Sunday, 17 March 2013

Teapigs Darjeeling Earl Grey - Worth The Extra Pennies?

Hello lovely ladies.

I love teas, fruit, peppermint, all flavours bar your standard tea! But above all else, Earl Grey has always been my favourite, and I love trying new brands to see which Earl Grey is best! There has been one brand above all else I've lusted after for months, but the price tag had me hesitating, but after months of resisting I had a "sod it!" moment in Tesco, so I thought I'd give them a little review.

I have to say the Teapigs packaging & imagery is just divine, in a recycled cardboard box with a cutey grey sausage dog. You can smell the tea through the box & once you open the box the smell really hits you, an amazingly zesty Earl Grey.

The tea bags (or tea temples as they call them) are generously filled with whole leaf (rather than ground leaves like you'd find in regular tea bags). The bag itself is also biodegradable so there also eco friendly.

But most importantly how does it taste? Well.. unfortunately... just incredible. It's the nicest Earl Grey I've ever had in my life! It's not an every day tea, but it is just amazing! It tastes so fresh & crisp, with a really fruity edge which is often lost in cheaper Earl Grey. 

The problem is that Teapigs teabags don't come cheap, for 15 directly from Teapigs here they cost £3.50 (but bare in mind for orders under £35 the P&P is £3.50) but if you buy them from stockist such as Tesco they tend to be around the £4, but for a indulgent cuppa they are one of the best!

So ladies have you tried Teapigs? If you have which flavour do you recommend?



  1. Oh no, I love eal grey too... Now I HAVE to try it. :( nice review tho. Xx

  2. Sounds yummy! I love Earl Grey too - such a refreshing and aromatic tea. Just saw this on the Teapigs webpage too -

    x gem (

  3. OOh I haven't tried tea pigs yet and now I really really want too xx

  4. I'd pay more than that for nice tea if it was that good, especially Earl Grey!


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