inside so I remember to actually use them! 

Then I keep all the skin care I'm currently using, a long with some little body sprays in a bowl so I can see them quickly. I don't love this solution & would like something a little bit neater but it will do for the time being. 

Finally all my make up is kept in those, yes thoseee Muji boxes. I know everyone & their dog seems to own these but I can see why, they are fantastic! They make everything look neat & tidy but you can see all of it! It seems like a bit of a blogging faux pas but I don't own a huge amount of make up, and I could easily fit most of in to one of these sets, but having two allows me to arrange things by type, top drawer blusher, second is eyeshadow, mascara & eye primer, the third drawer is lipsticks, lip gloss, lip balm & my bb cream (it doesn't fit in any of the other drawers!) & the bottom has spares, and my make up I don't really use but love so I keep it any way! 

So that's how I store my make up & skin care, how about you? Hands up who has those Muji boxes? Also if you have any ideas what I could use instead of the bowl for my skin care let me know.



  1. This is so nice, so jealous!

    University means I cant have pretty storage, at my current house I dont even have a dresser :(

  2. I love make-up storage posts! It's nice to have a little nosey you know haha!

    Midnight Violets Beauty Blog

  3. I have to get something for all my samples, you have given me a great idea xx

  4. oooo you should do a make up collection post!
    i love your storage, especially that cute little heart jar ee!


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